Friday New Releases – August 3rd

We are not into August. Summer is in full swing, but releases are not.  Only a handful this week and nothing I am overly excited about, however, there a couple I will listen to as I listen to everything they put out…they will be highlighted in Blue (as usual). Let me know what you have a hankering for this week or if I missed anything.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  • 518UpIs4YxL._AC_US320_QL65_  James – Living in Extraordinary Times – (BMG):  James has been around since 1982 and have been solid all along so I will give it a listen for that reason.  I am not ready to run out and buy anything, but a good stream will suffice nicely.

  • 51XTXkyOEeL._SS500  Phil Wickham – Living Hope – (Phil Wickham):  This Christian singer has one heckuva voice and always has some standout tracks on his releases so of course this one will be played.  Always happy to fly his flag when he puts something out and this will be no different.  Give him a try!!

  • 61sZOfJl5KL  Michael Nesmith & The First National Band Redux – Live at the Troubadour – (7a Records)
  • 51Ty+awapTL._AC_US436_QL65_  Peabo Bryson – Stand For Love – (Perspective Records)
  • 414wWgHrxNL._SS500  Iggy Azalea – Survive the Summer E.P. – (Island Records)

7 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – August 3rd

      1. Yeah I just checked out iTunes …nothing..
        For myself the two albums I have on preorder ore the Coops double live and Slash’s newbie…
        I’m on the fence about the new Alter Bridge double live with the symphony …
        I just bought the double live without the strings last year…so who knows….
        Monster Truck I was going to preorder as well but that lead off single did not do it for me so I’m on the fence with that one as well…
        In other words I got 2 for sure’s and 2 maybe’s for upcoming releases…


        1. I am with you on the Alter Bridge. It is so soon after the last one I haven’t ordered it yet. I just ordered the Whitesnake UnZipped set that is 5 CDs/1DVD of nothing but unplugged songs. It looks incredible.
          I am also hesitant on the MT one. I will stream it first before deciding.

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