Friday New Releases – September 7th

It is the first Friday of September and there is a long list of releases.  Everyone starts putting out their new albums in the Fall and there are some big ones coming, but let us focus on today.  The ones I am looking forward to are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you want to listen to and which ones I might have missed on the list.  Thanks and have a great music weekend!!

  • 917OiMivKZL._SX522_  Alter Bridge – Live a the Royal Albert Hall (feat. the Parallax Orchestra) – (Napalm Records):  I am surprised by another live record after last year’s release.  That is ok.  There are some different songs in the set list and a little orchestra along with it.  I will give it a listen and then decide on buying.

  • A11xhBfgFwL._SX522_  Lenny Kravitz – Raise Vibration – (Roxie Records):  I have always loved Lenny so this is a no brainer to stream.  His last few have been so-so so again I will stream it before I buy it.  Just so you know, I don’t always do that as I do have 4 or 5 albums on pre-order without hearing a lick.  Only a few bands get that special treatment.

Now these next few I am interested in giving a spin, however, it will happen sooner than later just not right out of the gate…

  • 51J7PsSZIIL._SS500.jpg  Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions – (Weathermaker Music)
  • 513VxY3ARoL._AC_US320_QL65_  Building 429 – Live the Journey – (Provident Label Group)
  • Sister-Hazel-EP-e1532109878742  Sister Hazel – Wind – (Croakin’ Poet Records)


And who knows if I will get to these or not…

  • 41QfYPqaALL._AC_US320_QL65_.jpg  Paul Simon – In the Blue Light – (Sony Music)
  • 61ByMZBsCZL._AC_US436_QL65_.jpg  Paul McCartney – Egypt Station – (Capitol Records)
  • 71cVRM6HN6L._AC_UL115_  Yes – Live at the Apollo (50th Anniversary) – (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
  • 91z3fo6RflL._AC_UL115_  Grateful Dead – Pacific Northwest ’73-’74 Believe It If You Need It (3CD) – (Grateful Dead Production)
  • 5109Cjod7wL._AC_US436_QL65_  Nashville Pussy – Pleased to Eat You – (Earmusic)
  • 51jh+XW3Q2L._AC_US320_QL65_.jpg  Everlast – Whitey Ford’s House of Pain – (Martyr Inc Records)
  • 41La2yLiK2L._AC_US320_QL65_  Magic! – Expectations – (RCA Records)
  • 51TS0Qsf+vL._SS500  Lauren Daigle – Look Up Child – (Centricity Music)
  • luzr1q5c3jdia_600  Macy Gray – Ruby – (Mack Avenue Records)
  • 61wXF-fornL._AC_US436_QL65_.jpg  Metal Allegiance – Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty – (Nuclear Blast)

20 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – September 7th

  1. I’m still on the fence with the Alter bridge album…
    If they hadn’t put out the live one last year I would be all over this one today…
    Had a buddy wo was huge into Nashville Pussy about 25 years ago! Still can’t believe they re out there doing it..hahaha great title for an album…

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