My Sunday Song – “The Fall” by SOTO

For My Sunday Song #284, we are going to discuss the song from Jeff Scott Soto’s metal band called Soto. The song is called “The Fall” and was written by Jeff along with fellow TSO member Tony Dickinson. The album is ‘Inside the Vertigo’ and the song were released in 2015 and was originally intended to be a solo album, but since the album had a band vibe and the sound was so much heavier than anything he had done recently, he went with SOTO as a band.

“The Fall” is an angry song. Someone has hurt him badly and stabbed him in the back and he isn’t having it. He is fighting back and letting them know he has it out for them and he can’t wait for them to fall from the graces and fall flat on their face. It sounds like it was someone famous as the line “Fame and Fortune/Big Star Everywhere/One more big talk millionaire” leads me to believe that. I don’t know who it is and can’t find where he has said but I wonder if it is Neal Schon who dropped him from Journey and I don’t know if they talk anymore. But I am purely speculating and have no real clue. Purely a guess. It could be anyone.

Musically, the song is just as angry. It is some of the heaviest work Jeff has done. There is a very modern metal vibe with hints of Marilyn Manson in the guitar which is handled by Chris Feener and Tony Dickinson. Jeff’s vocals are as aggressive as the music. You can hear the anger and his screams are intense and powerful. If you need an album to wake you up, this one would do it. It is balls-to-the-wall aggression and when you are done you are ready to punch someone in the face!!

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and if you are an aggressive driver already, don’t play this when you are driving as your bound to ram the car next to you if they piss you off. Trust me…I know from experience!!! Not really, I’m kidding. Thanks for stopping by and have a great and Happy Sunday!!

The Fall”

Lost in your devious
Stab in the back
All the years that you led me on

Made me believe
I could conquer the world
But your bullshit was all your fun

Fame and fortune
Big star everywhere
One more big talk millionaire

I’m over it and I’m over you
Who do you think you are?
As I rise I live to watch you fall, yea
Remember me, I won’t forget you
Your crime has gone too far
As I rise I breathe to watch you fall, I live to
Watch The Fall

You live to devour
Denying the dreams
Of the next one who gets in line

You just can’t be human
Your blood runs so cold
You’re so cunning and serpentine

No regrets, remorse or sympathy
I’ll expose your tyranny


Written by Jeff Scott Soto and Tony Dickinson

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