Skrapp Mettle – ‘Sensitive’ (1991) – Album Review (The Jeff Scott Soto Series)

I think most people know of the band Steel Panther. A band that parodies the 80’s rock scene but has lyrics that are filthy, dirty and yet funny…to a point. Back in 1991, we actually had a band that did that exact same thing. That band was Skrapp Mettle. However, they weren’t a parody of the 80’s rock scene because they were still in the 80’s rock scene. They did have the naughty lyrics and let me tell you, they are raunchy and raw. It is pretty telling about how the metal scene was already laughable before it was even over and tells you how far it had fallen.

The one thing about this band and that is they don’t take themselves very seriously. And if you don’t believe me, look at the name of the band members:

  • Spunk – lead vocals
  • Nasty Gerbil – keyboards
  • Snuff Buzzsaw – guitars
  • Beef – bass
  • Pounder – drums
  • Dirk Vespucc – special vocal effects

And if that wasn’t enough, their scumbag lawyer is Richard Bagg from Sleezem, Greezem and Scuzzem. Mangement is Sleeze E. Wadd for Slime Time Management. Oh, and Satanic Marketing was done by Bill Z. Bubb. You see, the band, or anyone for that matter, didn’t use their real names because this was for fun and some were afraid their career would be hurt if anyone found out they were in it. Jeff Scott Soto only agreed to do this if his name was left off the album jacket and by the way, he is Spunk.

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Let the Countdown begin!!!

Starting January 3rd, 2022, we will kick off the EPIC series covering one of my favorite singers, Jeff Scott Soto!! We will go through his entire career from where it all began in 1984 with Panther all the way to his latest solo album that came out this past October called ‘Duets’. Wait, I know it started with a band called Threshold in 1983 (not to be confused with the prog metal band years later), but I can’t find anything on that band or album so it is starting with Panther for this series as I have that album.

No stone will be left unturned! Okay, that isn’t true as we are not going in to any compilations or tribute albums where he wasn’t the featured singer as this will only be albums that Jeff is the Lead Singer and not just appearing on one song as we would be here forever if that was the case. We will also have some great little bonus pieces with Singles and E.P.’s I happen to have in my collection and interesting one-off projects he has done. Heck, I even have a digital bootleg of when Jeff Scott Soto toured as the lead singer with Journey. And as you can see below, it is quite a collection…if I do say so myself…

There will be over 65 Posts in the Series, you read that right, 65!! And that is at least 65 because I am sure he will release 1 to 2 to maybe even 4 albums by the time I’m done. I expect this to take over a year to complete because this isn’t all I’m going to do. No, not at all. We will still finish up the series of Cheap Trick and Aerosmith that we are currently doing in 2022 and when those end I am sure new series will be added in as well. Quite possibly Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Van Halen, Ace Frehley, Poison or even Def Leppard. It won’t be all, just a couple of them, but I can’t decide which ones yet. But heck, I do already have an idea of which epic artist I want to tackle after Jeff, but that will be 2023 and it could be huge. We will announce it next year.


March 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & Cds

Spring has sprung (not completely temperature wise, but calendar wise) and I couldn’t be happier to get past the gloomy winter months. To celebrate, let’s look over what purchases were made at 2 Loud 2 Old Music this month. And we cover the spectrum with Vinyl, CDs, 7″ Single and even Tour Books. Yes, I did not discriminate on a particular product this month. I spread the wealth.

I hadn’t been out to a record store in a long while, so I hit up two of my favorite haunts, Hardy Boy Records and Noble Records and like normal, I found some cool items. First up are a couple of Tour Books from the 1970’s. They are both for Alice Cooper and yes, we will go through them in detail in the next couple months. They are for the Welcome to My Nightmare Tour and the Guilty Tour.

I also find a 7″ Single from Cheap Trick for the Top Gun Song, “Mighty Wings”…love that song…

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