January 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & Cds

Welcome to the first round of purchases for 2022. Yes, I know, it never seems to end…my wife and wallet keep telling me that, but I don’t listen…obviously. And this week was another stellar month and a few really good deals as well…at least I think so. The first set of purchases were from gift cards left over from Christmas that I hadn’t spent and it was tough to decide. First I went with a vinyl I had been wanting for awhile and finding an original vinyl pressing was going to be expense so I went withe re-issue from Music on Vinyl for Extreme!!

The other items I picked up on those gift cards were the studio albums I was missing for Robbie Williams…I figured no time better than to complete that collection so I did. There were four left and here they are… Now I just need to the rare stuff that I am missing…challenge accepted!!

Now, I bought this album months and months ago, but with the delay in vinyl pressings it is about 3-4 months late…the latest album from The Wild Feathers…

And that was the only thing I bought last year that is just showing up. The next is the CD for the live album from Needtobreathe called Live in the Woods, Vol. 2 (and yes I have Vol 1…of course). The vinyl is still late and I mean late. It was supposed to come out over the Summer and I purchased it this time last year. I mean there are delays and there are delays, but this is ridiculous…

There is a vinyl I bought and I already had the CD, so did I really need the vinyl…stupid questions, I know. But the answer is easily YES!! Especially when it looks like what you are about to see. It is the album from Paul Laine’s band The Defiants and it is their debut in beautiful yellow vinyl. I couldn’t pass it up…

I hadn’t hit one of my favorite spots in awhile so I grabbed my daughter and off we went to Hardy Boys Records and he had a great sale going. I believe the cassettes were $0.50 a piece and I don’t remember what the singles were but I picked up all this for $11…

And this…

My daughter wanted to go to 2nd & Charles and look for some more movies and a 2022 calendar so we went. And of course while I was waiting for her, I picked up a few CDs that I no longer had in my collection I wanted them again…some are not what you’d expect…maybe…

And for some reason I missed this one in the picture…

And now a little backstory…back in 1987 I bought the Def Leppard album ‘Hysteria’ and then ordered the Def Leppard book ‘Animal Instinct’ from the insert inside. I got the book for I don’t remember exactly but $20-30. I turned around and sold it a couple years later for over $60. Well, now that I am really into music again I wanted that book back and I found one for $30 so I grabbed it. I think the math works out pretty good on that.

And that isn’t quite all. I met a guy on line named Sonny Pooni who is a huge Jeff Scott Soto fan like myself…the only difference is he has way more stuff. Through our conversations, he said he was going to send me a biography he had on Jeff Scott Soto. I thought it was a printout, but nope…it is an actual hard back book. Damn!! I was excited…Thanks Sonny!!!

Now, here is the bad thing about this book. I found some information on albums I didn’t have…so naturally, I bought about 8 more CDs. Two are still not here and might take awhile as I bought them from Europe. I don’t have any more full album left to be bought. Here is what showed up so far…And yes, this brings my post now to around 70 for the series before album rankings.

Here are two that were late…still two to go…

Okay, I think that is enough for now…here is everything all laid out together as this is always my favorite shot…

See you next month for the February wrap-up…

47 thoughts on “January 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & Cds

  1. the wild feather st is the only one I have. Are u talking about robbie under radar cds?
    Nice haul of cassettes. Do all the cassettes play ok? Will u play em?
    Michelle Branch is she a bit like Avril?
    There’s more Soto? So cool u got the book, amazing story on how u got it.
    Axel Rudi Pell, I have that live album.

    Think this month I beat u since I got 2 bags full of cds. total of 21 cd and cranberries box set. Some of the interesting ones..the scorpion king soundtrack, fall out boy live, the cross, thriller metal tribute, smith&myers cd, couple of Pillar cds, do u know them?

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    1. Yes, I want the Under the Radar CDs. As far as the cassettes, I have no idea if they play, I don’t own a player anymore. I just bought them to complete collections.
      The Soto book was great. Already finished!!

      Dang you got a lot of great stuff. I love the Smith & Myers one. I have it on vinyl. And I do have one Pillar album, not sure which one.


  2. Nice haul. I counted twelve new discs in my collection for January. Among my finds were:
    -3 Smashing Pumpkins singles from the Mellon Collie album
    -an old Soul Asylum EP
    -Helix Long way to heaven reissue
    -latest John 5, Eclipse, Kissin Dynamite releases
    -Harem Scarem’s Rubber
    -A Canadian classic by Lowest of the low

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  3. Dude, you said one time you thought I was buying more than you. Not a chance! Lol this is incredible, what a treasure trove. And that Blue Light, Red Light album… I could probably still sing you every song on it, full lyrics and inflections. Very badly, of course, but still. Love it.

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    1. The Harry is because of your Harry post recently. I remembered how much I enjoyed this album and the one before so I went out and got them and they are still great. This one is my favorite.
      And we probably buy the same but you get better deals.


          1. Cool. Those are some of the early ones that go together, in my mind. Go earlier and you get piano jazz (no vocals), and go later to She and Star Turtle and you get New Orleans funk, which is also awesome but not the big band stuff so much.

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              1. Fair enough. I think I told the story of going to see him on the Funk tour for She (even met him) and a bunch of folks were leaving the gig after a few songs because it wasn’t the big band show. Their loss, it was a banging raucous N’Awlins good time party! Proof, I guess, that they hadn’t bought the new album, or read anything about the tour, and just showed up expecting more of the same he’d done before.

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                1. I’d see him live regardless. Same thing happened to me when I saw Clapton. It was a hits tour it was a blues tour. I was extremely disappointed in the show because of that, but still enjoyed it for what it was.


  4. I can’t remember where you mentioned this, but I got the Defiants Zokusho today. I’ve played it three times today. Hooks for days, and Paul Laine has a great voice. Once again, thanks for the suggestion!

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