Friday New Releases – November 17th

Happy Friday!  Next week is Thanksgiving here in the States and sadly, there isn’t a ton to be thankful for on this week’s releases except for the few new live releases from Iron Maiden, Jeff Lyne’s ELO and Black Sabbath.  Outside of that, I don’t really care too much.  I might give some a listen, but got get through these live albums first.  My choices are highlighted in Blue!  Let me know if anything tickles your fancy.

  • 61NVOd2PN1L._AC_US436_QL65_  Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls: The Live Chapter – (Iron Maiden LLP):  Of course any Iron Maiden live album is a welcome sight and this one is no different.  This will probably be first up on the drive in to work.  I know several of my loyal followers will be devouring this one as well.  You know who you are!!

  • 61UAzisoUHL._AC_US436_QL65_  Black Sabbath – The End – (Eagle Rock Entertainment): The Final Black Sabbath show was captured and now being released.  Not surprising that they are coming to an end, amazingly they lasted as long as they did.  I am interested to see how this show turned out and bid a final farewell to this icon of metal music.  For that alone, it is worth a spin!

  • A1CT1hZ+u1L._AC_UL115_  Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Jeff Lynne’s ELO: Wembley or Bust – (Big Trilby Records):  Since I have been in to live albums lately, I will obviously give this one try as well.  I love ELO and Jeff Lynne so what is not to like about this release.  We will see.

  • A1FqIE46AzL._AC_UL115_  Green Day – Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band – (Reprise Records)
  • 71roLPvd7LL._AC_UL320_SR320,320_  Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – The Rest of Our Life – (McGraw Music LLC)
  • 61o3JesdX4L._AC_US436_QL65_  Whitney Houston – I Wish You Love: More from the Bodyguard – (Arista)
  • A1A0MXNW51L._AC_UL115_  Bob Seger – I Knew You When – (Capitol Records)
  • 81hrWbpd2uL._AC_UL115_  Katherine McPhee – I Fall in Love Too Easily – (BMG)
  • 41GmS89dFuL._AC_US160_  Barenaked Ladies – Fake Nudes – (Raisin’ Records)
  • 61JKbZZCRNL  Galactic Cowboys – Long Way Back to the Moon – (Mascot Label Group)
  • 61HcWzyBZoL._AC_US218_  Morrissey – Low in High School (BMG)
  • 61s7fqZOYzL._AC_US436_QL65_  Yardbirds – Yardbirds ’68 – (Jimmy Page Music)


28 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – November 17th

  1. Sure are a lot of blasts from the past this week. I’ve always been a huge ELO fan, and made a mixtape CD of all their hits several years ago, plus have a few of their original albums. Also love Green Day of course, so will check out that one.

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  2. I have the Maiden on pre-order (still waiting… I posted about it). I’m very much looking forward to it, though, as it will be a document of the show we saw in 2016!

    The Sabbath went straight to my Wishlist. I saw the BNL in the shoppes and it’s testimony to how much I loved them all those years ago that I still had that urge to grab it up on sight. All these years later, though, and I was able to set it back down… for now.

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  3. The Sabbath and the Maiden were the obvious picks for this day, but until now I hadn’t found anyone else who picked up on the ELO as well. It’s a shame more people didn’t know of it. It’s a really great live album.

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    1. Man, you are going in to an old post! LOL! I like ELO, so no brainer to highlight that one. Jeff Lynne is good people as my brother-in-law works a lot with Dhanni Harrison and they toured with ELO last year and were supposed to be heading to Europe this Fall to Tour with them again. He said the whole ELO crew is fantastic.

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        1. Got it. Sadly, I don’t really have any Maiden posts. I have never really dived deep into them outside of a greatest hits album. I love their album covers though. Someday I will go down that rabbit hole.

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