Friday New Releases – March 27th

What a crazy month March has been and thank good it is almost over.  If you are still home cooped up from this whole virus thing, then here are some new releases you can get to help pass the time as I am sure you will need it.  Some good stuff for me this week, but don’t know about you.  Hopefully and if so, let me know what you want to hear, buy or don’t care about.  Also, let me know what I might have missed that people should know about.  My choices are in blue.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  • 815RjVdY3AL._AC_UL115_  Pearl Jam – Gigaton – (Monkeywrench/Republic/UMG):  I was never a huge Pearl Jam fan, I’m not afraid to admit it.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t like them.  I heard the first song off this and I have to say it is pretty great.  I think I will try out the whole thing.  It is nice to see one of those 90’s Grunge bands still be kicking and Eddie is the only singer left and we are thankful for that.

  • 81RpqUX-rZL._SS500_  Tesla – Five Man London Jam (Live at Abbey Road Studios 6/12/19) – (Universal Music): Okay, Tesla had huge success with an acoustic album like 30 years ago.  Are they hoping to recapture that magic?  Who knows, but I will give it a listen like I do everything they put out.  Buying it?  We will have to wait and see.

  • 916-9hMQKeL._AC_UL115_  Rush – Permanent Waves (40th Anniversary) – (Mercury Records):  It is the 40th Anniversary of this gem!!  Wow!  Can’t believe it.  There is nothing I can add to this so just Get It!!!  Sorry!!  This one was moved to May 29th this past week after I wrote the post.  I apologize if this got your hopes up and then they were smashed.

  • 61L7EFY55iL._SX522_  In This Moment – Mother – (Atlantic/WEA):  And finally for me, a little modern hard rock…or are they alternative rock, metalcore, nu metal, industrial metal???  Maybe a little of all of it.  Maria is awesome on vocals and I’m interested in what they have to offer.  If the album is like the song below…hold on tight!!

  And all the rest….

  • 81w8fCTDU+L._SX522_  Parkway Drive – Viva the Underdogs (Live) – (Epitath)
  • 615u6aCbQ5L._SX522_  5 Seconds of Summer – CALM – (Interscope Records)
  • 71xEVrzTj3L._SS500_  Vanessa Carlton – Love is an Art – (Dine Alone Music)
  • 81-E5AdUWoL._SX522_  The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds – (Metropolis Records)
  • 71outYZtldL._SX522_  Candlemass – The Pendulum E.P. – (Napalm Records)

20 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – March 27th

  1. I navigated my way through social distancing measures at my local record shop to pick up PJ’s Gigaton. I was a big fan 29 years ago and still am. The new record is a return to form for the old rockers, well at least I think so.

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  2. I haven’t really listened to any Pearl Jam
    Albums since the releases in the 90s.
    Like you I will Tesla a listen but won’t buy.

    For In this Moment my two favorite albums are The Dream and A Star Crossed Wasteland. I really like the style on those albums. There last three albums I have listened to but they are moving more to beats and atmosphere than guitar riffs.but I will still listen

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    1. I haven’t listened to Pearl Jam in years, but what I have heard of this is awesome and I am hoping a return to form.

      I don’t really know In This Moment, but another I have heard a little and liked. I might need to check out the older stuff if it is more guitar driven. I like guitar.

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  3. Rush has been pushed back to May John which is ok as I’m still getting making my way through the Leppard years.
    Tesla man love those guys but after Skeoch left I dunno. Bought the live one they did a few years back off the debut but thats been it since Bust A Nut.
    Have a good day Pal.

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    1. Dang it!!! I checked these last weekend so I thought they would be good to go. I made a note in the post apologizing for the mistake…thanks for the update.
      Agree on the Tesla. No Skeoch…not as good. He has been making the rounds on some podcast lately. He doesn’t hold back on his drug use. He freely admits he was messed up.
      Have a good day as well.

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