Kiss – ‘Monster’ (2012) – Album Review (The Kiss Review Series)

It has only been three short years since ‘Sonic Boom’ and Kiss is ready to put out another album. Three years might seem like a long time, but lately in the Kiss World, it is a blip in the radar. The band has actually not had any drama during this time gap and things seem to be going smoothly which is not normal for these guys. The band is unchanged with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley still at the helm and Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer still the hired guns.

The band went back in the studio starting in April 2011 and didn’t finish the album until January 2012. And heck, then it wasn’t even released until October 9, 2012. The guys were in no rush obviously. Kiss wanted to get back to their roots on this one while keeping it sounding like what the band is today. To help accomplish that the band actually recorded the album using analog equipment and a 24 Track Tape and a Trident board. They were going at it old school…no digital. Did it help? Well the album went all the way to #3 on the Billboard Charts, so we will see.

But speaking of old school. There were no outside writers and no outside players (except one on piano, but we will get to that shortly). Tommy gets to sing again and so does Eric. This was a band album, just like ‘Sonic Boom’, and a band album is what the fans want. They started with around 20 songs and ended up with 12 on the vinyl & the CD (13 on iTunes). We are talking the 12 here since my copy is on vinyl. Let’s get started.


The album opens up with a killer riff by Tommy and then a wicked bass line by Gene and Eric comes thundering in on the drums. Paul is on vocals for this and sounding in top form. “Hell or Hallelujah” bombastically opens the album and shows the band is still here and they mean business. Tommy lays down a splendid solo and the guys are tight and slamming. I think it sounds a little heavier than ‘Sonic Boom’ and if that continues this should be a “monster” of an album.

Gene’s up next (as usual) with a great Gene song called “Wall of Sound”. This is one of many songs written by both Gene and Paul and that had become a rarity in the Kiss world. It even has some help from Tommy. Another great guitar riff from Tommy starts it off and Gene sounds in prime form. The song is heavy and very modern sounding. There is a lot of grit and toughness to it. This is Gene being Gene and I’m so good with that.

“Freak” is up next with Paul back on vocals. Paul is right home with this one as Paul has always felt like a freak ever since he was a kid. He has a problem with one of his ears and it was deformed which was the cause of a lot of childhood trauma. Paul has obviously overcome that in a grand way. Now Paul is telling every to let that Freak Flag fly in this rocking track. It is one of the more empowering songs Kiss has written in a long time. This is the only song on the album to feature an outside party. Brian Whelan plays the piano for this. Everything else is pure Kiss.

Now we get to a song with writing credits from every member of the band called “Back to the Stone Age”. It is a Gene song and is very heavy on the bass. Gene comes screaming in with a destruction of drum beats by Eric and the actually end the song the same way. Overall, the song is kind of pedestrian, but Gene’s tough-guy personae keeps the songs head above water. Nothing to write home about but good enough.

We get a twofer from Paul. First up is “Shout Mercy” which has been compared to Humble Pie and I am good with that comparison. It has Paul strutting around with his vocals and Tommy confidently picking those strings. It has been a barrage of sound since the beginning of the album and it doesn’t sound like Kiss is ready to slow things down or just write it in. They are giving it their all.

Next up is “Long Way Down” with Paul bringing his 70’s self in to play. Listen closely and I swear this a Zep vibe in there hiding ready to explode. This was the second single and I will admit I don’t remember hearing this one on the radio at any time. That is never a good sign. However, it isn’t a bad song at all, in fact, musically it is pretty great as Tommy and Eric shine as usual, but the vocals aren’t as clear and up front for me with Paul. Outside of that, Kiss really nails this one and harkens back to days of old.


Side One ended with a twofer from Paul and Side Two kicks off with a twofer from Gene. First up is “Eat Your Heart Out” which starts out the band in a cappella singing the chorus and it ain’t that great. The song comes in with full band and Eric’s cowbell, but this is the weakest Gene song on the album and the only one I’m not a huge fan with as it is very generic.

Luckily, Gene redeems himself with a classic Gene song called “The Devil is Me”. If there was ever a song written for the personae of The Demon, this is it. It is total badass and Gene sounds incredible. He is right at home here with this one as it is in his wheelhouse. He sounds evil, menacing and the music conveys that in spades. This is modern day “God of Thunder”. And let’s not forget to mention Tommy has delivers a solo that is a perfect fit to the song and brings the evil to the forefront.

Tommy Thayer gets his turn to shine on his own with his self-penned song “Outta this World”. It is not a bad song at all, Tommy sounds great. But is it me or are there elements that lean towards what Ace would do. There are space references (I know, he is the Spaceman now…but seriously) and the sound seems like something Ace would do. I would prefer to see Tommy be Tommy and not Ace. He is talented enough. I feel though, it is a step up from ‘Sonic Boom’ as I feel Tommy sounds a lot more comfortable in his shoes now and those are some big shoes to fill.

