December 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Welcome to the final Monthly Purchase review of 2021. Sit back because we are going out with a bang!! Not only did I score some major vinyl and CDs in my hunts, but my Christmas/Birthday presents were a lot as well. I am not going to waste anymore time and we will just jump right in.

First up this month is an RSD release that I didn’t get until after the Black Friday RSD. It is the latest Aerosmith release and will be final review in The Aerosmith Collection Series. It is the very first live recording of the band…

Then my daughter and I found out that one our digging holes was going out of business. Manifest Disc closed its doors and before they did, we hit them up for some of their deep discount deals. My daughter did some damage in the DVD section and I did some in the CDs and one vinyl. The CDs are hodge podge of stuff some of it I was hoping to find vinyl, but I have given up hope so I just bought the CDs since they were dirt cheap.

I did buy one vinyl as their prices weren’t as reduced as the CDs. I went ahead on bought the debut Stone Temple Pilots album with Jeff Gutt on vocals. I had the CD, but not the vinyl. Now I do and this will stay sealed. Plus it gives me another vinyl that my brother-in-law worked on so that is a plus.

Then I went on a little bender with my purchasing. I first attacked the Matt Nathanson collection. I have everything he has put out on vinyl (major release wise anyway) so time to start getting the older stuff on CD and the rare stuff. I got 2 90’s albums from him plus 2 very rare promos with some cool live songs on them that I didn’t have anywhere. And one of the early CDs is actually signed.

Needtobreathe also got a little love as I received Volume 8 in the Insiders LP series they have for the fan club. Sad news, this is the last one they will release in physical copy. I think that means my membership ends now because I am not paying $70 a year for digital only releases. I want physical product. I also found a pretty rare E.P. on CD that I had never seen before…

And that isn’t all of it by any stretch of the imagination. Now it is time for the Scorpions. Yes, I went a little overboard. My favorite store, Noble Records, bought a big collection and in it was a ton of Scorpions, most of which I was missing so what the hell…I bought them all…

And that wasn’t it. I had an Amazon gift card from so I picked up another Scorpions album…

And if that wasn’t enough, between Discogs and eBay, I also picked up somethings that aren’t on vinyl or too expensive on vinyl so got a few CDs as well…

Okay, that is all the Scorpions. Now some cool stuff I found in the wild as well…both from Noble Records (I believe). First is the debut Steve Vai album from 1984…Flexable…I followed the rule of thumb…if you’ve never seen it before, you buy it.

Following that same advice, I picked up the Jon Bon Jovi debut solo album from the movie Young Guns II…Blaze of Glory…

Then I went nuts with some Tour Books…this time they were for Def Leppard. The first one I picked up was for the Hysteria Tour and along with it was a copy on Laserdisc of a live show that I never knew was on Laserdisc…again…if you’ve never seen it before, buy it. And to answer your question, no I do not have a laserdisc player…

And then I found a good deal on two other Lep Tour Books…and yes…you will be seeing these 3 Tour Books in more detail very soon…

There was also one more little Def Leppard purchase when I was out and about. It was Hysteria on Cassette. I have vinyl, CD and now cassette. Now to find the 8-Track…I think there is one…

And that is all…for purchases. The rest are what I got for Christmas. First up is from my youngest daughter who knows I have a slight Kiss problem so she likes to buy me Kiss related products. And this time around we got this…

And she thought I needed a blanket as well…and of course I do. It will look great in my office…

I also got something to read…

And I did get some music…Shinedown has recently released their first four albums on vinyl for the first time and I had to have them so I asked for them for Christmas and I got them. Sadly, Amaryllis was a little beat up so it is going back for a replacement…Now I have all their albums on vinyl (that have been released on vinyl).

And you would think with all the purchases I have made, I might have a storage problem…and you’d be right. So I asked for a couple storage items. One was to house my ever growing 45 Singles collection and I got this cool box to house them all in…

And I was out of space for my CD collection and needed a bigger unit. And I would say I have some room to grow with it. And it even houses some of my box sets…

And believe it or not that is everything. And here is everything but the storage units. Yes, the Kiss blanket is basically covered up…

95 thoughts on “December 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. Woah! Nice shelves for your CDs (storage area, whatever you call it)! I don’t quite need one yet, but I want some shelves so badly lol. Where did you find those tour books though? I want all of those because 1) the Hysteria tour was Steve’s last one, 2) ‘Adrenalize’ is my favorite Def Leppard album, and 3) I love the ‘X’ album, as unpopular as that sounds. I low-key was considering buying ‘Because We Can’ because I love “Because We Can,” but at the same time, I don’t want to buy it because it was Richie’s last album with the band. Sorry you guys lost a record store in your area!. It’s hard for record shops to stay open these days due to the popularity of streaming.

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          1. That’s awesome!!! Maybe I should look for the ‘Pyromania’ tour book then, since the band came to Hawaii for that tour and my dad saw them (I’m so jealous). Thanks for the advice about Ebay.

