October 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Welcome to the next installment of Purchases as we run through the monthly purchases here at 2 Loud 2Old Music. And this was a good month…a really good one. This would be a quality month over quantity although the quantity was still there. The month started out with a visit to one of my favorite stores Noble Records. It was Dillion’s 2nd Anniversary as a Brick & Mortar store and he was putting out some holy grail items for sure. I’m not one of crowds at the moment so I knew it was going to be packed so I waiting until later in the day before I showed up. There was nothing I was really looking for so going early didn’t matter. I was there to show some support.

The first thing I found were some great 7″ Singles. 2 from Quiet Riot and one from David Bowie. I nice score for me and I will take it…

And there was still more. Now, I didn’t really find a whole lot. But I found something I had never seen before so I grabbed it. It was an alternate cover for the Scorpions debut, “Lonesome Crow”. And it is a cool cover. It turns out, this was a reissue of the album from 1982 or 1983 and it had came in a translucent brownish, yellowish, orangish color…wait…maybe it is gold. Who knows, but I know I loved the cover and sold!!!

Since it was Noble Records 2nd Anniversary, he had a special T-Shirt made for the event. One of the first T-Shirts he ever did when he started doing Pop-Ups was one with his image and the company name. He only did 50 of those back in the day. He has had so many people ask him about that shirt, he made a bunch for the Anniversary Event. So, I bought one to show my support. It is great…

And the Scorpions run didn’t end. The next weekend I hit the local record show and there were a ton of vendors to wade through, but only a handful had stuff I wanted. The first one, where I bought the most kept the Scorpions run going. I found 4 albums and 2 were alternate covers from the original (Sweet) and one was a German only pressing of a Greatest Hits album (Double Sweet)…

And if that wasn’t enough, there were a few 80’s classics I grabbed as well. First was a 12″ Maxi Single of ZZ Top’s “Legs” and the second was the debut album for Vixen. It is an 80’s classic…notice the “Legs” Theme with the two shots.

And if that wasn’t enough, I found another album with an alternate cover. It has been the month of alternate covers so far. This one was very controversial and looking at it today, I have no idea why. It is the original cover for the album “To Hell With The Devil” by Stryper. It is awesome!!! I told you, this was a Quality month!!

And still more from the Record Show and this time I bought something I had never bought before. Bootleg Blu-Ray Live Shows. I didn’t even know Blu-Ray Bootlegs were a thing. And who were the Bootlegs by? Who else…KISS!!!! Both of these are Pro-Shot shows from two tours that I actually saw, just not the shows. At $7.50 a piece, I couldn’t pass them up. And no, I haven’t watched them yet as I have been on a Kiss break since the end of the Series back in July.

And that was all from Record Stores or Shows. The rest were from Amazon, Discogs or eBay. First up is a collection of Will Hoge Live performances, two of which were promotional copies only so really hard to find.

Of course, I continue to add to the Jeff Scott Soto collection. First is the release of his brand new album “Duets” and the second was from way back in the 80’s that I knew nothing about until a blogging friend let me know. And it is awesome…

There was still one more vinyl I picked up and it is the most recent release from Candlebox called ‘Wolves’. I just reviewed it last week so go check it out.

Last, but certainly not least. There were two box sets that I didn’t have in my collection and due to me enjoying the Aerosmith and Cheap Trick Series we are doing here on the site, I bought them and yes, I will add them in to the Collection Series for each.

And that is all for this time around. I told you, some killer stuff. November is already shaping up to be awesome. There are a couple incredible Box Sets that are on order that I hope will come in as planned. I can’t wait for you to see them. Take care and thanks for stopping by and seeing what we got here this month. Until next time…first here is it all in one shot…

Thanks again!!! Have a great day!

44 thoughts on “October 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

    1. It is awesome!! I listened to it then set it aside as I will get to that one soon enough!. I have another box set I used to have and am buying again. It should be here this weekend so you’ll see it next month’s post. It isn’t Aerosmith.

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      1. and now I want to buy too fast for love and shout at the devil by motley crue, stick it to ya by slaughter, mechanical resonance by tesla, look what the cat dragged in, open up and say aah and flesh n blood by poison, the judas priest complete discography , tooth and nail and under lock and key by dokken, you can’t kill my rock and roll by hardcore superstar, wasp by wasp, all the hanoi rocks pre separation era (it’s will be hard) and the rest of kiss albums (I’ve got ten).

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  1. I had no clue there was a different cover for To Hell With The Devil, that’s really cool. I’m gonna have to track that down. Scorpions and alternate covers are a whole other bag, of course. I never have seen that Lonesome Crow variant before though, pretty nice.

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  2. Well done sir. That is an excellent haul. I realized that I bought 22 CDs in the month of October, with two more coming tomorrow (new releases from Black Veil Brides & War on Drugs). Does gluttony extend to CDs? lol

    Speaking of Jeff Scott Soto, I got the Panther CD in the mail yesterday. It’s pretty good. I’m surprised it didn’t get more traction at the time.

    I just love the older album covers. They really don’t make ’em like they used to.

    Nice Naked Gun reference, by the way. Classic!

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    1. 22 CDs, now that is a lot!! And yes, gluttony does extend to CDs, vinyl and music collecting.

      Nice on the Panther disc!! And album covers are the best. More thought needs to be put in to the packaging. It helps add to the experience.

      And glad you liked the reference. I couldn’t resist.


  3. Is there Scorpions series coming? Not sure if you done one. Nice haul. Boy am I glad I haven’t reached your level yet. Instead of getting the alternate covers I seem to be on the I already have this and forgot kick. Are u familiar with that one?
    I’m listening to Kiss Sonic Boom extra disc.

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    1. Hmmmm….I don’t know…maybe some day!!!

      I am all too familiar with the I don’t have that to getting home and already having that problem.

      The extra disc that is also the Jigoku-Retsuden release in Japan. Not sure a necessary disc, but get why they did it.


  4. Looking forward to tomorrows list of releases.

    Reading your list every Friday is like the first cold beer after work on Friday. Sign of a weekend starting in a good way. Kinda like finding that box under the shelf in a record store and digging in to find out what treasures it holds if any.

    Thank you for that!

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