Friday New Releases – January 14, 2022

Welcome back to the Friday New Releases. This week sees a big jump in releases over last week with over 40 releases. I would say things are back in full swing!! A handful of big releases this week and a couple I am looking forward to hear and they are marked in Blue. Let me know what is out this week that excites you as I hope there is something for you. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

  • 71GZTqxu8qL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Skillet – Dominion – (Atlantic Recording / WEA): This Christian Rock band from Tennessee is now on their 11th Studio album and they have changed so much over the years it is crazy to think how far they’ve come. Lately thought it all seems the same so I am hoping we get something a little different with this one. We will see.
  • 715HK2Gkz5L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Tony Martin – Thorns – (Dark Star Records): Former Black Sabbath singer is back with another solo album. It has been awhile since his last one so can’t wait to hear what he brings to the table this time around.

And then all the rest…

  • A1R8et9rj1L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Lumineers – Brightside – (Dualtone Music Group)\
  • 81qtmCr5nbL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Elvis Costello & The Imposters – The Boy Named If – (EMI / Universal)
  • 81s35PWzyaL._SX522_  Poco – One Night in Nashville – (Purple Pyramid)
  • 81m4pl1vh7L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Casting Crowns – Healer – (Provident Label Group / Sony)
  • B1pV78QTXIS._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Underoath – Voyeurist – (Fearless Records / Concord)
  • 71pvb5pdpQL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Magnum – The Monster Roars – (Steamhammer)
  • 71xTRNAIp4L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  John Lodge – The Royal Affair  & After (Live) – (Halesouth Ltd)
  • A1Xu1aNhrCS._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Wombats – Fix Yourself, Not the World – (The Wombats / AWAL Recordings)
  • 91WRLWgfF2L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Punch Brothers – Hell on Church Street – (Nonesuch Records)
  • A1EWP37bvtL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Fit for an Autopsy – Oh What the Future Holds – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 91eEHJSDbJL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Lee McKinney – In the Light of Knowledge – (Sumerian Records)
  • A1kAzLWO69S._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Enterprise Earth – The Chosen – (Entertainment One)
  • 71FZG5Rl09L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Worm Shepherd – Ritual Hymns – (Unique Leader Records)
  • download-28  Out of this World – Out of this World – (Atomic Fire Records)
  • 9112aKdGqiL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_-1  Wiegedood – There’s Always Blood at the End of the Road – (Century Media / Wiegedood)
  • 91TF6WOb2LL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Infernal Hate – The Order of the Black Kestrel – (Art Gate Records)
  • 815GHFnGP7L._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Pridelands – Light Bends – (Sharptone)
  • download-11  Dymtry – Revolt – (AFM Records / Soulfood Music)
  • 81nRqe+4WOL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Artifas – Reflections – (Imagen Records)
  • 81GqfVB7QNL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Toxpack – Zwanzig.Tausend Volt – (Napalm Records)
  • 81BmgNiMEwL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Chastity  – Suffer Summer – (Deathwish Inc.)
  • A1iSX-HCAkL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Anix – Revenge – (FiXT Radium)
  • 81tz9GSxMOL._SX522_  Anna von Hausswolf – Live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival – (Southern Lord)
  • 91nXvLJ-UjL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Garcia Peoples – Dodging Dues – (No Quarter Records)
  • 71XZYw8vInL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Jacob Bryant – Bar Stool Preacher – (American Roots Record / Thirty Tigers)
  • 91Yme6H1J7L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Noah Guthrie – Blue Wall – (Noah Guthrie)
  • 615Hu5EGpKL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Broken Social Scene – Old Dead Young: B-Sides & Rarities – (Arts & Crafts Productions)
  • A1Nh-Nw2ZJL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Temperance Movement – Caught on Stage: Live & Acoustic – (Earache Records)
  • 81H0aW1UQ1L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Jamestown Revival – Young Man – (Jamestown Revival Recordings / Thirty Tigers)
  • 91qS4Rf9N0L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Bonobo – Fragments – (Ninja Tune)
  • 91DGFvPCFHL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Todrick Hall – Femuline Gaymeova – (Todrick Hall / frtyfve)
  • 71daKlbSNDL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Token – Pink is Better – (Never Too Different / Atlantic Records)
  • 81EVmfbZYBL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Test – Go Mode – (TnT Entertainment)
  • A1BgMtcHGpL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Earl Sweatshirt – Sick! – (Tan Cressida / Warner Records)
  • 618-xVJBpQL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Cordae – From A Bird’s Eye View – (Atlantic Records)
  • 91LQTJWMVDL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Garvi – Chevy Tunes – (NRLife) – No Video
  • 61xCFvqgIBL._AC_UY436_QL65_  Richard Carpenter – Richard Carpenter’s Piano Songbook – (Decca)
  • B1WK1Lh2mtS._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Cat Power – Covers – (Domino Recordings)

47 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – January 14, 2022

  1. Considering I bought seven discs yesterday (Harem Scarem and some Smashing Pumpkins singles), my wallet is taking a break today.

    Happy Friday everyone.


  2. Cat Power doing a Pogues song intrigues me. These days, if I’m gonna listen to Costello it’s gotta be with the Imposters. And interestingly, now I see your highlighted texts, but they’re not blue, they’re yellow!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Confirmed, it’s bolded black text highlighted a dark yellow/gold. Works fine. Maybe you could just change your text to say that they are highlighted without specifying the colour, in case it’s happening for other readers too.

        Liked by 1 person

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