            So you just randomly decided to look up Def Leppard tour books on Ebay? To add to your tour book collection.


                  1. Yikes! Ok, so I guess I’m going to have to pay more then $20 then. Especially with shipping. Alright, thanks.

                    Are they worth it, though? Also, how do you keep the tour books in good shape after you buy them? I’m low-key considering buying a few tour books one day, specifically for AC/DC and Def Leppard.

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    1. It’s a shame, streaming is good, I’m a huge fan of spotify but I prefer physical supports (I have 72 CD’s,I started last year, I’m in middle school so it’s hard to have money, I have bought only very sold albums because they’re less expensive, but I’ll start to buy albums a bit less known like psycho cafe by bang tango, trixter by trixter, blow my fuse by kix, Enuff Z’nuff by Enuff Z’nuff)

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      1. I love streaming too because I like to listen to music in the shower and when I’m brushing my teeth. I used to make my parents buy me Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Justin Bieber CDs as a kid. Since the pandemic, I got back into CDs and started collecting them for real. I still have some of my childhood CDs too. For someone in middle school, 72 CDs is not bad. I have 107 now, but I had way less at the start of the pandemic, which was a year ago too. I get the money troubles; it’s hard to trying to save up for CDs. Just like you, I’m aiming for very popular albums or albums that have been around for a long time. On Amazon, I won’t buy CDs for more than $15, with some exceptions. I wish you good luck as you build up your CD collection!

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  2. Amazing. This made me laugh. It’s been a long time since I’ve brought in that big of a score. Miss those times.

    Gavin! Does this means there will be a series on him too? Do u know what’s up with him?

    Looking forward to next Friday releases listing.

    Wishing u a great New Year!

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    1. No Gavin series. I am a fan, but would probably only do an Album Ranking.

      Tomorrow is What to Expect In Music for 2022. My Friday New Release post won’t be back until Jan. 14th. The 7th doesn’t have enough to make it worth doing.


  3. It’s awesome, I got the heroin diaries soundtrack by Sixx AM and Back In Black by AC/DC. I have also the ticket to go to see KISS in Paris in June. You seem to prepare for a possible scorpions review series. But you know you better do an AC/DC albums ranked worst to first post before anything else, I wanna know what you think ’bout flick of the switch, powerage, stiff upper lip, black ice, for those about to rock we salute you, fly on the wall, blow up your video and ballbreaker. I love your blanket and your socks.

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    1. The Kiss show will be great. I’d go again. Yes, Scorpions will come after Aerosmith ends. I not be doing an AC/DC ranking any time soon as I may do something bigger for them down the road.


  4. Lots of stuff to say the least amongst the 700 Soto CDS u bought as well. lol That(NBAGT) book is one the best I have ever read involving the genre so to speak. Nice unit and I see a few 8 tracks on there as well.
    Great stuff as always and I have to add that Aero is great for the collection and I’m amazed how good it sounds!
    Cheers pal

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  5. Nice haul for December. I read Nothing but a good time. It was a highly entertaining read. I still love the Young Guns II soundtrack. It’s better than anything past These Days if you ask me.

    The In the round show from Def Leppard is awesome. I got it with the 30th anniversary Hysteria reissue. I’d say it was recorded at the height of the band’s powers (Joe’s anyway).

    I made out great for Christmas. My wife bought me the two Queensryche boxes (Mindcime & Empire), as well as the Skid Row box. I’m disappointed in the Skid Row box. There is little artwork and no liner notes. The remasters sound good, and the live EP is nice. Each disc is in a digipak which isn’t packed tightly in the box. I just feel like the band could have done more. It was nice to have some new music, as I’ve been stuck in isolation since the 21st. Thankfully, my test came back negative yesterday.

    That’s a nice CD case. My collection is almost at 2100. A long time ago, I decided to ditch the jewel cases. I put all of my discs in binder/wallets from Case Logic. I have 18 binders now. I have a database to keep my collection organized.

    Happy new year everyone.

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    1. Nice haul for Christmas. I didn’t end up getting the Skid Row myself for this every reasons. Plus, I really only wanted Slave as I have the debut.

      2100 cds?? Wow! That is impressive. I have a long way to go to top that.


  6. John, you amaze me. I purchased only three albums this year: a CD of Lord Huron’s “Long Lost”, and two other digital albums by indie artists on Bandcamp. I also received several CDs of artists & bands I reviewed as thank you gifts.

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  7. I really enjoy that Aerosmith one, first time the band have released anything I’ve cared about for at least 20 years! It’s beautifully put together and documented too, absolutely exemplary release.

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  8. Holy. Smokes. That is a ton of stuffs! I mean, there’s so much there I can hardly even comment on it all. So I’ll just say: Congratulations! Oddly, of all of that, I like the 7″ box lol. I need something like that!

    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I did! Did I tell you how my son has difficulty playing video games? I mean, I gave him flattened cardboard and he still complained. I can’t understand it, he’d asked for an ex-box.

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