Friday New Releases – November 22nd

The week before Thanksgiving and the last big week of new releases.  There will be more releases over the next three weeks, but not as big as this one (in numbers, not necessarily quality).  There are a handful I will give a spin and they will be highlighted in Blue as usual.  Let me know what interests you or what I might have missed.  Now next Friday there are new releases, but it is also Record Store Day Black Friday, so hopefully some I can grab…until then.

  • A1iseK+RBPL._SX522_.jpg  Coldplay – Everyday Life – (Parlophone Records / Warner Music):  I will admit, I hold hopes out that they will release something as good as ‘Parachute’ again.  So, this will get a spin to see what they bring to the table this time.  My hopes aren’t too high.

  • 81--bZEqP7L._SX522_.jpg  Beck – Hyperspace – (Fonograf Records / Capitol):  Okay, it’s Beck…why would he not get a spin?  His quirkiness is always welcome even if not always appreciated.

  • 7115EnHWrFL._SS500_.jpg  Charm City Devils – 1904 E.P. – (John Allen):  I dig the guys from Charm City Devils, so an album or an E.P. are always welcome.  The hard rock band out of Maryland has been around 10 years now (album wise that is) so I want more of their brand of music.

And the rest…some might get picked, like Junkyard, but time will tell…

  • A1IQ0K21qAL._AC_UL115_  Junkyard – Old Habits Die Hard – (Acetate Records)
  • 81s29438ohL._SX522_  Rod Stewart – You’re in My Heart: Rod Stewart (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • 71np7GOA5ML._AC_UL115_  Depeche Mode – MODE (18CDs) – (Rhino / Warner Bros)
  • 71b6Xj5x36L._SX522_  Jimi Hendrix – Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts (Live) – (Experience Hendrix / Sony)
  • 51YPfSbLlWL._AC_UL115_.jpg  Leonard Cohen – Thanks for the Dance – (Sony Music)
  • 91cqzxSnz5L._SS500_  Grateful Dead – Ready or Not (Live) – (Rhino)
  • 71ntsV3Sp8L._SX522_.jpg  Harry Nilsson – Losst and Founnd – (Omnivore Records)
  • 71L6cmT63XL._AC_UL115_  Jason Aldean – 9 – (Macon Music / Broken Bow Records)
  • 919vKStEVRL._SX522_  Luke Evans – At Last – (BMG Music)
  • 71PGjE+FtwL._SS500_.jpg  Lindemann – F & M  – (Vertigo Berlin / Universal)
  • 81TlMRHdFOL._SS500_  Robbie Williams – The Christmas Present – (Columbia Records)

22 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – November 22nd

  1. I was just reading about Coldplay there – they can’t be arsed touring, but saying it’s cause it’s not ‘environmentally beneficial’. Now, I’m fairly certain that there’s a bit of an impact on the environment through releasing product that involves plastic and paper, etc, but I’m guessing they still enjoy the money that they make.

    Anyhoo, the good stuffs – Beck is super duper super interesting to me today and I’m also setting aside time for Nilsson’s Losst and Founnd. I also listened to Gabriel Birnbaum’s Not Alone earlier and was really impressed (I discovered that one over at Complex Distractions).

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