Friday New Releases – March 13th

Oh Crap!! It is Friday the 13th.  Lock your doors and don’t go outside as there are a lot of crazies this day.  And we are crazy with new releases. Actually, there are a bunch, but not much of interest to me as has been the case a lot this year.  I hope the year picks up.  I don’t have any that I am dying to hear…nothing highlighted in Blue this week.  I might try a couple, but if I get to them.  I hope there is something for you.  Let me know what there is you want to hear or what I missed as I always do since I generally only list bands/artist that I have actually heard about.  Have a great weekend.

  • 91+0PkqLz+L._SS500_  Gotthard – #13 – (Nuclear Blast)

  • 71oUwxUkIqL._SX522_  Stitched Up Heart – Darkness – (Stitched Up Heart)

  • 71aNmqEhwBL._SS500_  Code Orange – Underneath – (Roadrunner Records)

  • 71yznw9XHxL._AC_UL115_  Grouplove – Healer – (Atlantic Recording / WEA)

  • 917TBsxk0GL._SX522_  Snarky Puppy – Live at the Royal Albert Hall – (GroundUP Music)

  • 71hJp5D9mJL._SS500_  Two Feet – Pink – (Republic Records / UMG)

  • 71x+0oP16wL._SX522_  Niall Horan – Heartbreak Weather – (Capitol Records / UMG)

  • 815ECy3xKuL._AC_UL115_  Al Di Meola – Across the Universe – (Earmusic)

  • 71LTY1IoRuL._AC_UL115_  The Boomtown Rats – Citizens of Boomtown – (BMG Rights)

  • 715ctHjdonL._SS500_  ZombieKing – Dead to Life E.P. – (Pavement Entertainment)


22 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – March 13th

  1. Nothing for me here again, though I may have a listen to the new Grouplove album. I liked that tune Colours from, eh, 10 years ago, but wasn’t totally into the EP or album. I couldn’t tell you what they’ve done since cause they haven’t been back on my radar at all. Until today.

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