My Very First Blog Post Revisited #MYFIRSTPOSTREVISITED

I’m honored to have been nominated by fellow blogger Jeff Archuleta at Eclectic Music Lover to participate in the ‘My Very First Post’ challenge.  I don’t normally do these little things and just stick with my normal schedule, but I figured it is Jeff and one of the first bloggers that followed me, so I owed him that much.

I created my music blog on April 17th of 2016 on the encouragement of my lovely wife. She felt I needed an outlet to talk about my passion for everything music.  I love all types of music, but so far my focus has been in the Rock, Pop & Christian genres.  I will crossover into other areas if something moves me.  I do album reviews, playlists, artist spotlights, song spotlights and talk a lot about my vinyl collection that I started as a result of this blog.  A lot of it focuses on my family as well and what they might be listening to and concerts we might see.

Now when I started my blog, I had 10 posts that day and they didn’t pop up in the order I wrote them.  The first one I wrote was a Matt Nathanson Artist Profile, but what posted first was my Road Rage Playlist which is what I will repost here as it shows as my first on the site.  I hope you enjoy.

Here are the rules for this challenge:

  • No cheating. (It must be your first post. Not your second post, not one you love…first post only.
  • Link back to the person who tagged you (thank them if you feel like it or, if not, curse them with a plague of crickets).
  • Cut and paste your first post into a new post or reblog it. (Either way is fine but NO editing.)
  • Put the hashtag #MyFirstPostRevisited in your title.
  • Tag five (5) other bloggers to take up this challenge.
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Please feel free to participate. Of course, there is no obligation (and I dont’ think they will do it anyway)! I nominate the following bloggers to participate:

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Road Rage – Playlist

Everyone gets Road Rage at some time in their driving life. It is unavoidable. Sitting in Atlanta traffic or even Charlotte traffic now can raise your blood pressure. And how many times have you just wanted to ram your car right into the asshole that just cut you off or rode your bumper. I have too many times to count. When I get that feeling, I have a playlist that I have to put on that will let me just vent my frustration and anger. Maybe you can try it out.

Five Finger Death Punch – “Under And Over It”

Texas Hippie Coalition – “Turn It Up”

Rev Theory – “Justice”

Rob Zombie – “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown”

Hollywood Undead – “Been to Hell”

Red – “Release the Panic”

Filter – “We Hate It When You Get What You Want”

Adrenaline Mob – “Psychosane”

Disturbed – “Ten Thousand Fists”

Five Finger Death Punch – “Mama Said Knock You Our (featuring Tech N9ne)”

Yes, I have to start and end it with Five Finger Death Punch. Why wouldn’t you??? When this is finished playing, I feel so much better and you will too. What are your Road Rage songs?  I am always looking for more.

Jack Russell’s Great White – ‘He Saw It Comin’ – Album Review

Through the tragedies (Rhode Island night club fire), the legal battles over the band name, and even the health scares, Jack Russell has persevered.  Jack Russell’s Great White delivers a stellar album with ‘He Saw It Comin’.

The album is a huge surprise as I wasn’t expecting much, but man did Jack and the band exceed all expectations.  If you are expecting Great White, this is not that band.  Jack Russell has gone his own way.

The album doesn’t have a heavy sound throughout, but takes you on a journey through many different styles that cohesively fit together.  Jack raps briefly on “She Moves Me”, they completely rock out on “Spy Vs. Spy” (a throwback to MAD magazine?), have total fun with “Crazy”, and they doo-wop on “Godspeed”.

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My Sunday Song – “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

For My Sunday Song #30, my wife chose “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban.  This is the final selection of her 10 part series.  Hard to believe it has already been 10 weeks.  I guess that means I will have to start thinking of songs for the next 10 weeks.

Now back to the song, the song is off his second album ‘Closer’ and was released back in 2003.  The song was #1 on the Adult Contemporary Chart and made it as high as #73 on the Billboard Hot 100.  It even was nominated for a Grammy but didn’t win.

My wife was unable to write a post this week as she has been so busy preparing for my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday party and then to top it off my daughter got sick with the flu which we had to reschedule the party for another weekend.  So I will write up the final song she chose and I am sorry as it won’t be as good as what she would say and it won’t even be about why she chose the song.  It will be about her and my girls.

