January 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Welcome to the first Purchases post of 2021. After the crapload of items in December, I am so not going to be able to top that right out of the gate. This time, the focus is more on the CDs as I finally got back out to Manifest Discs which has a great used CD selection. I was able to get out by myself and take my time going through the racks. They have a deal where if you buy 2 you get 1 for a $1, so of course, I have to buy way more than 2. I ended up buying 11 and it worked out to <$5 per disc when it was all said and done.

The first batch is a band that doesn’t have much on vinyl as they are from the early 2000’s up to a few years ago so it is easier to go the CD route than the vinyl. That band is Lifehouse. I picked up 6 CDs. Now, I used to have all these before, but due to dumping the collection stupidly about 7-8 years ago, I didn’t have them anymore. Now I am going back and getting my favorite stuff again. Only need 1 more Lifehouse album.

The next couple of CDs are for a band, I never thought I’d like, but man, I really do. It is a rap rock band called Hollywood Undead. I picked up two CDs…again the vinyl is a mish-mash of do they or don’t they, but they do have CDs. These are their first two studio albums. I still have 6 more to go.

The last few disc are various artist. First is Sixx A.M.’s ‘This is Gonna Hurt’ and I only got this on CD because it is the only album they have that is not on vinyl. I have the rest on vinyl. I picked up Matt Nathanson’s live album ‘At the Point” (again no vinyl) and Robbie Williams ‘Take the Crown’ (most of his releases are only CD)…noticing a trend on why the CDs??

The next batch of CDs I got because my wife went against the rules for our Anniversary and actually bought me something. We had agreed not to…now don’t fret, I did buy her some very pretty flowers, not as pretty as her, but still pretty! Next year is our 20th, so we want to go some where nice thus no need to get anything this year. Anyway, she snuck on to my Amazon Wishlist where I track things I want to get and she picked me up 3 CDs for Danger Danger that feature Paul Laine who I am a fan. This helps put a massive dent in his collection (I also had all of these at one time too…what a moron).

And as you know, I am a huge fan of Needtobreathe and I am always looking for cool, different stuff. I was able to find, not one, but two rare 7″ Vinyl records. The first one is Live at the Paste Studio which is 2 live tracks for songs from the album ‘Hard Love’. It is mint and still sealed and it is still ‘sealed’. I don’t know if I’ll play it or not. I haven’t decided.

The second is a 7″ Single for “Difference Maker” and “Go Tell It To the Mountain” although it is labeled as “Happy If You Could”. It is on red vinyl and was an Insider exclusive. I love rare stuff!! I think I now have everything they have put out on vinyl. Now on to the CD singles and promos and E.P.s that I am missing since no more vinyl to get (that I can tell).

Next is a vinyl I bought back in the Summer. Due to massive delays with production and shipping due to Covid, it has finally arrived. Don’t worry, Matt Nathanson and his crew kept us apprised of the situation so we were aware of the delays and Matt’s stuff is worth the wait. It is the live album “Live in Paradise: Boston”. It is a double LP and it looks like this. Side D is a picture disc of the Song Wheel from the shows. The review was done back in the Summer so go check it out.

And then I got something one whole year after purchasing it. Ok, I knew that was the case when I purchased it this time last year. I joined the Needtobreathe Insiders Club and with that you get a lot of goodies and one thing is a free download each month of a live performance. At the end of the year, they put them all on a CD and send out to the members who paid for it which of course I did. They also threw in two bonus tracks on top of that. This is Volume 7. I have Volumes 2, 3, 5 and now 7. And I have Volume 8 but that won’t come until the end of the year. I still need Volume 1, 4 and 6 if anyone out there has it and wants to sell it.

Last, but not least is the new album from the Jeff Scott Soto band W.E.T. This is their fourth album and like Jeff’s 50th or some huge number like that. With Jeff’s catalog I have chosen to go CD as there are so many albums and so many that were never on vinyl so it made sense.

And that is everything, well below is everything…See you next month for the February wrap-up of albums added to the collection.

27 thoughts on “January 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. “I did buy her some very pretty flowers, not as pretty as her, but still pretty,” this part made me go awwww 🙂 That picture disc of the song wheel is epic! Also, I’ve heard of Lifehouse before. Colton Dixon sang their song “Everything” on American Idol (shocker haha). He did a good cover of it.

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    1. I am sorry to hear that about Matt. Hopefully you can get some of his stuff one day. His real early stuff is impossible to find. I hope he starts re-issuing the early stuff on vinyl someday. For now, if I find the CDs I will buy them.

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          1. Good you have tht option, my phone I have to be on Wifi to get internet. Not a big deal, I don’t need internet everywhere I go (which isn’t anywhere this past year). I copy/pasted the Grail List as a .txt file onto my phone instead!

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  2. Sarah and I had our 20th in October. We were planning on taking a trip too. Pffft.
    You still outdid me by a lot this month! I think I only have three things to show for January and one was ordered back in November.

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