Def Leppard – “Make Love Like A Man” – 12″ Picture Disc

On one of my recent trips to record shop, I scored a couple picture discs by one of my favorite bands, Def Leppard. The one we are going to talk about first the 12″ Single Picture Disc for the song called “Make Love Like A Man” off the band’s 1992 album ‘Adrenalize’. The store I bought this at is called Noble Records and is one of my favorite local record shops in Charlotte. Noble Records has a YouTube channel and he constantly posts videos of collections he has bought and what he will be putting out on the floor. When he has big collections purchased, they usually go out on a Saturday at 10am. I was watching the video and he quickly flipped past the two Def Leppard picture discs as I could tell he isn’t a fan…but I am. I knew immediately I had to have them.

I got up on Saturday, mask in hand and headed to the store. The store was packed and actually made me a little nervous. However, everyone was wearing masks and being polite. Although I am not 100% sure we were following perfect Covid social distancing protocol, I was willing to take the risk. I went in and told Dillion what I was looking to get and he told me where they were (if they were still there and someone didn’t already have them in hand. I went through that stack and lo and behold, they were still there. I grabbed them, paid for them and got out in maybe 5 minutes and immediately hand sanitized my hands. I was so excited to grow my Def Leppard collection a little more.

The single on Side A is “Make Love Like A Man” which is actually one of my least favorite songs they have ever done, but not as bad as “Personal Property” on the same album. Yes, it is catchy, has a good beat and memorable, but it is generic and stupid at the same time. Now, Joe Elliott has stated that the song was the band having some fun and it was all a joke. They weren’t trying to be big bad boys, they were only joking. The song was the 2nd single off the album and did fairly well, but only going to #36o on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. However, this was not why you buy Def Leppard singles back from those days…nope. It is the unreleased tracks on the back.

The B-Side on this had two unreleased tracks (at the time) with “Miss You In a Heartbeat” and “Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version). These two songs wouldn’t remain unreleased for long as they would both appear on the album ‘Retroactive’ a year later.

The first song, “Miss in Heartbeat” is a piano based ballad written by Phil Collen and sung by Joe Elliott. It is a sweet and beautiful track and one of my favorite ballads by the band. Back in this day, they could really write a great love song.

The second song is the acoustic version of Two Steps Behind. The song originally appeared on the soundtrack to the Arnold Schwarzeneggar move ‘Last Action Hero’, but here we get a stripped down acoustic version. The song was written by Joe back in 1989 but shelved for three years. They played it in a session with the band Hothouse Flowers and then the band decided to record it and Phil thought, why not do an acoustic version. And stripped down is where this song shines. Heck, it even has some strings orchestration thanks to the great Michael Kamen.

But the coolest thing about this release is that it is a picture disc and as you can see in the header above, the A Side is the Adrenalize cracked eye in actually more of an eye shape. The B-Side is solo shot of Phil Collen as I believe a lot of these UK single picture discs had a single member of the band as the band did have 7 singles off this album.

And there you have a synopsis of the 12″ Picture Disc for the song “Make Love Like A Man”. Don’t you worry, I will do the same thing for the other picture disc I bought. Also, go to YouTube and follow Noble Records, you won’t be disappointed!! Until next time, have a great day!

18 thoughts on “Def Leppard – “Make Love Like A Man” – 12″ Picture Disc

  1. I agree with you on “Make Love Like a Man;” it’s not their best work. But I actually like “Personal Property, not as much as “White Lightning,” but hey it’s better than what today’s pop industry has been putting out recently. At least that’s how I see it. But that pic of Phil on the disc is awesome! Hope it wasn’t too expensive!

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  2. I have this too. You just reminded me. There’s a crate of old picture discs in the cupboard in the spare room. I might go dig them out. Some real gems in there. I really liked Retroactive when it came out. Both of these B sides are great tracks

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    1. Back in these days, they had so many B-Sides and collecting the singles was more fun then the albums (okay, the albums were the best, but it was still a blast). And when you dig out the picture discs, we want post on all of them!!

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        1. He very well might be. Not sure I want to know for sure if he is though 🙂
          Their Collection Box Sets have been great as they have been compiling the B-Sides on the Rarities disc and it is cool to have them all in one spot (or over several LPs).

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  3. I have the CD single, but truthfully, this looks better 🙂 Nice find John.

    Of note — the two B-sides were indeed reissued elsewhere, but always in remixed form. This was their only original release (my preferred versions of those two songs) for many years. Not until they put out that Adrenalize deluxe did we get the original mixes back, if I’m not mistaken.

    Again, nice find and sweet pics.

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      1. Yes if you look at the credits with a fine tooth comb, you can see on every track, additional recording was done. Sometimes adding Vivian to the tracks, sometimes redoing the drums. I think the drums are redone on all the tracks on Retro-Active. One reason I haven’t reviewed it yet is that I want to be meticulous and it’s a daunting task.

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