Friday New Releases – December 18, 2020

Welcome to the LAST Friday New Release post…EVER!! No, I am kidding. It is the last one of 2020 though. I will return with these on January 8th of 2021 as that is the first week of any significant new releases. With that being said, I hope there is something in here you will like as there isn’t much. There a couple I will try out and they are marked in Blue. Let me know what interests you or what I might have missed so everyone knows what’s out there. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for always stopping by week after week. Happy Holidays!!

  • 91yHYsRoMJL._SX522_  George Lynch & Jeff Pilson – Heavy Hitters – (Deadline Music): 1/2 of Dokken together again. Yes, please…well we will see, but I am willing to give it a go. It is a bunch of pop cover songs turned hard rock/metal. Some cool songs so we will see what they do to them.
  • Jordan Feliz – Say It – (Centricity Music): Christian singer Jordan Feliz is back with a new album. I really loved his first couple album, so hoping for more greatness. This is a digital only release today. Hard copies not until February.
  • 71U9xQPd6eL._SS500_  Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor: Self Serenades – (Atlantic Recordings)
  • 91sG+jfG6sL._SX522_  The Drive-By Truckers – The New OK – (ATO Records) – CD/Vinyl – digital is already out.
  • 81nJ7JiuHIL._SX522_  The Black Keys – Brothers (Deluxe Anniversary Edition):
  • 51ZsjQ96zWL._SX522_  Paul McCartney – McCartney III – (Capitol Records / UMG)
  • 61uWfmvktML._SX522_  Maggie Rogers – Notes from the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016 – (Debay Sounds)
  • 71-PfbbrHqL._SX522_  Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron – (No Remorse Rec EE)

27 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – December 18, 2020

  1. I’m looking forward to Pauls… Dylan, Stones remastered Goat’s Head Soup, and Neil Young albums this year has been my favorites…I hope I can add Paul to that.

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