35 thoughts on “Kiss – ‘Creatures of the Night’ (40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) – Album Review (The Kiss Review Series)

      1. Dunno. Assuming it’s an anniversary then Lick It Up? But could also be a 1973 early days kinda thing maybe if they keep things to the make up. If they go the 45th Anniversary route what would that be… solo albums? Or 35th… Crazy Nights?! Ooh… I’d buy em all quite happily but I’d shit my pants with glee if it’s Crazy Nights!

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          1. What???? Hope it has a totally different style if it’s Crazy Nighs..not into Crazy Nights or Hot in the Shade at all.

            Could u specify why u like Crazy Nights, good points, favorite tracks etc.


  1. Five out of five indeed! Probably the box set I have been happiest with in a couple years. And they didn’t even get to do everything they wanted to do with this set! Lots of stuff on the cutting room floor that I hope we’ll see one day.

    For those who would like to see a deep dive with a couple Contrarians:

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  2. Great review as always John. This must have taken you some time to piece this together. 5/5 is right on the money Sir. Thanks for adding our chat. That was a well spent Friday evening.

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