Friday New Releases – May 21, 2021

Happy Friday everyone! We have another great list of new album releases for you. The floodgates are open and albums are coming hot and heavy each week and this week there should be something for you. I have a few I want to hear, but aren’t going crazy to hear them. I have marked those in Blue as usual. What albums do you want to hear this week. Also, let me know what my list does not include because I am just one man and can’t find everything coming out. Thanks so much for stopping by this week and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • 71IkSyGDGhL._SS500_  Olivia Rodrigo – Sour – (Geffen Records): This is not one I want to hear which is why it isn’t in Blue. However, this is one my kids are going nuts over. With the smash hit “Drivers License” this young lady is blowing up the radio. I am sure I will hear this one, but it will be under duress.
  • A1CZEo7ECuS._SX522_  P!nk – All I Know So Far (Live) – (RCA): P!nk has a live album and that is cool. She’s a major talent and I have to say I enjoy her pop sensibilities. Fun and lots of attitude. Since we still aren’t going to shows, this is the next best thing. The song below is the one studio track from the album.

These next batch are some I want to hear, but won’t be rushing out to listen if something more important pops up but they are worth giving a try…

  • B1AWK9p7mJS._SS500_  Pop Evil – Versatile – (Entertainment One)
  • download  twenty one pilots – Scaled and Icy – (Fueled by Ramen)
  • 71SA7ttF+EL._SS500_  Mat Kearney – January Flower – (Tomorrow Music)
  • 81ZASHzWY8L._SS500_  Counting Crows – Butter Miracle Suite One E.P. – (Counting Crows / BMG Rights): Didn’t even know Adam and the gang were still playing…I want to hear this one…

And then there is all the rest…I am sure there is something here you will like as well…

  • 81O7AOEjCES._SX522_  Sara Bareilles – Amidst the Chaos: Live from the Hollywood Bowl – (Epic Records / Sony)
  • 81-05of8nxL._SX522_  Paula Cole – American Quilt – (675 Records / Renew Records / BMG)

  • 61N1B4y39mL._SX522_  My Bloody Valentine – m b v – (Domino Records)
  • 91PpasVORLL._SX522_-1  VOLA – Witness – (Mascot Label Group)
  • 81jELDOa8KL._SS500_  Gary Numan – Intruder – (Numan Music / BMG)
  • 91wkLDd-N+L._SS500_  Monster Magnet – A Better Dystopia – (Napalm Records)
  • 914Is-OD-8L._SS500_  One Morning Left – Hyperactive – (Arising Empire)
  • 81mTb+fmmHS._SX522_  Herman Frank – Two For a Life – (AFM Records)
  • 81TPqU1BOpL._SX522_  The Devil Wears Prada – ZII – (Solid State Records)
  • 81-ZrSPgBhL._SS500_  Vexed – Culling Cultures – (Napalm Records)
  • 81ZI9rir3HL._SS500_  Lindemann – Live in Moscow – (Vertigo Berlin / Universal)
  • 712Cgms7tAS._SX522_  Robert Finley – Sharecropper’s Son – (Easy Eye Sound / Concord)
  • 91RznXA-THL._SS500_  Nutronic – Futures – (FIXT)
  • 71iVyQwxm3L._SX522_  Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime – (Matador)
  • A1chrfuJFnL._SS500_  Fiddlehead – Between the Richness – (Run For Cover Records)
  • A1xf+8te2hS._SS500_  Caskey – Fine Art – (Black Sheep Records)
  • 81Y1H-PHjzL._SS500_  Oliver Wood – Always Smilin’ – (Honey Jar Records / Thirty Tigers)
  • 61BmBuF2SaL._SX522_  Allison Russell – Outside Child – (Birds of Chicago / Fantasy Records / Concord)
  • 71oRuwHuzwL._SX522_  John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band – Leftover Feelings – (New West Records)
  • A13Q3e-wnKS._SX522_  Jordan Davis – Buy Dirt – (MCA Nashville/UMG)
  • 81qs+-e7zbL._SS500_  Blake Shelton – Body Language – (Warner Music Nashville)
  • 81b+JTlh0SL._SX522_  Mickey Dolenz – Dolenz Sings Nesmith – (7a Records)
  • A1ns6vMlGyS._SS500_  August Burns Red – Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition – (ABR Records)
  • 71AsO5Asu7L._SS500_  Lord Huron – Long Lost – (Whispering Pine / Republic / UMG)
  • 91u8spJ36UL._SX522_  Ayron Jones – A Child of the State – (Big Machine Records / John Varvatos Records)
  • A1ai0HQGrWL._SS500_  Dayglow – Harmony House – (Very Nice Records / AWAL)
  • 816pbabpvTL._SS500_  Waterparks – Greatest Hits – (300 Entertainment)
  • 61yU9iC5ubL._SS500_  Sinead Harnett – Ready is Always too Late – (Thairish Limited)
  • 815I4M4XI8L._SS500_  Aubrey Logan – Standard – (MWO Records/The Fuel Music)
  • Tragically Hip – Saskadelphia – (UMe): Just announced Yesterday and released today!!

36 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 21, 2021

  1. The Tragically Hip today dropped a new/old 6 song EP of tracks that recorded back in 90 that supposedly went missing until now called Saskadelphia. Check out the tune ‘Crack My Spine Like A Whip’.
    I see KISS has released ‘Heavens On Fire’ as another track from the upcoming soundboard album. Sean Kelly tonights guest at Mikes has released with Lee Aaron a new tune from her upcoming album Radio On called CMON…
    Some good stuff coming now….

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  2. I’m interested in the John Hiatt and Robert Finley releases. I’m quite liking the stuff from Easy Eye – seems Auerbach has created something similar to Alive and Fat Possum. I’ll also check out the new Hip EP.

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  3. Definitely checking out the Crows’ E.P. Glad to know Adam and the boys are still working. I’ve always liked their stuff. I do like the Twenty-One Pilots song you posted and I’ll probably check out some of Mat Kearney’s album and maybe even Olivia Rodrigo’s album just out of curiosity. Did you see that the self-described “best band no one has ever heard of” released a single yesterday with Carrie Underwood? Can’t wait for that album. I already have tickets for their upcoming “Into The Mystery Tour” when they come through here (NW Arkansas) in October.
    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks. I have my NTB tickets for October as well and have pre-ordered the vinyl/cd from their site. Can’t wait. July 30th on the album. My vinyl of Live from the Woods, Vol. 2 album that was just released will be here in July as well.

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  4. Wow, there are a lot of new album releases! I listened to twenty one pilots’ new album this morning. Don’t like it as much as “Blurryface” or “Trench”, but it’s pretty good. I also like all the songs I’ve heard by Lord Huron, so will check out their new one too.

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  5. Of course, I have The Hip here already. I’m waiting until we get to it in the series before listening to it. I had to look back, but yeah, I did a Zoom call at work with Olivia Rodrigo. I had no idea she was somebody. I would have snapped a photo otherwise. I’ll have to see if Sarah knows that My Bloody Valentine has new music out.

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    1. My kids are going to go nuts knowing I know someone that talked to Olivia Rodrigo!! They love her. I have had to listen to her album a ton since it came out and it really ain’t half bad for what it is. She does have some killer tracks on there.

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      1. lol, my only communication with her was to ask that she put her phone in landscape mode for the interview. I still haven’t listed to any of her songs but it is good to hear that the kids are listening to music that ain’t half bad!

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