Friday New Releases – August 9th

Happy Friday!!  Another work week behind us and new music weekend ahead of us.  Does it get any better than that?  Nope!  This Friday, however, there are not a ton of releases (at least not that I am interested in.  There is one I am anxious to hear and the rest…neh.  There is one I will hear whether I want to or not thanks to my daughter and another I might listen to as I am not sure I get this band and see if this one changes my mind at all.  MY choices are in Blue.  Let me know what tickles your fancy or if I missed anything.  Thanks and have a great Weekend!!

  • 6127Sh3ejCL._SS500_.jpg  Wilder Woods – Wilder Woods – (Atlantic Records):  This is the only release I am excited about and have ordered the vinyl which hopefully will there when I get home from work!!  Bear Rinehart, lead singer for one of all time favorite bands, Needtobreathe, has a side project called Wilder Woods.  The music is different from Needtobreathe, but that voice is the same.  It is another opportunity to explore something different and spread his wings of creativity.  It is a little lighter at times and yet darker as well as he explores different sides of himself than what you would normally get.  I can’t wait to explore this one.

  • 81bMGIBu5mL._SS500_  Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind – (Roadrunner Records):  Okay, here is a band I have never really listened to. A little heavier than I like or maybe a little stranger than I like.  The mask, yeah whatever, the music, eeeh, but I might give it a listen to see what the hubbub is about.  Don’t expect I will like this any more (or any less) then their other stuff.

  • 713PVwULTEL._SS500_.jpg  Tori Kelly – Inspired by True Events – (Capitol Records):  Tori Kelly…my oldest daughter’s favorite singer.  What that means is I will hear this album whether I want to or not.  Yes, she will play it every time we are in the car.  Don’t get me wrong, Tori is a sensational pop singer and better than most…just not my cup of tea.  I did see her in concert (cause my daughter wanted to go) and she is crazy talented and a great singer so there is that.

And the rest….

  • 81-qzP80XlL._SX522_.jpg  Feeder – Tallulah – (Feeder/Believe) – Digital today, physical copies next week
  • download-3.jpg  Snow Patrol – Reworked EP1 – (Polydor)
  • A1P0fRiXYvL._SX522_.jpg  Ra Ra Riot – Superbloom – (Rob the Rich Recordings)

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