Friday New Releases – May 3rd

Welcome to May and a very dismal week of releases…at least for me.  There isn’t much I am interested in this week which will hopefully help me catch up on what I missed while on vacation.  There is one I am interest in and another I might check out, but that is all.  My choices are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what interests you or if I missed anything. Or just stop by and say hi!  Whatever floats your boat.  Have a great weekend!!!

  • a1+ap30xvvl._sx522_  Joy Williams – Front Porch – (Sensibility Records):  Is she the better half of the band The Civil Wars that were together from about 2009-2014?  I don’t know.  I guess that depends if you liked her voice or John Paul White’s voice better.  I love her voice and enjoyed her first solo album after the breakup, so I am looking forward to hear what new she has to offer.  The band was more American folk and I can you classify her that still.  Whatever you want to definite it, it is some great songwriting.

  • A1W3vvhDtmL._SS500_  New Found Glory – From the Screen to Your Stereo 3 – (Hopeless Records):  NFG has been hit or miss over the years.  I am not sure I will enjoy this at it their 3rd covers album, but you never know what you will get so I might give it a shot.  Just glad to see a band from the 90’s still going at it as it seems a lot of bands from that decade aren’t around anymore.

  • 61whkdm7jCL._SS500_  Vampire Weekend – Father of the Bride – (Spring Snow LLC)
  • A1F7kwHYzyL._SX522_  Judah & the Lion – Pep Talks – (Cletus the Van Records)
  • 91fE5rDTu2L._SX522_ Amon Amarth – Berserker – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 71yqzqE-VTL._SX522_  Little Steven – Summer of Sorcery (feat. The Disciples of Soul) – (Universal Music)
  • 81f-9cxyN8L._SS500_  Ashley Tisdale – Symptoms – (Big Noise Music Group)
  • 91yHYaFQ6PL._SX522_  George Winston – Restless Wind – (Dancing Cat Records)

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