March 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & Cds

Spring has sprung (not completely temperature wise, but calendar wise) and I couldn’t be happier to get past the gloomy winter months. To celebrate, let’s look over what purchases were made at 2 Loud 2 Old Music this month. And we cover the spectrum with Vinyl, CDs, 7″ Single and even Tour Books. Yes, I did not discriminate on a particular product this month. I spread the wealth.

I hadn’t been out to a record store in a long while, so I hit up two of my favorite haunts, Hardy Boy Records and Noble Records and like normal, I found some cool items. First up are a couple of Tour Books from the 1970’s. They are both for Alice Cooper and yes, we will go through them in detail in the next couple months. They are for the Welcome to My Nightmare Tour and the Guilty Tour.

I also find a 7″ Single from Cheap Trick for the Top Gun Song, “Mighty Wings”…love that song…

And if that wasn’t enough, I picked up a CD as well by The Cult for their album ‘Ceremony’…The Cult collection has grown over the last year and will keep getting bigger I am sure as we go along…

And lastly, I was able to get my first AC/DC bootleg and this one is from 1981 in was recorded in Tokyo. It is called ‘Tokyo in Black’…

And I even ordered a couple things off Amazon…first up is a leftover from February. I ordered all those Will Hoge CD’s last month and only 1 didn’t make it in time for the February update so as a result, we get the update in March. The CD is called “Number Seven”…

I also found an album by an artist I never knew existed. The artist is Jeff Scott Soto…the album is Skrapp Mettle…yes, not a common album. I don’t want to say too much about it, but if you want to know what it is like then know it is a 1991 album in the same vein as Steel Panther.

And that isn’t everything. The really big thing this month is a Deluxe Edition of the Black Crowes album ‘Shake Your Money Maker’. This is the 4LP Set and it is beautiful…You will get to see it in all its glory real soon.

Then I went out and did a little digging at 2nd & Charles and there I only found some used books and what used books they were. First is the Ross Halfin photography book of Def Leppard and yes, we will talk about this later too…

And then I found two books by the great Martin Popoff. Since he has been on the LeBrain Train I have looked for his books and I can’t believe I found two hard back books. One for Ozzy and one for Iron Maiden. This might be the first Iron Maiden thing I’ve ever bought…so excited…

I also bought another album in my Paul Laine collection which was the debut album from The Defiants. It was because of this, I decided to reach out to Paul and see if he wanted to be on The LeBrain Train and he agreed. Which I was stunned as it was so easy and I couldn’t believe he responded so quickly and was willing to do it. That says a lot about him. Now, I have ordered the final pieces in his puzzle that I was missing and I have a lot of homework to do ahead of that interview on May 7th. Can’t wait…

And last was one for the Kiss Review Series. I know I had this album before, but I couldn’t find it so I bought it, yet again…Paul Stanley’s solo album ‘Live to Win’…

And that is it for March. I hope you enjoyed and we will see you in April for the next wrap up. Have a great rest of your day!! Here is everything for the month…

And yes, Will Hoge’s Number Seven is missing!! Oops!

26 thoughts on “March 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & Cds

  1. The Crowes box is a well put together looking set. Lot’s of scores John. Those Coop tour books look amazing look forward to that as well as he fact that you finally got some Maiden! Atta boy,

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    1. The Mighty Wings will make a great bonus edition on the Cheap Trick Series. Listening to some Laine right now. Two of the three I was missing showed up. One last one waiting on should be in here by around mid-month as it is coming from the UK.


          1. I loved Money Maker and Southern, didn’t really dig Amorica (which baffles Mike), and only about half of Three Snakes, tbh (caught that tour once). I liked By Your Side (caught that tour twice). Then I fell off in the 2000s with them, somewhat. I mean, I own all the later albums (I think), but I don’t play them as often, if at all. Early days for me, man.

            I don’t think it was you, I think they had all the potential and realized about half of it.

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  2. Love it that u gave some love to Paul even if it’s not the current album!
    Have u heard this yet?

    One Desire – ” After You’re Gone” – Official Live Video
    Live album coming…

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  3. John, as much as I love your site. Spring is taking a hold of me and I find that there are tons of things to do so I have less time to spend here and on Lebrain’s site but have no doubt I’ll be back! And I really do owe u both for helping me get through the winter. Thank You!
    I have the first Defiant but not the second one…yet. Cannot wait to hear your chat with Laine! Good luck!
    Getting the Crowes set too. My favorite from them is by your side. I could never listen to that album without dancing along and I do not dance! Go figure. Always a good workout still to just push play on by your side.

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    1. Well completely understandable. Enjoy the beautiful Spring time weather. Thanks for stopping by and chatting with me, I have very much enjoyed that. If you can catch the Paul Laine show, make sure to say hi.

      And you must get the 2nd Defiant album. I think it is even better than the first!!


  4. may wanna listen to this one if you haven’t already

    Matthias Jabs: I’m Telling You, It’s the Hydro! (Paul Laine on Recording With The Scorpions)
    I didn’t know he did backup vocals too.

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    1. Yes, I do know about that. I have that on my list to talk to him about as he has done backing vocals for Poison and Scorpions, maybe Aerosmith, but not positive on that one…I will ask.


  5. Shoot you bought the Tokyo bootleg? Lucky, they even played “What Do You Do For Money,” dang it! I hope you enjoy it, though. It’s about time you bought some Maiden (a book is a start). But dude it freaks me out how much the young Adrian Smith looks like a young Phil Collen!

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