Friday New Releases – November 6, 2020

I can’t believe we are now in November and thankfully, the new releases keep on coming. This past week we had our Presidential Election and since I don’t do politics on this site, we will skip over that mess to say I am so happy no more political adds for quite awhile. Man, I was so sick of those things. It is so hard to chose a candidate because basically you are choosing the lesser of TWO EVILS!! One thing that is easy to choose is which releases I want to hear and those are marked in Blue. Let me know which ones you want to hear and what I may have missed so everyone can know about it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  • 81Qc-HPivML._SX522_  Jeff Scott Soto – Wide Awake (In My Dreamland) – (Frontiers Records): The man is a machine. He puts out so much music whether it is solo, his band SOTO, his band W.E.T. (new one coming in January) or his other band Sons of Apollo. And the cool things is everything is pure quality and his voice doesn’t falter. I have been collecting everything of his on CD and it is tough to keep up as there are probably 50-60 to try and buy. I’m probably only half way through. But this one will arrive today to add to that list.
  • A1wQQxC9YhL._SS500_  Whitesnake – Love Songs (2020 Remix) – (Rhino Records): A new Whitesnake…not really as it is a compilation. However, everything is remixed and at least 1 or 2 haven’t been released so it is a good kind of compilation. This is the 2nd release in the Red, White & Blue Series. We got White several months back, The Rock Album, and this is the Red one (Love Songs). Blue (The Blues) will be out around February/March (not yet announced though).
  • 71VTPw19UUL._SX522_  Orianthi – O – (Frontiers Records): This lady can sing and plays a mean guitar…a great combination. I didn’t like her work with Richie Sambora as I much prefer her by herself and she is giving us that. Can’t wait to dive in to this one.
  • 716WoqBmBtL._SX522_  Reb Beach – A View From the Inside – (Frontiers Records): Reb Beach form Winger and Whitesnake gives a solo album and it is what we want to hear…all instrumental. Let his guitar greatness shine!!!

And then a couple more that I will give a try…

  • 81pB0JwIBzL._SX522_  Alter Bridge – Walk the Sky 2.0 – (Napalm Records)
  • 719B41mUgGL._SX522_  Eclipse – Viva La Victouria (Live) – (Frontiers Records)

And all the rest….

  • 91hLVv0aMTL._SS500_  Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Return to Greendale – (Warner Bros)
  • 818LRJuGUYL._SX522_  Wilco – Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) – (Rhino / Warner)
  • 81Nk-UD4kCL._SS500_  Hanson – Perennial: A Hanson Net Collection – (3CG Records)
  • A1kC6EB+IdL._SX522_  Lionheart – Live at Summer Breeze – (Fast Break Records)
  • 71WdhX8UE8L._SX522_  Eternal Idol – Renaissance – (Frontiers Records)
  • 81l+yYvNAWL._SS500_  Lords of Black – Alchemy of Souls, Pt 1 – (Frontiers Records)
  • 9121KDyk-LL._SX522_  Fates Warning – Long Day Good Night – (Metal Blades Record)
  • 81aRMun1jvL._SX522_  Straight No Chaser – Social Christmasing – (SNC Records / Warner)
  • 81EIn0QBInL._SS500_  Little Mix – Confetti – (RCA / Sony)
  • 91hhiYg2rHL._SS500_  Kylie Minogue – DISCO – (BMG Rights Mgmt)
  • 91QjAoiKrcL._SX522_  Home Free _ Warmest Winter – (Home Free Records)

16 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – November 6, 2020

  1. Without getting into too much drama between Orianthi and Richie, she is FAR better off without Richie. I love Richie, but when I heard about him and Orianthi, I was like, “NOPE!!” Musically and relationship-wise, they don’t need each other!

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  2. Well I’m sure you’re psyched about your homeboy Soto coming out with a new album. I think I may have to get that Alter Bridge one now. Have no idea why I have waited a year to get it.
    Next week though AC/DC and Kim Mitchell with new albums so thats going to be exciting!

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