Kiss – ‘End of the Road: In Allentown 2020’ – Blu-Ray Review (Bootleg Series)

I was out a Record Show and I found a table that had a lot of Kiss memorabilia but nothing much I really wanted as I generally stick to the music. I did find something I didn’t realize existed and that was Kiss Blu-Ray Bootlegs. This guy was selling a lot of them. I came back to the table and looked again and decided, you know, I want to try it out. When he then offered that I could get two for $15, I jumped at the chance. $15 was worth the risk. So I grabbed one from the End of the Road tour and one from the 40th Anniversary Tour as I saw both those tours, just not these shows.

So, first up we are going to go the most recent which is the End of the Road Tour and this show was filmed at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA on February 4th, 2020 just a month before COVID shut the whole touring scene down. Kiss was a full year in to the tour at this point and in fine form.

I have to say the video quality is much better than I expected. It is supposed to be a Pro-Shot video and although some of the camera angles sucked at times as they got washed out with the colors in the lights, overall it was pretty cool. The shots from the front of the stage were perfectly clear and killer you still got some shots that were muted by the lights some blurriness as the cameras couldn’t focus fast enough. But for $7.50 a piece, pretty darn acceptable.

The Setlist was pretty similar to the show I saw back in 2019. The big differences were I had “Let Me Go Rock & Roll”, but Allentown got “Tears Are Falling” and “Parasite” which I would’ve preferred both of those over my song that they didn’t have. Everything else was exactly the same almost to the second. If you want to read a full of review of an End of the Road show, you can go to my Review of the End of The Road Tour show I saw. Here we are going to hit the highlights and lowlights.

Since this a bootleg, it isn’t always perfect. On the song “Say Yeah”, only one camera angle was used the whole song and sound was a little different than the prior and later songs so not sure why that might be. But the crowd didn’t really dig this one as much as they should. They did that whole 80’s set as well with “I Love It Loud”, “Heaven’s On Fire”, “Tears Are Falling”, “War Machine” and “Lick It Up” all in a row. What a great part of the set as I’m an 80’s kid.

On “Tears are Falling”, I really noticed Eric singing along during the verses and not just the chorus. He was pretty involved in helping Paul sing as this is such a high note song for Paul to sing. Eric’s vocals added a little more depth. When you get to “War Machine” there is so much fire on stage and you get a great front row seat to Gene spitting fire…which is always awesome.

Then you get the solo songs. You first get “100,000 Years” with the drum solo from Eric, then you get “Cold Gin” with Tommy’s guitar solo and blowing up the floating UFOs. I have to say that wasn’t as exciting on video as it was being there. Lastly, you get Gene’s bass solo (if you can call it that) and then Gene spitting blood which is as evil and frightening as it always is. The Demon then goes in to his signature song “God of Thunder” funny enough written by Paul.

Of course with every Kiss show now, you get Paul flying out to a stage in the middle of the crowd to perform “Love Gun” and “I Was Made For Loving You”. During the encore, there was a glitch on the song “Crazy, Crazy Nights”. For the whole song, the sound was out of sync with the vocals and the instruments and then immediately when going in to “Rock & Roll All Nite”, the sound suddenly fixed itself. And let me tell you, when the confetti starts blowing after “Crazy, Crazy Nights”, it blinds everyone as there is so, so much. I have some from the show I attended.

Was the Bootleg Blu-Ray worth it. Hell yeah, For $7.50 and over 2 hours of Kiss mayhem it is absolutely worth it. I have to say, I was surprised at how well done it was as you get camera cuts during the song for different shots, you get the close-ups, the far away angles and although some of the angles sucked, the sound was always pretty dang good. It still isn’t as fun as being at a show, but it is nice to have a piece of it. Now, I am sure Kiss will release some Official End of the Road Tour show (Probably their very last show where Ace and Bruce will show up) but I will take this for now. I would give it a 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars…now my bootleg standards are little more loose then an official release. This would not get a good grade as an official release.

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27 thoughts on “Kiss – ‘End of the Road: In Allentown 2020’ – Blu-Ray Review (Bootleg Series)

  1. The next day after I saw Aerosmith in Toronto (1990) in a record shop was VHS copies of the show from the night before. lol
    So I bought it and I think its up on YouTube now…lol Great memento to have Snowman

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  2. As a fellow accounting enthusiast, I’m with you on the cost/benefit, risk/reward calculations.
    If I spend the $15 and it’s a disaster, ahh well, a $15 sunk cost is the worst case scenario.
    But if 2 for $15 turns into a 4 out of 5 star experience, a risk well worth taking!

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