Friday New Releases – July 24, 2020

Happy Friday everyone. It is another day for releases and hopefully something you’ve been wanting.  There isn’t a whole lot here this week, some solid metal, pop, country, r&b, comedy and two surprises that only popped up as being released this week.  And those two are the only ones I am interested in which is good as vacation is coming and some much needed time off.  Those two are in Blue.  Let me know what you are digging this week and what I have missed.  If there is nothing for you, what is something new lately that you find to be pretty dang great?  Let me know!  Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Screen-Shot-2020-07-23-at-8.24.01-AM-1595507076  Taylor Swift – Folklore – (Republic Records):  Surprise, Surprise!! Taylor announced yesterday that she is dropping a new album at midnight…right when this post posts!  Written and inspired during the Covid-19 stay at home orders…I’m actually interested in what this will sound like. I know, I’m surprised by that as well.

  • 1524a4cc-50b7-4682-85bc-fcf749503497  Matt Nathanson – Live in Paradise: Boston:  The announcement came on Wednesday, Pre-Orders were Thursday and the Digital is came immediately so technically this came out yesterday, but I don’t care!!!…This is so exciting for me as nothing this man puts out is bad and now a Live album…Hell Yeah!!!  There are no videos, but someone posted one from the show last year that is supposed to from so close enough.

  • 8152Vtvdx5L._SX522_  Primal Fear – Metal Commando – (Nuclear Blast)

  • 81gdsHbwyPL._SX522_  Haken – Virus – (InsideOut Music):  This one might get listened to as I’ve heard a lot of good things about this band.

  • 71KF4yUndUL._SX522_  Lori McKenna – The Balladeer – (CN Records / Thirty Tigers):  This might be one as well as her voice is beautiful, check out the video below.

  • 81PZyOcNppL._SS500_  Ronan Keating – Twenty Twenty – (Decca Records)

  • 91QK5d+sq3L._SS500_  Neon Trees –  I Can Feel You Forgetting Me – (Thrill Forever)

  • 710l4Mfa61L._SX522_  Diana Ross – Supertonic: Mixes – (Motown Records)

  • 716S9z46sBL._SS500_  MisterWives – SuperBloom – (Fueled by Ramen): Digital Only

  • 61u7iwFRz7L._SX522_  Paul Hardcastle – Hardcastle 9 – (Trippin’ N Rhythm Records)

  • 81-m+3SS13L._SX522_  Jim Gaffigan – The Pale Tourist – (Comedy Dynamics)


16 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – July 24, 2020

  1. I’m intrigued by the Taylor Swift album – I’ve always thought her songwriting was too dressed up in bombastic pop, but this is very stripped back. Co-written and produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner too.

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