June 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

Welcome to the June Purchases wrap-up and what a month it was.  After not visiting an actual record store in 2 months due to the Covid Stay at Home Orders, I was out in force when the opened back up.  And this time it wasn’t just vinyl and CDs, there were a couple other surprises that were music related.  And then there were a stack of albums I picked up that I didn’t have to buy which is always cool.  Let’s get started.

First up was my trip to Repo Records and Noble Records as they were two of the first to open. I wanted to spend a little at both to show my support and I did just that.  First up was Repo. I was worried we would have to wear masks and gloves, but thankfully neither store required but we could if we wanted to do it.  Which I didn’t because we left the masks at home on the counter.  I didn’t really find anything at Repo’s until I stumbled across a brand new copy of Tesla’s Psychotic Supper.  It was new and sealed so no real deal on it, but it was cheaper than what Amazon was offering and since it is on a list of albums I want, I got it.


Then we went down to Noble Records and I really struggled to find anything.  My luck wasn’t going well. I did go over to the classic rock section and found a few cheap albums that I did eventually want in my collection but they weren’t on the big list.  I wanted to show support, so I picked by 2 Billy Squier albums and a Cutting Crew album as I do love “(I Just) Died in Your Arms”.


The next thing I got was the new Def Leppard release, “London to Vegas”.  It is a Blu-Ray and CD box set with the two live shows of ‘Hysteria at the O2’ and ‘Hits Vegas”. I have already done that review so go check it out by clicking on “London to Vegas”.


Now, I have a Wish List on Amazon that I keep as a reminder of some albums I want.  When the prices on those albums drops to a pre-determined amount in my head, I will buy it when it hits that price. This time it was Bon Jovi’s ‘Have a Nice Day’ which I think is the last really good Bon Jovi album.


Then on another weekend, I took the girls and we hit 3 places, Manifest Disc, 2nd & Charles and Sleepy Poet Antique Mall in Charlotte.  And each place, we made purchases.  First up was Manifest Disc.  From Manifest, I found 2 Sons of Apollo CDs (to go with my Jeff Scott Soto collection), 2 Robbie Williams CDs and I bought another Babe Ruth vinyl called ‘Stealin’ Home’ after I spoke so fondly of their album ‘First Base’.


Then on to 2nd & Charles. I didn’t have much luck there, but I did find a Rick Springfield CD for the album ‘Songs For The End of The World’ which I’m not sure is on vinyl, so I will take the CD.


The last stop was Sleepy Poet Antique Mall.  They have one big Vinyl booth and a ton of other booths with some vinyl as well.  But funny enough, I didn’t buy any vinyl.  I bought two books.  Yes, I can read!!!  I decided recently after posting a couple posts on Tour Books, that I wanted to start collecting Concert Tour Books and I was going to do it for Kiss; however, when I cam across this Tour Book at the store, I thought, why not expand that to other bands I like. I bought a Bon Jovi Tour Book for the New Jersey Tour which was the The Brotherhood Tour.


I also stumbled on a book so large and heavy, that my arms ached by the time I got it up to the counter. I found a hard back book of Kiss Kompendium which is a complete collection of all the Kiss Comics in one.  It has to be 40 comics and the book is like 3″ thick.  It is crazy and it is freaking cool.


I would say this was the last purchase this month, but it isn’t.  I found on eBay a copy of Jeff Scott Soto’s Essential Ballads which I have been wanting and there was a Jeff Scott Soto album I left off last month’s list called “Retribution”.  Here they are.


I had ordered the new Whitesnake album called ‘The Rock Album’. It is an album of their rock songs that have been remixed/remastered for today’s sound…I think.  Anyway, a review will be coming in July and it will end the David Coverdale Series (for now – with the exception of Album Rankings).


And we went out, yet again.  This time we hit up Hardy Boy Records and Lunchbox Records. I have pretty much hit up the main record stores all in the month of June as I went almost 3 months without, I went a little overboard.  This time I picked up my final Led Zeppelin album with “Song Remains the Same”, a Gen X single to “Dancing With Myself” (which adds to my Billy Idol collection) and one that my Dad thoroughly enjoyed when he was a live so I bought it, Andreas Vollenweider “Down to the Moon”.  Those were from Hardy Boys.


From lunchbox I picked up Creed’s Greatest Hits.  I figured why not as I am a fan of Scott Stapp’s and I don’t think all the Creed albums are on vinyl so I needed something.


