My Sunday Song – “I’m In Love With My Car” by Queen

For My Sunday Song #224, we are going to discuss one of Queen’s fun songs, “I’m in Love With My Car”. The song is off the album, “A Night at the Opera” which was released in 1975. The song was written by Roger Taylor and is one of his more famous songs mainly because it was the B-Side to a little known Queen hit “Bohemian Rhapsody”, you may have heard of that one. There is a whole story to that which we will get to shortly.

The song was actually inspired by one of the band’s roadies, Johnathan Harris. Johnathan loved his car to death which was a Triumph TR4. Roger wrote it and played all the instruments for the demo and the band kind of thought of it as a joke, but Roger wasn’t joking. They recorded the song and Roger pitched a royal tantrum to get on the B-Side of “Bohemian Rhapsody” which the band finally caved after Roger had locked himself in a closet (or cupboard) until Freddie finally agreed. This ended up causing a lot of tension between him and Freddie because Freddie was pissed he got as much in royalties for that “Bohemian Rhapsody” single he didn’t write-it. But because his song was on the B-Side he got a big piece of the pie as well. Turned out that whole tantrum trick worked out quite nicely in Roger’s favor.

The song is actually pretty great. What guy hasn’t fallen in love with his car. I had a friend that spent so many long hours fixing up their 69 Firebird and they loved their car so much. It was also fun to do burnouts with. And I love my car now as it is fun to drive and just hugs the road. So I get it. Musically, Brain May’s guitar work is great as he recorded it with his own Red Special guitar. Freddy is on the piano playing away and Roger’s vocals sound great. The song ends with a motor revving and that was Roger’s own car which was an Alfa Romeo.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. I know it is not the Queen you are used to hearing, but that is what I love about it. I hope you do enjoy it and thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful and Happy Sunday!

“I’m In Love With My Car”

The machine of a dream
Such a clean machine
With the pistons a-pumpin’
And the hubcaps all gleam

When I’m holding your wheel
All I hear is your gear
With my hand on your grease gun
It’s like a disease son

I’m in love with my car
Gotta feel for my automobile
Get a grip on my boy racer rollbar
Such a thrill when your radials squeal

Told my girl I have to forget her
Rather buy me a new carburettor
So she made tracks sayin’ this is the end now
Cars don’t talk back they’re just four-wheeled friends now

When I’m holding your wheel
All I hear is your gear
When I’m cruisin’ in overdrive
Don’t have to listen to no run-of-the-mill talk jive

I’m in love with my car
Gotta feel for my automobile
I’m in love with my car
String-back gloves in my automolove!

Written by Roger Taylor

39 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “I’m In Love With My Car” by Queen

    1. That sounds like a good day to spend the day. I have almost all their stuff on vinyl, but for Christmas I asked for the 3 Volume box set so I could get all the bonus material. I am on a Queen kick lately…plus I might like to do a series on them down the road.


  1. I tend to use a car to get from A to B, as a tool to be employed when required, and have never owned one that inspired that love, like an old vintage car or something. I do love the reliability of my Subaru as a family car in all weather, though…

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    1. My daughter is wanting a Subaru for when she goes off to college next year. We are looking into it. She has an 11 year old Honda Accord with 125,000 miles. I don’t know how it will hold up on a 2-3 hour trip back and forth to college (assuming she goes that far away).


      1. She should go for it. I had an old Dodge Ram pick-up, and when it died, I got my ’08 Legacy wagon. Love it to bits. My lovely wife drove a Honda Civic to 400,000 km, and when it finally died, we got her a ’13 Impreza. Same thing, it’s brilliant. They’re like little tanks. The AWD all the time is amazing. It’s not a sensor in the wheelwell telling you when it thinks you need it, it is AWD all the damn time, even on summer roads. They also have a lower center of gravity thanks to the boxer-style engine, which sits lower in the engine cavity. It’s a whole different feel. Once we drove them, we don’t want FWD anymore. Especially in this climate (we got over a foot of snow in the past two days). It’s not even close. They’re reliable and sturdy, and that Impreza (with its CVT transmission) sips gas. For the same money as a Honda or Toyota, for us it isn’t even close!

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          1. My boss at work calls it a ‘cult of Subaru,’ that everyone he knows who owns one wont stop raving about them. I just tell him that experience driving them back it up. I once heard somewhere someone say that putting snow tires on a Subaru is like cheating ha! In the end, they don’t make you invincible, and they don’t mean you can stop taking reasonable precautions when you’re driving, but they add that bit of peace of mind on the road, especially under winter conditions like we have here right now, and that wee confidence boost means a ton. They also get a ton of safety awards every year, you should check those out too. It’s the only car I’ll put my kids in, as a daily driver. Man, I should get a job selling them! I told that to our salesman and he just laughed, said every long-time Subaru driver is the same.

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              1. Well I’ll happily drink that kool-aid because all it gives me is a seriously good car! When my Legacy dies out (it’s 12 years old now), we’re already in talks between a Forester and an Outback, because they no longer make the Legacy wagon. I’m fine with used, given the current financial state of things, but our others were used when we got them too.

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