Friday New Releases – June 18, 2021

Welcome to the next edition of the Friday New Releases. It was a great week as we were on vacation this week down on Amelia Island in Florida. It was so nice to get away for a little while and just relax. And to come back and be a new release day…even better. We have another strong week of releases so I hope you find something you like. My choices are highlighted in Blue. Let me know what you want to hear this weekend and if I left anything off the list so everyone will know about it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

  • Caleb Johnson - Mountain Mojo Vol. 1  Caleb Johnson – Mountain Mojo, Vol. 1 – (Caleb Johnson): Caleb Johnson has one of the best voices in music…period. He has never really blown up the airwaves since his American Idol days, but there is no denying he is special. I look forward to every release and this one is no different. His voice is perfect for that old brand of Southern Rock & Roll and I hoping that is what is served up on this one. This one has the both Jason Bonham and Damon Johnson on it so this could be awesome.
  • 71ECew2EL7L._SS500_  Crobot – Rat Child E.P. – (Mascot Label Group): Do you like your rock hard and with a little funk…I thought so. Then check out Crobot and you won’t be disappointed. The only sad thing here is it is only an E.P. I am so ready for another full album. Come on boys, get on that!! In the meantime, be prepared to rock you ass off with this one.
  • 81yBMOZyPIS._SX522_  Styx – Crash of the Crown – (UMe): Styx is back and they have the hard task of following up a great album which was “The Mission” and that will be no easy task. If you’ve been following them, you know what I mean. Here’s to hoping they can do it.

And then there is all the rest…

  • 61pw6+i4FRS._SX522_  Frank Zappa – Zappa ’88: The Last U.S. Show – (Universal Music / UMG)
  • download  Helloween – Helloween – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 91W5FRf1WML._SS500_  Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 81MEEl1bkyL._SX522_  Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – The Enigma Birth – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71DcNbjaC5L._SS500_  Kent Hilli – The Rumble – (Frontiers Records)
  • download-4  Crowne – Kings in the North – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71ZG-AXqF0L._SX522_  Chalice of Sin – Chalice of Sin – (Frontiers Records)
  • 713Y32ETMvL._SS500_  Hacktivist – Hyperdialect – (UNFD)
  • 710wXNuIFTL._SS500_  Alustrium – A Monument to Silence – (Unique Leader Records)
  • 91k6qGMmD6S._SX522_  Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren – State Theatre New Jersey 2005 – (Purple Pyramid): I can’t find an official video so this will have to do.
  • 91A+Fd1b5gL._SS500_  De’Wayne – Stains – (Hopeless Records)
  • 91VkApmlCVL._SX522_  Evolfo – Site Out of Mind – (Royal Potato Family)
  • 819CtGuOMZL._SX522_  Cher Strauberry – Chering is Caring – (Silver Arrow Records)
  • 81rYymvWLxS._SX522_  The Trojan Story (Various Artist) – The Trojan Story – (Trojan Records)
  • download-2  Pendulum – Elemental E.P. – (Earstorm Records)
  • 71kZb4CnYmS._SX522_  Amy Helm – What the Flood Leaves Behind – (BMG Rights)
  • 81MET5oEGTS._SS500_  Gucci Mane – Ice Daddy – (Atlantic Records)
  • 71etP6+YQOL._SS500_  Kings of Convenience – Peace Or Love – (EMI / Universal)
  • 71xkmuQBFRS._SX522_  Gorgon City – Olympia – (A Positiva / EMI / Universal): CD& Vinyl Only; digital next week
  • 91e-IEZQ8qS._SX522_  Rebelution – In the Moment – (87 Music / Easy Star)
  • 71KE2DWxSaL._SS500_  Rory Feek – Gentle Man – (Muletown Recorded Music)
  • 91IzKZSu9VL._SX522_  Amythust Kiah – Wary + Strange – (Rounder Records)

29 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – June 18, 2021

  1. Haven’t heard of Caleb Johnson before this, but I’m checking his album out now and it’s good. Thanks for the great rec, as always! Crowne’s also on my to-listen list.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I saw clips of Caleb Johnson on American Idol and he sang a Rush song; it was the first Rush song I actually liked. I found it impressive that a rock artist won American Idol because that didn’t happen often.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I feel like it’s actually a blessing not to win Idol, look at Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. Of course, excuse the winners that were actually successful.

            When I watched that Queen + Adam Lambert: The Show Must Go On documentary, Brian May recalled the time he and Roger first met Adam on the American Idol finale, he said it was between Adam and some other guy! Cracks me up every time! 😛

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            1. I remember watching Adam and Queen and thought he did great. Wasn’t real surprised they went with him. And yes, winning Idol isn’t always the best thing because it limits what they can do as artist for those first few years.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I agree! Adam’s majestic pipes fit well with Queen. They have great chemistry on and off stage. As mentioned in the same Queen + Adam Lambert documentary, the American Idol team would’ve led Adam down a different path with hand picked producers and would’ve had full control over his sound, so it was a blessing he didn’t win. I’ll never forget that part!

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