Friday New Releases – April 27th


Welcome to the last Friday of April and the new music releases.  There isn’t a ton, but there should be something for everyone.  My choices are highlighted in Blue.  Take a look through and let me know what you are interested in or what I might have missed.  Have a great weekend!!

  • 41BJkKihPEL._SS500  Sanctus Real – Changed – (Framework Records):  Sanctus Real are one of the few Christian bands I still follow.  They are consistently great and there are always some gems on each album. They are more pop than rock, but just as good as anything on the radio.  Now, here is the twist.  The lead singer of the band, Matt Hammitt, has left the band and so they have a new singer.  I am going to try this one out, but not sure how much I will dig it as it was Matt’s vocals that always drew me in.  He was also the principal songwriter.  We will see, but hopes aren’t high.

  • 61cGx3YOHDL._SY300_QL70_  Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland – (Megaforce Records):  A Live DVD and CD that was recorded last year.  It is Anthrax, of course it is going to get a spin or two.  Plus, the album is a shout out to Kiss’ Rock & Roll Over cover!  Not much else to say on this.

The next two will get a listen, but not sure how fast I will get to them.

  • 71ee11vyMuL._SX522_  Godsmack – When Legends Rise – (BMG)
  • 61wzVgtu7UL._SY300_QL70_  Riot V – Armor of Light – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 51r15iERRQL._SS500  Hawthorne Heights – Bad Frequencies – (Pure Noise Records)
  • 51Xk5NH18mL._AC_US320_QL65_  Keith Urban – Graffiti U – (Hit Red Records/Capitol)
  • 51w6OPrR09L._AC_US436_QL65_  Foreigner – With the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus – (Trigger Productions)
  • 51bLJ-suNqL._AC_US436_QL65_  Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco – You’re Driving Me Crazy – (Exile Productions)
  • 61Zrn0rxP6L._AC_US436_QL65_  We Are Scientists – Megaplex – (100% Records)
  • 51qPwtKgURL._SX121_SY120_  Willie Nelson – Last Man Standing – (Sony Music)

31 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – April 27th

  1. I was just saying over at HMO’s place that I can’t think of anything that I’m interested in today. That’s before I found out about the Willie Nelson album… I’ll at least give that a listen.

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      1. Oh. That’s not too promising… I’m always weary of his stuff for that very reason… he can be exceptional, but he can also release some throwaway stuff.

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          1. Ah, right… I read that as the Willie album you highlighted. Ignore me. I was sitting down to lunch right out of a meeting and brain a bit fried. Hurrah!!


            1. I think in on of my Riot reviews that they totally lost me when Reale put out Thunder Steel. I bought it and it was quickly forgotten about. Just preferred that old school rock sound of early 80’s Riot not the Priest like metal they were trying to do in the late 80’s…

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                1. Yeah Scott to much of a direction change in musical. The only thing with similarity was the name…
                  They were such a great band….original that is the other guys should change there name..
                  Ask Sandy Slavin as I follow him on FaceCrack

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    1. I have seen them live fairly recently and they are pretty good.
      I was into the harder rock songs, and fell iff the bandwagon in the 80’s when the cheese took over.
      Since they have an orcgestra behind them, I guess this album would be string cheese.

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