And that was it for the purchases, I promise!! Now on to the collection I picked up from my in-laws lake house.  They had 2 boxes of vinyl in storage at the house and told me I could dive through and take what I wanted.  So I did. I think it was about 29 albums.  Now, don’t laugh or judge, but some of these I took because of some memories when I was a kid.  I won’t list out all of them as it is too many, but you get the pictures of all of them.







And that is it.  I know, that is enough. I can’t imagine July being as fruitful, but here’s to hoping!!  Have a great day and we will see you back here for next months wrap-up.

28 thoughts on “June 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

  1. What a haul dude! Wow. Psychotic Supper is such a great record. That tour and album brings back some good times. Need to get that on vinyl now. W.S Rock album is a good one considering I don’t have over half of it so to me it’s almost like a new releases lol

    Now go and make some time and dig into this stuff..

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    1. Thanks…my listen to pile is quite large again. When Covid stay at home orders started I had a huge pile and went through it quickly. Now the pile is back to huge and with work so busy, I haven’t had as much time to get through the new stack.

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  2. After some months of few to no music purchases, I got some this month.

    Bob Marley/Wailers – Rastaman Vibrations, Live, Natty Dread, and Exodus (Barry Diament versions)

    Dexter Gordon – Go! (I’ve wanted this one forever! The track Cheesecake is so awesome)

    Duke Ellington – Money Jungle

    Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Ella and Louis

    Satriani – Surfing with the Alien, and Flying in a Blue Dream

    Oingo Boingo – Only a Lad, and Nothing to Fear

    Public Image Ltd – 9

    Rush – Vapor Trails (original loud CD)

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      1. Oh yeah. I’ve heard the Satch before. I’ve heard the Rush and Boingo plenty of times too. I just didn’t have them on disc yet. Satch I’ve heard plenty from friends, Rush I had the remix CD, and Boingo I had on tape. Used to have the Dexter Gordon on vinyl as a teen, but I don’t now, so I ordered it again.

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  3. Quite the haul there, John. I’ve been missing a good trip to a record store or record fair. Flicking through LPs + feeling the need to have a real proper crate dig… hoping I’ll get the chance soon. Right now I’m all about surfing Discogs for deals!

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  4. I’m amazed that you’re still purchasing so much physical music John. I honestly don’t know how you have the time to listen to it all! The last piece of physical music I purchased was MISSIO’s album last fall, though I have purchased a few EP’s via download. Given my rapidly advancing age, I just don’t see the point in acquiring much more music, as I can stream practically anything I want to hear. Also, with all the new music I’m sent for possible reviews, I simply do not have time to listen to much of my own music collection except when in the car. And even then, I often listen to political podcasts just to keep my hatred of Trump and the GOP on full boil lol.

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    1. Ha! Yeah, I have a problem. I used to stream, but I miss that physical product in my hand. The booklet and the pretty pictures make the whole package so much better. I have been working from home the last 3 months so I have listened to more this year than any other year I am sure.
      I don’t know how you listen to those political podcasts, more power to you. I can’t take it anymore. It is aggravating from both sides. There are no good politicians anymore and now it is the lesser of two evils. Ugh!!

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  5. You are never, ever, ever going to have time to listen to all that! You know how I know? Because I’m in a similar boat!

    I always thought the Kompendium was pretty cool. Although I’m a comics guy I don’t consider Kiss comics to be something I need, because since the reunion there’s been so much. I would like an original copy of the first Marvel comic though — with real Kiss blood! :LOL.

    I really wanna get The Rock Album but I’m waiting on my last Encore order first.


    1. Ha!, I know I won’t and that’s okay.

      Kompendium was bought so I didn’t have to collect the comics!! Now I have them (except for the new Zombie series). My brother had the first one long long time ago…no more. Not sure what happened to it.

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      1. I remember a decent Elder comic that I had, I believe it was part of a larger Kiss magazine but I can’t remember. I sadly didn’t keep every magazine related to Kiss 😦 But the Elder comic was cool, I remember that much. I lost interest with the Psycho Circus comics, at that point I felt like Kiss were reaching a mass oversaturation point.

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        1. That is cool. I don’t think I’ve seen that one before, but I have held the first Marvel one. If we would’ve only known to keep those things and in good shape. And yes, Kiss is oversaturated all the time. That is what Kiss is all about!!

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