July 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

We are about to the end of July so time for another wrap-up of my purchases for the month. We had a little quieter month and some things I am so happy to have in my collection. The vinyl was limited this month, CDs ruled the month and I even have a nice new book to read. I would say it was a really great month of finds.

We will start off with some simple finds from when my kids and I hit up Manifest Discs and a little shop called 2nd & Charles. At Manifests, I found a couple of Velvet Revolver CDs that were in my collection at one time, but we won’t go in to that right now, I am just happy to have them again. The one on the left, ‘Contraband’, is the one my brother-in-law was the engineer on so yes, he worked with Slash and Scott Weiland!! Pretty cool.

Then we went down the street to 2nd & Charles and my daughter picked up 7 Volume set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels and I grabbed a couple CDs. These were two more that were in my collection years ago and now they are back as well. A nice Richard Marx one and Chickenfoot. And Richard Marx will come up again soon…

The there were a couple of Box Sets I ordered from Queensryche for Operation: Mindcrime and Empire. Well, uDiscovermusic.com screwed up and sent me the wrong thing. I did get the Operation: Mindcrime Box Set, but they also sent me the 2CD set of the same album. NO EMPIRE!!! I sent it back and they got a week later, but I am still dealing with them to get the Empire Box Set. This process with them sucks and I don’t know if I will ever order from them again as it is a pain in the ass. Amazon would’ve sent me the album they messed up on immediately and not wait until they received the incorrectly shipped album. I told them they need to over night the Empire Box Set and since I have had to wait now a month to get this issue fixed. I haven’t heard back on that request and as of this writing, still don’t have anything in hand. THEY SUCK!!

After that, I did receive a gift card from MyPoints.com and that gift card was for Amazon and I picked up a CD for a band you might have never heard of before called Eyes. The lead singer of that band was Jeff Scott Soto so it is another gem to add to the Soto collection…hmmm…will a massive series on Jeff be coming in the future…hmmmm!

Well you know I must like Richard Marx as I bought the Paid Vacation CD above. That isn’t all I got. Richard Marx released his first autobiography and a greatest hits CD with rare songs and demos as well. I had to purchase them both and the cool thing is that both the book and CD were autographed by the man himself…very cool. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you are missing out. He is quite hilarious.

Then I had ordered a CD from a new band out of Canada and they were actually on the LeBrain Train as a guest. I streamed their album and liked it so I order a CD directly from the band. You can go to their Facebook page and reach out and order a copy yourself. The band is Suicide Star and the album is called ‘Isolation’ and was recored when they were in Isolation from the Covid Pandemic. A solid rock album…

Now, we are to a really cool find and one of the few times I now own more than one copy of the same album. I have the US Pressing of this album, but this one is the German Pressing with a completely different cover and yes, I had to have it…it is Whitesnake’s 1978 debut album, ‘Trouble’. I had never seen this one in the wild, so as a rule, I tend to buy it when that happens…oh yeah, we are at Sleepy Poets Antique Mall if you were curious.

And on the 17th, I was out and about and went by one of my favorite local record stores, Noble Records and found two albums I had never seen in the wild as well. The first is the best Kiss album that was never a Kiss album. That is Wendy O. Williams’ debut solo album that was produced by Gene Simmons. I think almost every Kiss member at the time of this album’s release is on it whether they played or co-wrote a song. I know Ace is on it, Eric Carr is on it, Vinnie is involved and even Peter Criss…You can check out my review HERE!!! And this is a promo copy at that.

The other album I found that I’d never seen before is George Michael’s second album, ‘Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1. This is one of my favorites of his and have been searching for a vinyl copy for years. Now I have one. Thanks to Noble. And the owner of Noble, Dylan, even said he has rarely ever seen one of these.