It is Eric’s turn and this time we get an old-school rocker with “All for the Love of Rock & Roll” which sounds like 70’s kiss…a la “Mr. Speed”. And where I saw Tommy sounds like Ace, is it me or does this sound like something Peter would sing? Listen to the grittiness of Eric’s vocals (and I mean that in a good way). I know, I’m crazy, but I hear it. The thing is it still sounds great. I love the nostalgic vibe of the song and it makes me feel good and that is always a good thing. I love this type of song and Eric really shines.

“Take Me Down Below” actually sees Gene and Paul sharing vocals…hell yeah!! Now usually when that happens we get a massive rock anthem, but sadly not this time. It feels like a sleazy rocker and the lyrics are plain awful. I was hoping they were long past that, but boys will be boys I guess. This is easily the most skippable track on the album.

A bass riff kicks off the song “Last Chance” as the album comes to a close. Paul’s started off the album and finishes it too. This song is a competent enough closer, but it isn’t anything special. It doesn’t make me want to flip the album over though and that is what I like in a closer. The album started out so strong and faded towards the end. Or is that more than 10 songs on a Kiss album is too many? That is an interesting thought.

Track Listing:

  1. Hell or Hallelujah – Keeper
  2. Wall of Sound – Keeper
  3. Freak – Keeper
  4. Back to the Stone Age – Keeper (1/2 Point)
  5. Shout Mercy – Keeper
  6. Long Way Down – Keeper
  7. Eat Your Heart Out – Delete
  8. The Devil is Me – Keeper
  9. Outta This World – Keeper 
  10. All for the Love of Rock & Roll – Keeper
  11. Take Me Down Below – Delete
  12. Last Chance – Keeper (1/2 Point)

The Track Score is 9 out of 12 Tracks or 75%. This is a solid score. I don’t know if it is a step up from ‘Sonic Boom’, but it is at least its equal. This one is a little heavier sounding, but I think I liked more songs on ‘Sonic Boom’. However, there are some songs on here I like more than the last album. I am really torn. I do know that the fact they kept it a band album is a plus. Tommy seems more comfortable in his role and Gene was way more involved and one of my favorite Gene songs is on here. I still feel this is a very solid effort and I am digging this era of Kiss, I just wish they did more albums. My overall view is still a 4.0 out 5.0 Stars. With only two real clunkers, you can’t go wrong with this release. It is modern day Kiss and it is great!! For this to probably be there very last Studio album, it is nice way to go out. They went out on their terms and doing it their own way. What more could you want.

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37 thoughts on “Kiss – ‘Monster’ (2012) – Album Review (The Kiss Review Series)

  1. Man, I think Take Me Down Below is a total rocker! I love Gene and Paul sharing vocals, and the lyrics for 15 year old boys doesn’t bother me. It’s a great work out song, too…. Fast paced and loud.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe that is my problem (one of many), I should be listening to it while working out…or at the very least, I should probably be working out!! LOL!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  2. Actually some good stuff on here and I like the fact that they kept this in-house as far as songwriting along with everything else. Ha, I actually like Eat Your Hear Out. Simmons gets a pass on that one. I think the best song though is the bonus track ‘Right Here, Right Now’ I. think thats what it was called which I got on iTunes when I bought Monster. Thats a great tune that should be on the vinyl.
    Great stuff Sir

    Liked by 1 person

  3. maybe bits and pieces release? Cannot see them recording a full new album anymore. Do u?
    I remember being surprised how good this one was and still is.

    Nowhere to put this so it’s stuck here. My song at the amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The song that I liked was All for the Love of Rock & Roll…I’m partial to that style/era sound…and yes Peter could have very well have done this.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love this review series. Spent last few days reading album after album. Thoroughly entertaining. Thank you.
    🤘👅. Although…
    I can’t understand how any KISS fan could listen to this and feel satisfied.
    Stellar playing. Great production. But…
    Every track sounds like unused filler left from the 80s albums.
    Worst album opener ever.
    Paul’s voice was almost entirely shot by this point.
    Ever since Boom he’s gone drastically down hill.
    I admit it hits harder than Boom. But that’s not really saying much. 🙄
    Really breaks my heart, the last 2 releases I get from my favorite band are reheated turds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the reviews. It is much appreciated. And I’ll admit there are some bad songs on these two but I really liked what they did overall. They approached them as a band. No outside help. For that, they get a lot of props. Are they anywhere near as good as the older stuff, no way…but this is not the same band. And it is good for what it is. But I get where you are coming from too. Thanks again.


  6. Mike gave me a copy of this! I liked it. I remember we were in a shoppe in Toronto and they were playing one of the songs and Mike was rocking out with it, oblivious to other shoppers LOL. Good times. I think you’re rating is fair, but then again, what do I know (comparatively) about where something like this would stand in the KISS discography? Nothing, that’s what!

    Liked by 1 person

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