The Cult – “Love Removal Machine” – 12″ Single

Continuing the saga of all the 12″ Singles I picked up at the big Metalocalypse sell at Noble Records, we are now on a 4 week run of singles from The Cult. First up was from the band’s 1985 album ‘Love’ with “She Sells Sanctuary” and then we took a look at the lead track and third single form the band’s 1987 album ‘Electric’ with the song “Wild Flower”. The 12″ this time around is also off ‘Electric’ and was the first single off the album. The song was “Love Removal Machine” written by both Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy. My copy was still sealed, but since it wasn’t expensive and music should be listened to, it is no longer sealed and it sounds fantastic now that it finally gets to breathe and be heard. I could feel it sigh with relief when I broke the seal. I swear I heard it say softly…”finally”.

The 12″ comes with three tracks. The LP Version of the song as well as an extended version. The third track is “Wolf Child’s Blues” which was not on the album so that is the gem piece for this 12″ Maxi Single. All songs were produced by Rick Rubin and “Wolf Child’s Blues” was actually recorded live in the studio on New Years Eve 1986.


The song “Love Removal Machine” is really about riding your motorcycle. It is as simple as that. The woman in the song is only a machine. It is a cool turn on the lyrics and the song has a real AC/DC feel to it and even a little Stones in the guitar sound as well. Duffy’s guitar solo is simply an engine revved on high that screams down the highway to hell as those fingers shred like the devil’s claws on your skin.

The second track is another song that speaks to Ian Astbury’s alter ego the Wold Child. “Wolf Child’s Blues” is a nasty blues song and that guitar sound by Duffy is so rich and textured that it burns in to your soul. Ian’s vocals are so sad and dark that you wonder if he is going to end it all right then and there. It is over 7 minutes of Duffy ripping on the guitar and Astbury singing his heart out and what more could you want. It is a really cool track and one I am glad I now have in the collection.

Side 2:

Now, I am not one that loves extended versions, but this one is only drawn out by another 1:40 so not much longer. The opening is very different with some hand claps and Ian singing “Talk about love”. A different drum section at the beginning as well. The ending has a more electronic drum sound and includes a little drum beat interlude and is not the same song. The entire vibe of the song is different, not necessarily bad, just different. It doesn’t really rock out like AC/DC as the first one does. It is little more reserved. Now it seems to fade away with Ian having a repeated scream then goes quiet and comes back all rocking like the original song. Full on last second blast of what you love about the song. Too little too late as I think I will stick with the original though.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the look at this little gem…well, a gem to me. I actually do enjoy both versions on this one, but the original LP version is still the killer track here. Getting an unreleased track (at the time) is a nice bonus and is another stellar track by the boys. Another solid 12″ Single from The Cult. One more to go in my set of 4 I purchased. What will it be???

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

20 thoughts on “The Cult – “Love Removal Machine” – 12″ Single

  1. It’s a pretty sweet rock song musically, but I could never understand lyrically why The Cult would want to write a song about a machine that cuts your dick off.

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      1. Just goes to show it doesn’t matter what they’re singing about, as long as it rocks. Genesis (legitimately) sings about castration on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

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  2. Another cool score John and sealed yet again! Damn right crack that sucker open and let it breathe! I think the drum mix on this album is one of the best I have ever heard. Great stuff!

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