And I also picked up 2 CDs at Noble…one was in the $1 section and the other was a promo for a Cheap Trick track…

A last minute purchase was for a band whose debut I picked up when they were opening for Needtobreathe. Ida Mae’s first album was so good and when I heard the second one, ‘Click Click Domino’, I had to have it. They are a husband and wife duo deeply rooted in the blues from the deep south and pure Americana which is a great for a couple from the U.K. It is worth a listen…

And that brings us to our final buy for the month. The Stone Temple Pilots Box set for Tiny Music…Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. My brother-in-law helped mix some of this box set as well. I have the box sets for Core and Purple, so this one was a must. You get a remastered album, a disc of rarities, and a live show from that era…what more could you want…

And that is all. Not a bad month I must say. I think it was more quality than quantity this month.

43 thoughts on “July 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. I’m not gonna say what you think I’m gonna say, so don’t ask me to say it!

    I will say I’ve heard of Eyes, and some of that CD. I think it was during “Calling All Girls” that I finally understood why grunge happened. Haha!

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      1. It’s hilarious you should use that phrase. I was just saying it to Harrison last night and he asked me what the hell it meant. He’d never heard it in Aussie!

        But then again I said it the other day on here, so maybe my less abrasive aspects are rubbing off on you.

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  2. Cool stuff John. I got both Queensryche sets too. They’re ok, a wee bit shoddy in execution. The MTV Unplugged tracks listed but missing on the DVD. And one song (Prophecy I think) mis-spelled twice in two different ways! Hehe

    And that WOW vinyl is so cool. I’ve got it on CD but I’m always on the look out for a vinyl copy. Nice!

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    1. Since all I have now is Mindcrime, I will say it was a little weak. The live shows were great though, but didn’t really need to full mindcrime sets. One Mindcrime set and one full show would’ve been great.
      I am loving the WOW. Another great add to the Kiss collection!!


  3. Nice to see some CanCon with Suicide Star John as you weren’t afraid to take the plunge unlike that chicken from Mars! lol
    I started the Marx book and I own zero Marx’s music but the dude is a savage on Twitter so for that RESPECT!
    Sucks about Amazon did you try a live chat. I have done that a few times and it always worked out..

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    1. I start Marx book this weekend and looking forward to it. The Snake one won’t get played much as it is strictly for the collection. And the JSS Stack is nutso. I have bought so much the last few days that you wait to see what August will show. The JSS series will be coming and have about 56 albums to review.

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  4. Some very good grabs here – and you know I’m mostly referring to Tiny Music… and Contraband, right!? I’m gonna pick up the Tiny Music… CD, as the ‘super deluxe’ price isn’t right for me when I have the LP already. As for Contraband, that’s a great album. Best thing Slash, Matt and Duff made outside Appetite. I don’t care what anyone says.

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    1. They usually have some great deals on the box sets. They are just very slow and now they screwed up big time with me. I tried to save $20 and it screwed me this time around.


  5. That’s a nice haul!

    I bought the expanded edition of Empire released in 2003. I have the Operation Mindcrime deluxe edition from 2006. It has roughly the same stuff on it. I decided to pass on both of the new reissues. Though I love the band, I wasn’t up for buying a second set of reissues. I love Stone Temple Pilots’ Tiny Music. I’m considering getting the remaster. All we have available here is the edition with the extra demo disc. I’d wish I could get my hands on the live disc.

    Contraband is a solid release. While I think Scott Weiland was the right frontman for the band, I wonder how Ian Thornley would have been as a frontman. I heard he didn’t get the job because the band didn’t want another guitar player. If you don’t know him, check him out. His work in Big Wreck is excellent, as is his solo stuff. The man has some awesome pipes.

    I haven’t made a purchase through udiscovermusic yet. To be honest, I found the prices high (damn slumping Canadian dollar). Thanks for reminding me to stay away.

    I don’t have that Whitesnake album, but I hear it’s good. The only “pre glam” era album I have is Saints and Sinners. It’s excellent. It has the best version of Here I Go Again.

    Nice Extreme find!

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    1. I hadn’t bought the 2003 editions, so this was a must.
      And anyone other then Weiland on vocals, and I’m not sure I would’ve even bothered with them.
      Udiscover has finally prepped Empire for shipping and I should have it soon. It has already been 5 weeks, so I’m a little soured on this site now.


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