Needtobreathe – “The Heart” – Promotional Single

As you know if you follow this site, I am a huge fan of Needtobreathe. I have all their albums on vinyl and now I am going after the cool and unusual stuff on CDs. The first thing I found was a promotional single for the song “The Heart” off their upcoming 2014 album ‘Rivers in the Wasteland’. There is a sticker on the front of the plastic wrapper that gives you all the promotional information that is upcoming for the band including the “Impact Date” or release date of the single on April 21, 2014. it mentions the producer who was Joe Chiccarelli who had worked with The Raconteurs, The Killers and U2. It even goes through the bands upcoming performances on TV and BBC Radio. Check it out below.

The Promo CD is out of the UK and I bought it from someone in the UK. The single was presented with a paper sleeve (black and white text only) and in a PVC wallet. Very simple presentation, no artwork or anything special like that. Plain and simple, but still really cool. The only song on it is “The Heart”, nothing else.

“The Heart” was written by Needtobreathe, Joe Chiccarelli and Jerrod Bettis and was the first single off the album. I don’t believe it was a radio edit and it was straight from the album. It is a mixture of country, rock and has some pop sensibilities to it as well. It is an upbeat, happy sounding song where you want to clap along, stomp your feet and scoot your booty across the floor. The chorus is big, uplifting and catchy as hell. On an album that can be very dark, “The Heart” is one of the shining lights that keeps the album from falling in to a depressive state.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. As I find more pieces, I will continue to showcase on the site. I hope you enjoyed…thanks for stopping by.

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