November 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

October wasn’t even over before I bought more records, however, the October Purchase post was already done and I wasn’t about to go back and update, too much work. I wrote the post on the October Record Store Day and there was one album I didn’t get that I wanted (well there were two, but I didn’t get the second one). I did get it through another local record store. And when I went and picked it up on that Sunday, I saw another record I didn’t have that was in the new arrival used bin and it was sealed and less than $20 so I bought it.

The RSD record was from the Joe Elliott band Down ‘N Outz…I love the cover with the eerie clown and it almost looks 3D at this angle.

And the other album I found was Bon Jovi’s Crossroad on vinyl. I didn’t have it and didn’t really need it, but the completist in me begged to differ…I like how the picture focuses on Richie and Jon is a little blurry. That is how I feel about the band, they have lost focus without Richie. Man, that was deep!!!

And I was given a gift card to Amazon as a thank you for support at work and I of coursed used that for music. I went to Amazon and picked up a couple of Jeff Scott Soto CDs I need and these two were the first two Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force albums with Jeff on Vocals. 2 more down and still 20 more to go. I have 25-30 already of Jeff’s. He has a lot…

And if that wasn’t enough Jeff, his new solo album came out on November 6th and of course I had to get it. You will notice it is a CD because most of Jeff’s catalog is CD so I made the agreement with myself that all of his will be on CD in my collection…

And another album that came out on November 6th was the next Whitesnake album in the Red, White and Blue series. This is the Red one or “Love Songs”. Blue will come out some time after the first of the year…

On November 13th, there were two more albums that came out that I pre-ordered. The first one is the only album that truly matters this year and that is AC/DC’s ‘Power Up’. And this one is even cooler because it is the Special Edition Light Box Edition. It is a CD light box…yes, it lights up!! So cool! And completely unnecessary, but I got it anyway!!!

The other is the vinyl release of an album that had already been released digitally. It is Smith & Myers Volume 1 & 2 double LP. I am really digging this album as I do love Brent Smith’s vocals. You know him and Zach Myers from their day job in Shinedown. This is an acoustic side project the two friends do together…

And there is still more. With my reward’s I always get Amazon Gift cards and I figured, let’s get something a little different. So, I went with Five Finger Death Punch Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2 as I really only like the singles anyway. Plus the price was right…free for me. As of now, only Volume 2 has arrived.

I almost forgot this one, which is shameful of me. It was an album I bought over the Summer and it was released digitally during the Summer as well. The vinyl didn’t show up until this month and I am glad it did. It is Billy Raffoul’s “International Hotel” which is a mostly acoustic masterpiece. Some really great songwriting…

Is that everything? Actually no. I have the new album from The Wild Feathers called “Medium Rarities” which is an album of rare tracks. It is a beautiful blue vinyl and the album is signed by the band…totally cool. There was a problem with the order. The top of the cover was ripped so I have requested a replacement and will be sending this one back.

We also had Black Friday Record Store Day and I was able to pick the following two albums…Ace Frehley’s 12″ Picture Disc of “Space Truckin’ and Tesla’s ‘The Great Radio Controversy’.

And I did get one more Tour Book. This one is from the Kiss 40th Anniversary Tour and that was with Def Leppard. I saw that show when it came here to Charlotte and I will tell you that Def Leppard slayed Kiss that night as they were amazing. One of the best Lep shows I have seen.

And that isn’t all. I was browsing Amazon for any Black Friday deals and about a week before Black Friday, they had the Garth Brooks Legacy box set cheap…and I mean cheap. It was regular $70 on sale for $19.50. So, I bought it. It has 4 of his biggest albums plus a 3 LP Live Show from 2014. All in 7 LPs and 7 CDs as well. That my friend is a bargain.

Okay, that is all. Here is the whole bunch all spread out (mostly spread out)…

Thanks for stopping by and until next month…keep on buying!!

25 thoughts on “November 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

  1. Dang you got lucky with that Garth Brooks Legacy boxset, that is quite a deal! The Bon Jovi Crossroads cover explanation was beautiful and tragic at the same time because Richie was the highlight of Bon Jovi, always has been for me. The Ace Frehley artwork on the picture disk is a cute cartoon. So awesome of you to get the pic of AC/DC’s Power Up when it was lit up, you got perfect timing my friend! Thanks for sharing what you got in November (a few from October) John! 🙂

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      1. I didn’t think much about the Crossroads cover until you made that point in your post. I’ll never be able to look at that album the same way ever again! Bon Jovi didn’t know what they had before. It took Richie leaving to see what the band truly lost and that is heartbreaking.

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    1. AC/DC got the bulk of the listens in November no doubt. I have been through the Triple Live on the Brooks and it was fantastic. And that JSS collection is huge so far, but I am still only about 1/2 way through it. Too many bands and albums.

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