Friday New Release – August 28, 2020

We are ending August with a BANG!! There are an abundance of releases this week and there has to be something for you to grab hold of and listen to all weekend. I am listing 18 different releases and you know I don’t ever have all of them so that is a boatload of stuff. I have a bunch I am eager to hear and 2 on order. My choices are highlighted in Blue and I can tell you right now, I doubt I will get to all of them this week as there are so many. Let me know which ones you are interested in hearing and which ones I may have a missed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

  • 81Rz9estbVL._SS500_  Needtobreathe – Out of Body – (Elektra): Is there any doubt this one would be tops for me. I am a huge fan, but a worried fan as guitarist and a very creative mind behind the band, Bo Rinehart has left the band. I don’t know how much he put in to this album, if anything, but that has me a little concerned as direction and what to expect. The one thing they did that I don’t particularly don’t care for is they released like 5 songs already. I am not a fan of bands doing that.
  • A1aBMRfQkrL._SS500_  Metallica – S&M 2 (Live) – (Blackened Recording): I actually enjoyed the original S&M so I am curious to hear this one as well. Metallica and classical music I think are a good match. And the song they released already was pretty great.
  • download-28  Billy Raffoul – International Hotel – (UMGRI Interscope) – Digital Only – Vinyl on October 23: This Canadian export is usually more acoustic and folksy and he is a great singer/songwriter. He is constantly putting out new music and now we have another set of tunes, so I am hppy.
  • 71Meeab2pJL._SX522_  Dokken – The Lost Songs: 1978-1981 – (Silver Lining Music): Early Dokken!! Yes, please. Being old, unreleased songs probably means they were unreleased for a reason, but I love looking back at unreleased songs…heck I have Gene Simmons The Vault so I obvious find it appealing.

These next few might get a listen, but won’t be first up on the list…

  • 819-rRvMlsL._SX522_  John Petrucci – Terminal Velocity – (Rensam Songs) – Digital Only – CD/Vinyl 10/30)
  • 81lKDaajxhL._SS500_  Powerman 5000 – The Noble Rot – (Cleopatra Records)
  • 71IspfwY-AL._SX522_  Seether – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum – (Fantasy Records / Concord)
  • 71U2ETiqdIL._SS500_  G.E. Smith & Leroy Bell – Stony Hill – (Green Mirror / BMG)
  • 81nzsNJO3zL._SX522_  Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation (reimagined) – (Lynch Mob)

And then all the rest…

  • 71HHknWPulL._AC_UL115_  Katy Perry – Smile – (Capitol Records)
  • 91q9-VNHewL._SX522_  From Ashes to new – Panic – (Better Noise Music)
  • 91kILFf4W6L._SX522_  Rick Wakeman – The Red Planet – (Snapper Music) – Digital Only – Physical release September 4th.
  • 81QxhgKwqsL._SS500_  lovelytheband – Conversations With Myself – (The Century Family) – digital only
  • 71DarrjHUpL._SX522_  The Allman Betts Band – Bless Your Heart – (BMG Rights Mgmt)
  • 71AlICKmN6L._SX522_  PVRIS – Use me – (Warner Records)
  • 615K3-gSSZL._SS500_  Yello – Point – (Polydor Release)
  • 81gix-VBj5L._SX522_  Toni Braxton – Spell My Name – (Island Records / UMG)
  • 61km5Nk9PTL._SS500_  Kem – Love Always Wins – (Motown Records / UMG Recordings)
  • 81V2trx0sFL._SX522_  The Avett Brothers – The Third Gleam – (The Avett Brothers / Concord)

29 thoughts on “Friday New Release – August 28, 2020

  1. The original Metallica symphony album is on the 1001 list, I haven’t got to it yet but I remember liking the single a lot.
    So with the sequel coming out today, thanks for the reminder to get caught up on the 1st one!

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    1. I’m with you Kev. Tired of Metallica and Symphony mashups. Sampled the Dokken album on iTunes and it does sound like the Lost Years! Next week it’s the Stones deluxe so I’m good with that one.
      Metallica I’ll be interested to read the reviews of it as I have the first one and to me, that seems enough.

      Liked by 3 people

        1. No Dude!
          All good hear as yesterday I bought Maiden Brave New Word/ OLP Naveed and Aerosmith on vinyl which is called Brand New Song and Dance which is a live show from 85’s Done With Mirrors Tour all from Amazon and all on vinyl.
          I’m having a great day…lol

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      1. Wow, I thought I’d be the lone wolf this week. Metallica/Sym is interesting but nothing I need to have on hand. I’m glad it is there for the people who like it though! Stones deluxe, is that the Goat Head Soup one?

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  2. I’m with Kevin. Nothing for me this week. I thought I would be into the Dokken but I read that a lot of it is over dubbed and rerecorded? That kinda put me off. If I’m wrong about that I’d maybe reconsider… But maybe not. And I gave up on ‘tallica a long time ago.

    I did just buy the new Alcatrazz at last though and it’s great!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This seems to be the popular opinion this week. If the Dokken is redone and not truly from then, I might be with you on that. I never listened to Metallica much before, but I do now…funny enough.
      Cool on the Alcatrazz album and it is pretty great!!

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