Kiss – “Beth” – 7″ Single (The Kiss Review Series)

I’m always out searching for Kiss music that I don’t have on vinyl and right now that is mostly singles. The latest time I was out digging, I came across a 7″ Single for the song “Beth” off their 1976 classic ‘Destroyer’. The original single for this album was “Detroit Rock City” as the A-Side and “Beth” as the B-Side. When that went out to the radio stations, the DJ’s ended playing “Beth” which quickly became the most requested songs on a lot of stations.

After that, the decision was made to reissue the single with “Beth” as the A-Side and “Detroit Rock City” as the B-Side. That is the copy I have. It was released in August 1976. Now, my version I found doesn’t have a picture sleeve as shown as the header. I used that to make the post more enticing. My version actually just came in a plain white sleeve but the original at least would’ve had the Casablanca Sleeve that would’ve looked something like the above picture…If I find any singles out there with that sleeve I will buy it (regardless if it is Kiss or not just so I have the correct one).


“Beth” went all the way to #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was sung by Peter Criss.  The song was one Peter had written prior to Kiss and written with guitarist Stan Penridge.  The song is a ballad and played on piano with full backing orchestration by Dick Wagner and the New York Philharmonic.  The song originally had the line “Beck what can I do” after the girlfriend of one of Peter’s bandmates in the band Chelsea.  Of course, they changed to Beth which seem to work. The song was softly played and softly sung and was simply a beautiful song that was totally out of left field for the band up to this point. I’m sure it pissed Gene and Paul that their biggest hit came from Peter. But that is for another day.


The B-Side is a radio edit of the song “Detroit Rock City”. The Radio Edit cuts out all the radio broadcast bits (the broadcaster is played by Gene Simmons) of the death of a driver killed in a car crash then segues in to the young man getting into his car and heading to the concert playing Kiss’s “Rock & Roll All Nite” on the radio.  There was also bits and pieces of the guy driving during the song and then there was the crash. All that was removed so it was only the song itself and trimmed down to less than 3 minutes. “Detroit Rock City” was so different than anything they had done prior, musically and lyrically.  They took a chance shaking things up a bit and it worked.  The song does mention Detroit, but is really about a young fan that is killed why he was on his way to a Kiss concert.  The story is based off an actual event that occurred outside a Kiss concert in Charlotte where a fan was hit by a car and killed outside the arena.  Knowing it is based a real life event adds a little extra to the impact of the song.

And there you have it. The goal is to get as many Kiss singles as I can and I will show them when I find them. Thanks for stopping by and if you want to catch the other Kiss items in the Kiss Review Series, there are a few below as you can see.

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24 thoughts on “Kiss – “Beth” – 7″ Single (The Kiss Review Series)

  1. That’s a cool cover of the 45 John. Funny its the 75 costumes they were wearing and they didn’t use the Destroyer look yet.
    Great find but I really don’t need to hear Beth again lol

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  2. Back in the 1970s, “Beth” was the song teenage boys like me played to their girlfriends in the hope of getting laid. When I saw KISS in 1985, they opened with “Detroit Rock City” and it was cool they were still playing that classic.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can go back and forth on Peter in general but there’s no arguing with Beth, it’s a dynamite song. I guess the record label got lucky, all they had to do was make new labels and switch A and B.

    Liked by 1 person

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