Def Leppard – “Let’s Get Rocked” – 12″ Picture Disc

On one of my recent trips to record shop, I scored a couple picture discs by one of my favorite bands, Def Leppard. The one we are going to talk about next is the 12″ Single Picture Disc for the song called “Let’s Get Rocked” off the band’s 1992 album ‘Adrenalize’. The first one we talked about last week was “Make Love Like A Man”. The store I bought this at is called Noble Records and is one of my favorite local record shops in Charlotte. Noble Records has a YouTube channel and he constantly posts videos of collections he has bought and what he will be putting out on the floor. When he has big collections purchased, they usually go out on a Saturday at 10am. I was watching the video and he quickly flipped past the two Def Leppard picture discs as I could tell he isn’t a fan…but I am. I knew immediately I had to have them.

I got up on Saturday, mask in hand and headed to the store. The store was packed and actually made me a little nervous. However, everyone was wearing masks and being polite. Although I am not 100% sure we were following perfect Covid social distancing protocol, I was willing to take the risk. I went in and told Dillion what I was looking to get and he told me where they were (if they were still there and someone didn’t already have them in hand. I went through that stack and lo and behold, they were still there. I grabbed them, paid for them and got out in maybe 5 minutes and immediately hand sanitized my hands. I was so excited to grow my Def Leppard collection a little more.

The single “Let’s Get Rocked” was the first single off the ‘Adrenalize’ album and did pretty good going to #15 on the Billboard charts. The song is a mindless fun track about a teenager disobeying their parents and yet it was filled with sexual innuendo after sexual innuendo. It isn’t my favorite track on the album, but it is still a good time track and they still play it in their live shows regularly. The most important thing about this song is the question is asks you at the very beginning…”Do You Want To Get Rocked?”. And the answer is always…YES!

This was one of the last songs written for the album as the band had finished riding the song “White Lightning” which is about the loss of bandmate Steve Clark. After coming off such a dark song, the band needed to cut loose and have some fun and as a result, we got this bundle of joy. Despite my tiring of the song, it is pretty great even if it is overly corny. The video is a CGI filled rocking good time and is the only video the band has ever done as a four piece. Steve had passed and Vivian hadn’t yet come completely in to the picture.

The B-Side on this are two tracks. First is “Only After Dark” which is a cover of a song written by Mick Ronson and Scott Richardson. The vinyl, however, only has Mick Ronson credited which is interesting. It is a glam rock song with a little new wave edge to it. It would later be released on the band’s album ‘Retro Active’.

The second B-Side is a live version of “Too Late For Love” which was recorded at McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado on 12 & 13 February 1988. Now, I am guessing by listing both dates that this song was pieced together from two performances of the song which seems very odd to me. However, the two dates are the dates they recorded the shows for their In Your Face, In the Round concert video so that makes more sense. If you know that video, you know this song. It is fantastic.

And there you have it, the second of the two Picture Discs I picked up at Noble Records. Really great finds and so happy to have them in my collection. Thanks for stopping by and hanging for a little while.

21 thoughts on “Def Leppard – “Let’s Get Rocked” – 12″ Picture Disc

  1. Was never a big fan of the two big singles from this album. Too much cheese. Adrenalize is definitely a disappointment. Not as bad as Canadian music (nothing is), but pretty lackluster.

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      1. Rush are awesome, Canada’s greatest band (oh no!). Totally influential and great. The rest of them have basically zero influence on the world stage or music. Triumph is awesome too, but they weren’t revolutionary. Didn’t set the world on fire. As far as revolutionary artists it’s slim pickings. I made a joke once, one of their most influential artists (Neil Young) knows how lame Canada is, so that’s why he wrote “Rockin’ in the Free World” to trick everybody into thinking he was American. Not to mention he moved here.

        I’m giving Ladano a bit of a hard time too. I think he may think my Canada jabs are more mean-spirited than they are. I’m just joshing, though their music scene is legitimately barren compared to the States’ and England’s. That’s just objective fact. Between just the two of us for influential artists we’ve got The Beatles, Aerosmith, Kiss, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, R.E.M., Hendrix, CCR, The Doors, The Smiths, Prince, The Beach Boys, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, The Cars, G N R, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Metallica, Santana, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Cream, Elton John, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Pantera, Velvet Underground, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Fats Domino, Muddy Waters, Thelonious Monk, MILES DAVIS, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Alice Cooper, Genesis, Yes, The Who, The Police, Black Sabbath, etc, etc, etc.

        Canadian worldwide known artists? Rush, Celine Dion, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Justin Bieber, Nickelback, Bryan Adams…uhh…

        I think they’re also way too well adjusted and friendly to make much good music (with the appropriate piss, vinegar, and immaturity). Canada’s like the sibling that has a healthy relationship with their parents, gets good grades, and maintains said relationship into adulthood. We’re the sibling that rebelled, got into a fist fight with our Dad, and left home with a middle finger salute, going so far as to revise the language they taught us to speak in order to distance ourselves from them. Now Canada may be the better sibling, the well-adjusted sibling that is the pride and joy of their folks at the Christmas dinner table, but that puts them at a distinct disadvantage at making good rock. Nobody makes better music in any genre than people who are completely dysfunctional, and sorry Canada, we’re way more messed up than you!


  2. “Make Love Like A Mine”??!?! Sorry I thought I point that out there; I hate that song, but I’ll still defend it. I was wondering, do you have a post about how you got into the band? I know we’ve talked about how predictable their setlist has become over the years, but how did you get into Def Leppard?

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. My editor sucks and should be fired…wait that’s me!!

      I don’t think I have done a post, but might have mentioned it before. My brother had their debut album and went and saw them at some festival. I borrowed the album and liked them immediately. Then I heard High & Dry and it was all over at that point. That album made me a diehard fan.

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      1. Well you can’t fire yourself lol! I enjoyed your write-up regardless of that error.

        Oh yeah, I think that was in your bio! Yeah ‘High ‘n’ Dry’ is a must for any Def Leppard fan and their debut showed their potential. Still a good album though! So cool your brother saw them, especially when Steve was still alive.

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          1. Oh yeah, he got to see Steve and Pete! That must’ve been big for you brother because those two were quite a duo, more on the heavy metal side, compared Phil and Steve as a duo! My dad got to see them with Steve as well and I’m so jealous!

            How many times did you see them with Steve?

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  3. This album is a funny one. Don’t really listen to it much well never really but I do have found memories of the 92 Tour as it was a great show. I still think Stand Up is perhaps the best tune on here along with White Lightening.
    Nice scores though. Rarities and hand sanitizing all in one post! The year is 2020! lol

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    1. Ha! Yes, the album doesn’t get played much. I don’t really like it. I’ll agree on Stand Up and definitely White Lightning as that one is my favorite. This was the first album they had done that sounded like the last album. Up until then, every album was so completely different and why I liked them.

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