What an amazing and inspirational song.  Josh Groban has such an amazing and powerful voice. This version of the song is so moving and when played at the right moment can bring you to tears like if it was played in some sort of video montage.  Come to think of it I think I used it in a video I did for my wife for Mother’s Day one year.  I am sure it made her cry as it probably did me as I was putting the pictures together for the video.

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Steve Martin’s “King Tut” – The 45 Single (1978)

When I was going through the box of vinyl that inspired my series “Turntables & Vinyl”, there were quite a few 45 singles.  One of those singles was from a comedian that released a single about King Tutankhamun (King Tut).  That person was Steve Martin.  The “Wild & Crazy” guy is quite talented and he can kill it on the banjo.  He can also sing (don’t let this song be the judge of that singing though).  There is no banjo playing on this version sadly, but on the flip side you will here it.

The song was a satire of how the King Tut artifacts were turned into a traveling museum that went around the world back in the 1970’s for people to see and experience.  Apparently, Steve found this funny at how popular the exhibit was and how commercialized it had become.  I guess he thought he might as well capitalize on its popularity as well.

The song was released in 1978 and actually did quite well as it sold over one million copies and charted as high as #17 on the Billboard Hot 100.  One cool fact is the band backing him were members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and they called themselves the Toot UnCommons for this project (get it!!).

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Friday New Releases – March 10th

Happy Friday!  I hope there are some new releases here that you might like.  There is not a whole lot coming out, but a few will be on my list to listen to during the week.  I will highlight those in Blue.  You will see something from the Jerry Garcia Band for you Deadheads and if you liked Soft Cell from the 80’s there is a greatest hits package from Marc Almond.  There is an album by the great country artist Marty Stuart that actually might be worth a listen, but isn’t first up on my list.  I will eventually get to that one.

  • 170x170bb-16  Chickenfoot – Best + Live – (Chickenfoot LLC & Entertainment One): I am not sure how you have a Best of album after only 2 studio albums, but Chickenfoot seems to think they need one.  I am thinking it is a contractual obligation they have to fulfil.  I will be glad for the Live songs and the one new single “Divine Termination”.  No matter what, when you have Sammy, Joe, Chad & Michael together, you are in for a good time.

  • 170x170bb-43  Bush – Black and White Rainbows – (Zuma Rock Records):  Bush is still going strong.  This is the first album for Gavin Rossdale since his well publicized divorce from Gwen Stefani.  It will be interesting to see how that impacted his song writing for this album.  Can’t wait to hear this one regardless of that fact.

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Maroon 5 – Deep Dive Playlist

I didn’t know what to listen to the other day, so I hit shuffle on my whole library.  An old Maroon 5 song came up and I really loved that song.  It wasn’t one of their hits, but it was just as good.  It got me thinking about all their songs.

Maroon 5 is more than the songs you hear on the radio.  Their albums are usually great all the way through. I love it when a band’s non-singles are just as good as their radio hits, if not even better.  As a result of this one song randomly popping up on my shuffle, I decided to dive deep into their albums and put together a playlist of the Deep Cuts.  It is what I like to call Deep Dive Playlist.

I have only done two others so far since I started the blog.  One for Def Leppard and one for Bon Jovi.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as people seem to enjoy the other ones.  Here is my Deep Dive Playlist for Maroon 5.  They are not being ranked, they are only a playlist. I love them all.

“How” off the album ‘Hands All  Over Me’: “How” was the song I mentioned that popped up in my shuffle and the inspiration for this deep dive playlist.  It is more of a ballad than a pure dance song and I love Adam’s voice in this song.  Come to think of it, I love Adam’s voice.  How a man can get that high is beyond me, but his voice is so unique and so recognizable the minute you hear it.

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Ed Sheeran – ÷ (Divide) – Album Review

Ed Sheeran’s album came out on Friday and my oldest daughter couldn’t be happier.  She has been streaming the album almost non-stop since.  I am sure I will have to go out and get her the vinyl real soon which I am okay with because I would listen to it as well.

Sheeran’s new album is called Divide (÷) and is his third album in his young career.  Ed isn’t like all the other pop artist on the radio.  He actually writes his songs and plays his instruments as well.  I would even go as far as saying he is a musician and not just a prop for someone else’s songs.

