Kiss – ‘Monster Tour – Simpsonville 2013’ – Blu-Ray Review (Bootleg Series)

I was out a Record Show and I found a table that had a lot of Kiss memorabilia but nothing much I really wanted as I generally stick to the music. I did find something I didn’t realize existed and that was Kiss Blu-Ray Bootlegs. This guy was selling a lot of them. I came back to the table and looked again and decided, you know, I want to try it out. When he then offered that I could get two for $15, I jumped at the chance. $15 was worth the risk. So I grabbed one from the End of the Road tour and one from the MonsterTour as I saw at least the End of the Road Tour, just not that show.

So, first up we was the End of the Road Tour and it was filmed at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA on February 4th, 2020 just a month before COVID shut the whole touring scene down. Kiss was a full year in to the tour at this point and in fine form. Check out that review. This Bootleg is from the Monster Tour from the show on August 13, 2013 at the Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park in Simpsonville, SC.

I have to say the video quality is much better than I expected and even better than the other bootleg that I had. There wasn’t as much washout from the lights and the angles were even better. The shots from the front of the stage were perfectly clear and killer. The explosions were so freaking loud it was like you were there. The vocals on a couple songs were a little low at times, but overall everything was crystal clear. The problems with the show were not from the video. But for $7.50 a piece, pretty darn acceptable.

The concert opens with “Psycho Circus” and the band descends from the ceiling on the back of a metal spider which was an awesome entrance. However, Paul’s vocals were rough. Some from the quality of the video for this song as it was a little soft, but mostly because Paul’s vocals were shot. The sound got better throughout the song (just not the actual vocals).

Paul’s crowd interactions at this show were a little lame. After “Let Me Go Rock N Roll” he did what he called the Kiss Army Participation Test where he gets each part of the crowd to scream. The crowd was rather lame and so was the whole bit. It went on too long, just play the songs. And then when he introduced the song “Hell or Hallelujah” he said it was from the album “Kiss Monster” and funny thing, I thought it was called just “Monster”.

A constant highlight for me and never gets old is when Gene breathes the fire and he did it as usual with “War Machine”. Then they get to “Heaven’s on Fire” and that “ooooh oooh yeah” a the beginning sadly was not good as Paul’s vocals are shot throughout the show. Funny his vocals sounded better a few years after this then on this tour. And then Paul does this whole “boom boom boom boom” thing with the crowd that was as cringeworthy as the Kiss Army Participation Test.

When we get to “Shock Me”, Tommy Thayer takes on the lead vocals with that song and “Outta This World” as well. Then he and Eric Singer go in to their combined solos on what is called the “SpaceCat Jam” on the Blu-Ray. Tommy shots rockets from his guitar and Eric pulls out a rocket launcher but it didn’t seem to work right. And right after that, there is weird edit and then suddenly all is dark and we get Gene’s bass solo and the always cool, blood spitting and Gene flying up to the rafters to do “God of Thunder”.

“Lick It Up” still has little The Who snippet in the song as Paul and Tommy climb on the back of the metallic spider that rises above the stage. Then with “Love Gun”, Paul flies out to the stage in the middle of the audience (nothing new) and again, his voice is so shot. The band doesn’t take a break for the encore, instead, Paul tells the crowd they are just going to keep on playing. I have a feeling there was a time crunch so they cut that part out. The show ended with “Detroit Rock City”, “I Was Made For Loving You” and “Rock And Roll All Nite”. There were so many explosions, lots of fire and a crap load of confetti. And that was the end.

All-in-all, I thought the camera work was actually great and better than the first disc we reviewed, but the band was a little lifeless and dull. Paul’s vocals were shot, the crowd actually kinda sucked too as you couldn’t really feel any energy feeding off them. The setlist is a little stale and nothing unusual or exciting about it at all. This was a lot like their next to for their 40th Anniversary with Def Leppard which I thought was just as boring (although Leppard kicked ass). I am not sure how much I’ll watch this one, but for quality of the video I will give it some points. My Overall Score is a 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars and it is all based on how boring the actual setlist and band were for this show.

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22 thoughts on “Kiss – ‘Monster Tour – Simpsonville 2013’ – Blu-Ray Review (Bootleg Series)

  1. When you brought up Paul’s Kiss Army Participation Test, I was thinking of a Def Leppard gig in 1988 at Mountain View, California, where Joe did a similar thing with the audience during “Rock of Ages” where he made every section of the audience (front, back, middle, right, left) sing “I Want Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

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      1. No worries! I feel the same way. When I first heard that extended version of “Rock of Ages,” I got really annoyed. So I shifted my focus to Rick’s drumming to keep me from getting impatient and it worked to some degree.

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  2. Bootlegs are always a risky proposition – might get a bad recording or an off night from the band. Though I guess for 7 bucks it’s not some massive gamble. When I saw them in 2017 (I think) it was painful to hear Paul croak through songs, though he did Love Gun fairly admirably that night.

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  3. Father Time is unfortunately catching up with everyone in the music unless your name is Bruce Dickinson! Agreed that the setlist is kind boring but Say yeah is one of the better recent (if u can call It that they have written)

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  4. Eric had a rocket launcher? Cool! I don’t know too much about this period of Kiss live and I assumed they were just doing the same old crap.

    Can’t wait to check out that “Kiss Monster” album…. lol

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  5. I’ve seen Kiss a few times and what I get from em is a band that is well rehearsed and with things orchestrated to a tee.

    Reading all the things that happened during the show I’m like “yep” I’ve seen that.

    And I’m still blown away at Blue Ray Bootlegs. Lol.

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