Friday New Releases – July 21st

Happy Friday.  I am in a very busy season at work and I need some new music to listen to so I can make it through this time.  Sadly, not a whole lot I am interested in this week.  I hope there is something for you.  Mine are highlighted in Blue

  • 170x170bb-68  Mr. Big – Defying Gravity – (Frontiers Records Srl):  Can’t wait to play this one.  Mr. Big has been back in a “big” way since 2010.  Now they do take 3-4 years between records, but it is better than the 9 years prior to that.  Either way, it is just great to get new music from this very talented band of musicians.  When ever you can have Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheenan, Pat Torpey and Eric Martin together, you have to be excited.  The opening bass line of this song is unbelievable and has definitely got me excited about this one.

  •  61b+59Pq0CL._AC_US218_  Europe – The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show: Live at the Roundhouse – (Hell & Back Recordings):  Say it isn’t so…30 years…REALLY!!  Damn!  I am getting old.  If you don’t know, Europe has been doing their thing for all this time and I am happy to see a live album to celebrate The Final Countdown.  This will definitely get a few spins.  I didn’t see a video for this so might as well show “The Final Countdown”.

  • 170x170bb-73  Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot in the Head – (Silver Arrow Records)
  • 513L+6ToUUL._AC_US218_  Foster the People – Sacred Hearts Club – (Columbia Records)
  • 170x170bb-64  In This Moment – Ritual – (Atlantic Recordings)
  • 51MPjt3y4fL._AC_US218_  Parmalee – 27861 – (Stoney Creek Records)
  • 91RE-H-DdOL._AC_UL115_  Sara Evans – Words – (Born to Fly Records)
  • 170x170bb-66  Straight No Chaser – Six Pack, Vol. 3 – (Atlantic Recordings)


9 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – July 21st

    1. The Mr. Big one is great, but I haven’t listened to them much over the last few years. Musically, they are unbelievable. Vocally, I am not a huge fan of Eric Martin. The album was worth a listen just to hear those guys play. I haven’t listened to the Europe one yet.

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