The album has been breaking Spotify streaming records and is getting a lot of press.  As a result, going into this record I had pretty high expectations.  His first single, “Shape of You” is outstanding and has been blowing up the charts.  It is a pop, dance song about new love and the song currently is still my favorite song on the album, but some others are catching up as I keep hitting repeat on the album myself.

The album opens with “Eraser” and has Ed Sheeran doing a little rapping which comes as no surprise since he has done it before and he is a huge hip hop fan.  The song talks about his struggles with fame which he doesn’t expect you to feel sorry for him.  I could imagine how hard fame really can be and understand the way he feels.  It would be hard to have success so fast and all sense of privacy being stripped away.  The song is great start to the album.

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My Sunday Song – “You Keep Me Hanging On” by Kim Wilde

My Sunday Song #29 is the song “You Keep Me Hanging On” by Kim Wilde.  It is hard to believe my wife has only one more week after this one.  How time flies.  Now I have to actually think of songs again!  I will now turn it over to my wife to explain the special meaning behind this song and maybe why the Kim Wilde version over the Supremes (which drops the “g” on Hanging)???…Enjoy!

“You Keep Me Hangin’ On” is a 1966 song written and composed by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland. It was a Billboard Hot 100 hit in late 1966 for the American Motown group The Supremes. Over the years, various artists have covered this song; however, my absolute favorite is Kim Wilde’s version. Wilde released “You Keep Me Hanging On” on her album Another Step in 1986. This song became the biggest hit of Wilde’s career.

In researching this song for My Sunday Song, I discovered that Reba McEntire covered the song in 1995 for her twenty second studio album, Starting Over. I am a HUGE Reba fan and while I am sure I have or had this CD, I do not recall her covering this song. Perhaps I heard it and loved Wilde’s version so much more that I just blocked it out. I will try to locate Reba’s version of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”. I’m curious now!

Traveling back to 1986 when Wilde released “You Keep Me Hanging On”. I was in high school going into my senior year and music was EVERYTHING! Music was my way of making sense of everything going on around me and this song was no exception. I would sing this song “loud and proud” and “over and over”. Now, I read the lyrics and this song could be applicable to so many things. Maybe you want to be set free from a relationship, which is likely the first thing many people would think about when listening to this song, but what about being set free from addictions, bad habits, anxiety, depression, self-destructive behaviors, sin, or anything that is keeping you from living the life you deserve. You try to break free from these things only to go back to them.

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Friday New Releases – March 3rd

I can’t believe it is March already.  Damn, time flies.  Another Friday of great new releases.  Finally, Ed Sheeran is gracing us with his presence and a new release.  My oldest daughter could not be more excited.  I hope there is something on the list for you.  My most anticipated are highlighted in Blue.

  • 170x170bb-4  Ed Sheeran – Divide – (Asylum Records):  Yes, after a long wait we now have new Ed Sheeran music.  The kids is super talented and one of the few pop solo artist I will go out an get without hearing anything.  I looking forward to exploring this one for a long while and if the new song, “Shape of You” is any indication of what is to come, this will be great.

  • 170x170bb-72  Tokio Hotel – Dream Machine – (Believe Digital):  I am not sure when or why I stumbled across this German band, but I am glad I did.  What I like about them is how their style changes a little with each album.  They never keep it stale and boring.  It is always interesting.

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Stephen Pearcy – ‘Smash’ – Album Review

If you are expecting Stephen Pearcy’s ‘Smash’ to sound like Ratt, You’re In Trouble.  This Collage of songs is definitely not Ratt and the first two songs, “I Know I’m Crazy” & “Ten Miles Wide”, proves that it is his own album.

Stephen’s screaming of MuthaFucka at the beginning of “Dead Roses” is the Detonator that is set off on this explosion of rock.  They Lay It Down on the blues sounding “Shut Down Baby”.  I’m Insane for the rockers “Passion Infinity” & “I Can’t Take It” as they would fit nicely on any Ratt album.

It’s a Shame, Shame, Shame, but a few songs don’t hold up.  It feels like he pulled “Summer’s End” Out of the Cellar as it is a stale ballad.  The song “Jamie” completely rips off the chorus on the Ratt song “Can’t Wait On Love” and it Drives Me Crazy.  Lastly, the childish sounding “Lollipop” had me screaming Enough is Enough!

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