Friday New Releases – July 17, 2020

Happy Friday!  It is about time it got here, I need this weekend!  We have a handful of releases this week and some I am actually interested in hearing and I will highlight those in Blue as usual.  We have a variety of styles this week to choose from so hopefully there will be something for you. Let me know what you want to hear and what release I might have missed as it does happen.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  • 71-GfFCjBzL._SS500_  Bush – The Kingdom – (Zuma Rock / BMG):  Gavin Rossdale and the boys are back.  Bush is hit or miss for me, but they’ve hit enough that I try out their releases and I will this one.  Here’s hoping for some solid rock this time around.

  • 71IgljhNZAL._SX522_  Pretenders – Hate for Sale – (Chrissie Hynde / BMG):  Chrissie Hynde and boys are back (that phrase sounds familiar…oh yeah…see Bush above).  I have always loved her voice and the punk/new wave style. She is a legend and that is why she will get a spin.

  • 91keHKFZwCL._SX522_  The Chicks – Gaslighter – (Columbia Records):  The Dixie Chicks are back!!  Wait…I’m sorry…it is The Chicks now which I think it as offensive as The Dixie Chicks…is that just me???  This band can’t catch a break, controversy surrounds them, but I still like their music.  So let’s see what they bring to the game this time around.

And the rest…

  • 81HADdN+qKL._SS500_  Kansas – The Absence of Presence – (InsideOut Music)

  • 71nGbZyxRQL._SS500_  Ellie Goulding – Brightest Blue – (Polydor Records)

  • 61E-BbNyzkL._SS500_  The Bacon Brothers – The Way We Love – (Forosoco Music)

  • 81JloMsuCYL._SS500_  U.D.O., Das Musikkorps Der Bundeswehr – We Are One – (AFM Records)

20 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – July 17, 2020

  1. Holy moly I forgot all about Bush. They were great live, back in the day. Glad they’re still doing it.

    Chicks lose the Dixie? Is anyone owning anything, anymore? I mean, I understand. I do. But still. Is Dixie Cups next?

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  2. Good too see Hynde still out there doing the rock thing. She’s amazing always liked her cool vibe.
    Bush I bought that album had Chemicals Between Us and it was the only track I really liked from it. I see they dropped a live a few months back may have to check that out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m curious about the Chicks and Bush for sure. But I don’t think the Chicks should have changed their name. Dixieland is a genre of music, for example. There’s nothing offensive about it. So I don’t get that, but whatever, I’m just here to play the tunes.

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