My Sunday Song – “Humanimal” by Talisman

For My Sunday Song #290, we are talking through the song “Humanimal” off the Talisman album ‘Humanimal’. The song is one of those songs that grabbed hold of me instantly and I was totally in love with this song and that feeling has never changed. I found the song because of Jeff Scott Soto and my quest to get everything he sang on and the song, along with album, are one of my favorites. The song was written by the late Marcel Jacob of the band. It is one of the few times it is just him and not both he and Jeff.

The song seems to be about the fact that no matter what we try and do, our inner instincts are to be predator and an outright animal. Underneath are facade is a little savagery, a little cruelty, a little greed. No matter how good we might be on the outside, this animal instinct is always lying underneath the surface, ready to strike, ready to emerge and be set free. And you know, he isn’t wrong as humans can be the cruelest animal to walk the face of the Earth.

Musically, the song sounds just as savage as the lyrics suggest. It is hard and heavy with pounding of the drums by Jamie Borger, the incredible bass work by Marcel Jacobs and the blistering guitar riffs and shredding by Fredrik Akesson. The attack the song with such brutal force that you are overwhelmed by the aggressive nature of the sounds, but you are engrossed by them as well. They grab hold and drive through every inch of your soul. Jeff Scott Soto’s vocals are equally aggressive, but so smooth and melodic that you find it familiar and satisfying. It is catchy and you can’t but join in and singalong. It drives that animal in you out in to the open.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. Does it grab a hold of you like it did me. The guitar work is awesome so I hope you get in to it as much as I have. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Sunday!


Guided by instincts u just can’t control, animal logic
Suppressing your soul, a penchant for cruelty, desire for
Sensing weakness, u r merciless
A civilized surface, a savage underneath,
Turn out the lights u can’t keep it in,
The only beast who wants more than she needs, never satisfied,
Always driven by greed
U r the predator, the prey, u r what u eat,
U r a human animal

In your solar system u r the star,
So easy 2 hate when u don’t know who u r,
Conflicting emotions ’bout the colour of their skin,
Goodbye now, it’s a war you’ll never win

U r a liar, a deceiver, the victor in this charade, u r a human

Computerize the future, it won’t save us,
In the end, virtual reality is not the key 2 the universe,
We got 2 learn 2 x-ist 2gether, it’s the only way (x2),
Love is the way, the only way

Everyone tries 2 make sense out of chaos,
Got 2 get a grip on this cold world,
So u say u believe in god,
It’s a poor x-cuse 4 not believing in yourself
(C no evil, hear no evil, fear no evil)

Pretending 2 live by some virtuous code,
When your “clothes” don’t fit, u throw them away,
Creating an illusion of immortality,
Goodbye now, u were born 2 die

U r a sinner, a savior,
U bear the mark of cain, u r a human animal

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