October 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

Is October already over!! Wow! The time is flying by now. Luckily for me, it was another stellar month for picking up so new stuff (most is old stuff new to me though). And I didn’t waste any time as right at the end of September after I wrote the September Purchases post, a few things came in the mail from Amazon within minutes and days of each other. First up was Ace Frehley’s Origins. Vol 2…and yes I have Vol 1…duh!!

Then Queen & Adam Lambert’s Live Around the World. I chose CD on this only because when I ordered it the vinyl wasn’t listed. It did come with a DVD of the shows as well. Since my daughter saw this tour a couple years ago, no brainer…

And if that wasn’t enough, the Reissue of Guns ‘N Roses Greatest Hits came out with an extra track that wasn’t on the original release…Yeah!

And that wasn’t it either, still another thing from Amazon. I realized I didn’t have any Gotthard on CD anymore for some strange reason, so I bought them (all but 2 albums, they are coming though for next month).

That is a good haul, I must say, but that isn’t even the best of it. The following weekend my oldest daughter wanted to go walk around an antique mall so I took her and I didn’t really find anything. My daughter found this cool shirt she just loved but didn’t want to buy unless I bought something, so I did. I like my Pop music and I didn’t have this Richard Marx album, so I got it so she could get her shirt and not feel bad.

Around mid-month, I was feeling down from Eddie Van Halen’s death and need to go crate digging and man did I ever. I was going to go to the Record Show that was in town, but honestly, I didn’t feel safe as it is usually in a fairly small conference room and there are a lot of people so I decided not to go. Instead, I decided to support a couple of my local record shops, Hardy Boys Records and Noble Records. Hardy Boys was the more successful of the two and I found a sealed David Lee Roth album “A Little Ain’t Enough” and I am sorry to say, it is no longer sealed…no I’m not!!

I also found a Filter album for only $8 bucks and it is one of my favorites of theirs called “The Sun Comes Out Tonight”.

The coolest find at Hardy Boys was the fact I found 4 Rush Tour Books. That is right 4! He had one for Billy Squier and some other band, but I was really only focused on the Rush ones so I grabbed those…Yes, full detail posts are coming starting next week.

The next picture is actually one cool thing from Hardy Boys (the Kiss Buttons) and the other was from Noble (The Van Halen 45 Single)…

And the last thing I got on this crate digging adventure was at Noble which was one of the few ZZ Top records I am missing. Good price meant sold…

And that still isn’t everything. I got a good amount of gift cards from a website reward program so I picked up another Gotthard CD and another Jeff Scott Soto release but this time with Axel Rudi Pell…

And then we have the final RSD make-up for the April Record Store Day. This wasn’t as fruitful as I didn’t get two of the 3 I wanted to get. However, I did get one I didn’t expect. The one I got that I wanted was another Cheap Trick live album from 1977. Excited about that one. I didn’t get Down N Outz or Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind. The surprise was Cinderella’s Heartbreak Station. I did not know that was going to be available and I am so glad it was. Now I am only missing one of theirs.

And that is it. Another good month and November is already going to be huge with what I know is already on pre-order. See you next month and happy digging!! Here is everything together.

34 thoughts on “October 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

  1. I’m jealous ! 🙂
    And Gotthard ah, such an excellent band, especially with Steve Lee.
    I will never forgive myself for not going to their concert and they were in our city. NEVER!

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    1. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have seen them live myself. So sad. One of my favorite bands and I am finally getting them back on CD (Only the Steve Lee ones). He had such an amazing voice.


  2. Don’t see any Oingo Boingo or Iron Maiden in there, so I give you a D-.

    Why didn’t your daughter want to buy the shirt unless you got something as well?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is really doesn’t like to spend money so she said she would’ve felt bad being the only one that got anything. She can get a $100 for her birthday and take 6 months to spend it. it is actually quite awesome.


  3. A Little Ain’t Enough is a great find on vinyl. Lot’s of good stuff to keep you listening to well next week when it’s November! Must add that copy of Heartbreak Station looks killer.


  4. My goodness, those are some gets! I definitely would have cracked that DLR opened too and that ZZ Top is my fav. What is the quality of the packaging for Gotthard 5 CD collection? Does every CD get its own sleeve?

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  5. Great month and great purchases. Lucky you had you daughter to twist your hand to purchase vinyl. Lol. That Marx album is a favorite of mine.

    The Rush tour books look interesting to see what’s in em, nice ARP and JSS purchase, Cinderella on vinyl and so cool to see some love for Filter.


  6. DAMN!!! There’s some nice stuff here! Where do I start?? Well first of all I forgot the Queen / Lambert CD was out, so I gotta add that to my Christmas wishlist!

    The Japanese Cinderella is amazing, the Cheap Trick, and ALL THAT RUSH! Strange cover on Roll the Bones there. I only have a recent reissue of that. Counterparts is bloody amazing too! Oh man. You win this month!

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  7. I like Gotthard with their new singer too. Is there something special about the Japanese Heartbreak station? I have the original vinyl. It’s my favorite Cinderella album.

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