The Cult – “Wild Flower” – 12″ Single

Continuing the saga of all the 12″ Singles I picked up at the big Metalocalypse sell at Noble Records, we are now on a 4 week run of singles from The Cult. First up was from the band’s 1985 album ‘Love’ with “She Sells Sanctuary”. This time we are going to look at the lead track and third single form the band’s 1987 album ‘Electric’ with the song “Wild Flower”. The 12″ this time around doesn’t have any other tracks other than “Wild Flower”, but you do get three versions. You get the the Remix version, the Dub version and the original LP Version.

My copy is mint and still in the plastic which is why the picture is a little hard to read. The vinyl was clean and who knows when it last saw a needle…maybe never. That has since changed.

The song was written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy. “Wild Flower” is basically Ian’s alter ego Wolfchild who has a lust for the liquor, drugs and those fine women. The Wolfchild came out when Ian decided to crossover to the wild side.


The remix was done by Andy Wallace and the album and the album was produced by Rick Rubin. The Remix version of the song is actually 2 minutes longer than the original which in part comes from the extended opening which is heavy on the drums and not as much as a crushing opener as the original. Throughout, you get extended parts with repetitive musical breaks, more drum parts and bass added to give it a more dance feel I guess. You still get that killer Duffy solo as the song would be lost without it.


First up on this side is the dub mix which was also done by Andy Wallace. This time they open with the guitar and then give that echo layered heavy drum beat that extends out numerous times before the song kicks in to familiar territory. No real lyrics here only Ian thrown in the with lines from the chorus and occasional “Wild Flower” thrown in. It is a lot of drums and guitars which isn’t always a bad thing.

The second track on here is the LP Version and man what a beast of a track. Those rip roaring riffs by Duffy are soul crushing. Ian’s vocals are stellar as his inner beast shines and he tears through the lyrics. As an opening track on the album it is impactful and mind blowing. What a killer way to start off the album. Here it is the last to remind you that even though there are dance mixes, this song is a total rocker and way better than any mix.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the look at this little gem…well, a gem to me. I actually enjoy all versions on this one, but the original LP version is still the killer track here. I am glad I have all the mixes since they didn’t go too crazy with them. I actually like the dub version as it is more guitar driven and the extended version still makes for a joyful ride even with all the extended parts probably because the musicianship on the song is stellar so now matter how you slice it up, it still sounds great.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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          1. That would be awesome but could also get him in trouble! That makes me think that maybe somewhere out there is a studio guy’s proper mix of St. Anger with good snare sound. I know folks hate on that record. Me, I like it, but hey.

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