Friday New Releases – December 2nd

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, there will be fewer worth while releases.  However, we aren’t there yet as the Rolling Stones are set to release their new album “Blue & Lonesome”.  This will be tops on my list for today. The others I will check out are highlighted in Blue.

  • cover170x170-32  The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome – (Promotone B.V):  The Stones are going back to their roots and bringing us an old school Stones album and it sounds great from what I have heard so far.  Can’t wait for the rest.

  • cover170x170-40  Night Ranger – 35 Years and a Night in Chicago – (Frontiers Music Srl):  Wow!  35 years of Night Ranger.  I will celebrate by listening to their new live album.  I just picked up their first 3 on vinyl and still love them.

  • 170x170bb  Grace VanderWaal – Perfectly Imperfect E.P. – (Simco LTD):  This year’s winner of America’s Got Talent is this extremely talented 12 year old.  My kids love her and she does have a very interesting voice and sound.  I will listen to see what all the fuss is about.

  • cover170x170  John Legend – Darkness and Light – (John Legend Music / Columbia):  That voice is so smooth and his music is something that should be experienced.  Can’t wait to sit back and enjoy his beautiful sounds.

  • 61vd5bm3cpl-_ac_us160_  Enuff Z’Nuff – Clown’s Lounge – (Frontiers Music Srl):  Only listening as I am curious to how they sound after all these years.  If this song is any indication, it might not be that great.

  • 61oov6pi5tl-_ac_us160_  Dario Mollo’s Crossbones – Rock the Cradle – (Frontiers Music Srl):  Frontiers sometimes brings us some interesting releases so I like to give them all a spin just to see if it will grab my attention.  Don’t know this band, but I figured I would give it a try.

  • cover170x170-51Trivium – Ember to Inferno: Ab Initio – (Kiichi Chaos LLC)
  • 170x170bb-2  deadmau5 – W:/2016Album/ – (mau5trap Recordings)
  • cover170x170-53  Kane Brown – Kane Brown – (Sony Music)
  • 518j71d4p7l-_ac_us160_  Raelynn – WildHorse – (Warner Music Nashville)
  • 170x170bb-4  Phil Vasser – American Soul – (American Soul, LLC)
  • cover170x170-4  Various Artists – The Hamilton Mix Tapes – (Hamilton Uptown Ltd)
  • cover170x170-15  Mickey Hart – Planet Drum – (360 Productions)
  • cover170x170-28  Kate Bush – Before Dawn (Live) – (Noble & Brite Ltd)
  • cover170x170-39  Bob Dylan – The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert (Live) – (Sony Music)

16 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – December 2nd

  1. Ooh there’s a lot! I guess it’s because Christmas is almost here. I’m looking forward to John Legend and Deadmau5. I saw John Legend perform that song on Ellen but I wasn’t impressed. I’m hoping his other songs are good.

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      1. Me too!

        I looked it up, here’s what the Canuck Amazons had to say:

        “For decades, Bob Dylan’s performance in Manchester was incorrectly labeled (sic), The Royal Albert Hall Concert. Now, for the first time, the REAL Royal Albert Hall concert, originally recorded for a live album by CBS Records, is finally being released as a standalone 2-CD set, titled The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert. This show is also included in the 1966 Live Recordings box set.

        Dylan is accompanied on these recordings by Robbie Robertson (guitar), Rick Danko (bass, backing vocals), Richard Manuel (piano), Garth Hudson (organ) and Mickey Jones (drums).”

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