Kiss – ‘Exposed’ VHS (1987) – Video Review (The Kiss Review Series)

We have come to the part of the Kiss timeline in which I believe Kiss would like to completely forget. The Kiss ‘Exposed’ VHS tape that was released on May 18, 1987. In an MTV world and the 80’s rock screaming of women and excess, Kiss decided to put together a collection of their 80’s music videos that they had so far. But no, that wasn’t enough. Gene and Paul wanted to give you so much more. Some exclusive interviews, some vintage videos and a lot of women (and we will get to that in a minute).

In what can be described simply as a train wreck, we get a semi-scripted, badly acted performance of Kiss doing little sketches and some actually real and great interviews. The set for this fantasmic masterpiece is what is supposed to be Paul’s mansion…guess what…it wasn’t. They rented it for this video shoot and brought a lot of Kiss memorabilia in to make you think it was Paul’s actual bachelor pad. The set up was supposed to be some sort of documentary where this clumsy, nerdy news-type guy and a horny cameraman follow Gene and Paul around and do interviews. The sketches are horribly bad, Paul is not funny…and I mean groaningly not funny and Gene is well…Gene.

On top of that the house and every scene is covered with half-naked, and in some cases, very naked women lying around being horribly objectified and they are being misogynistic towards. In today’s world, it is completely and utterly unacceptable. However, when you are 17-18 years old in 1987, it is totally AWESOME!! I got to see Boobies!!! Because at 17/18, that was not something I was getting to see on a regular basis. I had this on VHS at the time and can’t believe my parents let me watch it. Thankfully they never saw it or I wouldn’t get to see it again. When I watched this a couple weeks ago, it was suddenly very painful to watch.

Now, the whole thing isn’t really bad. There are some serious interviews where Gene and Paul talk about how they got together and they tried to harmonize an old Beatles song that they used to sing on a street corner I believe they said. Paul even commented on some of Gene’s old demos which funny enough some of those ended up on The Vault. Those moments were cool and I think real. Everything else about the show was fake…even a lot of the boobs.

The other cool thing about the video was footage from some vintage Kiss shows and this was the 80’s so we didn’t have the Tube of You and the internet or even the Kissology DVD sets at the time to see this stuff. For me, this was the coolest part of the videos. These were some of the songs we got:

  • “I Love It Loud” (Live, June 18, 1983 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • “Deuce” (Live, January 31, 1975, San Francisco, CA)
  • “Strutter” (Live, January 25, 1976, Detroit, MI)
  • “Beth” (Live, September 1977, Houston, TX)
  • “Detriot Rock City” (Live 1980 from Australia)
  • “I Stole Your Love” (Live, September 1977, Houston, TX)
  • “Ladies Room” (Live, September 1977, Houston, TX)
  • “Rock And Roll All Nite” (Live 1980 from Australia)

I never got to seem the live with their make-up (prior to the Reunion) so these moments were what I enjoyed the most. You also got the bands music videos for “Who Wants to Be Lonely”, “Uh! All Night”, “Tears Are Falling”, “Lick It Up”, “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose”, “I Love It Loud” and “Heaven’s on Fire” which was cool enough, but I had seen them all on MTV hundreds of times.

The biggest misstep of this whole video is the lack of Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr. They were limited to 2 cameos each with maybe one line each and they also had to pal around with a Don Johnson dressed monkey. Totally waste of good talent (Bruce and Eric, not the monkey). This was the Paul and Gene show and it was obvious. Poor show on Paul and Gene for that error.

And that is the video in a nutshell. It is pretty horrible at times and pretty amazing at times. There is even a cool shot of a lot of Kiss memorabilia that they showcase which was fun to see the old posters, dolls and costume pieces. It was one of those, I would be embarrassed to rate this too high and it doesn’t deserve to be too low. I am guessing a 50/50 split here so we will go with a 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars. The 2.5 for the cool stuff and then a big, big ding for the badly scripted, badly acted and badly portrayal of the women. (If I was 18, this would get a 5.0 out of 5.0, but I’m not 18 anymore).

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