September 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Can’t believe it is time for another monthly wrap-up. This year has flown by in almost a blink. October wasn’t as fruitful as other months although it was still pretty good. I only actually hit a record store once during the month. The rest were all bought online whether Amazon, Discogs or directly from the artist.

The first batch is from a trip my daughter and I made to the local antique mall. This mall is really great as it has several booths strictly related to vinyl and that is always where I ended up spending all my time. My daughter wants to look at vintage clothing. It is sad when clothes from when I grew up is now vintage, but that is another story. First up are two Aerosmith releases. One I had on CD, but I had really been looking for a decent vinyl version and finally got one. The other release is a 12″ Maxi Single for “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”.

The other two items were 12″ Singles for ZZ Top and Bon Jovi. The Bon Jovi is an E.P. and one I had only seen on Mike Ladano’s site when he wrote about a couple years ago. When I saw it, it was an easy decision.

There was only one more vinyl purchase for the month and this one is the coolest. It is the brand new E.P. from Billy Idol called ‘The Roadside’. I’ve ready written a review for it so you can check it out HERE!!!!!. This one is special because it is autographed by the man, the myth, the legend, Billy Idol. You know when you get some autographs they send a picture insert that the artist signs? Well, they do. Except for Billy. Billy sends an actual album jacket with no album and signs the jacket. Then they send a separate sealed album. Strange, but okay.

And that was the last of the vinyl for the month. The rest are all CDs. I have a wishlist on Discogs and this month, I decided each week I was going to buy something from that list. Easy enough right? Except when you decide which seller to use and find out they actually have several items from that artist that are on your list or other artist and that is where the trouble ensues. I figured, well, I have to buy them all because I will save a ton on shipping…and I’m right. There were three shipments and most were Jeff Scott Soto releases because I am wrapping up my purchases before we start the Jeff Scott Soto series in January 2022! It will be a great way to kick off the new year. Here is what I got…

And then there were a few more…and these last 3 came from France. I didn’t read the listing very well and didn’t realize he shipped these without their cases. I guess that is why the shipping was so cheap from France. Luckily I had some empty cases laying around.

Now a few of the first picture I bought and wound up buying stuff from another artist because I saved on shipping. It was two of Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N Outz side project that I had on CD at one and no longer do…but I do again…long story, sad, don’t won’t get in to it!!

And another purchase I ended up buying a Bonus E.P. from Needtobreathe’s album ‘Hard Love’ which I forgot I didn’t actually have on CD. What was I thinking. It is sealed and I’m trying to decide if I will keep it that way…

Then using MyPoints gift cards, I picked up a couple free things on Amazon. They are both from a band called Tait. The lead singer is Michael Tait formerly of the band DC Talk. His voice is like butter. He sounds like Nat King Cole, but rocks out. Really cool stuff. One of the CDs arrived sealed and autographed by the band. I must not have read the description too well because I don’t remember reading it was autographed. Cool enough. And thanks to Lori for getting rid of it.

And the very last thing I got were a couple of CDs from my pal who I mentioned earlier, Mike Ladano or LeBrain from the The LeBrain Train. He was kind enough to send me the new Max the Axe E.P. and threw in the debut Cars CD which for some reason I didn’t have on CD. I do on vinyl, but nice to have a remastered version as well. Thanks Mike. Now, the Max the Axe CD you just read about on Monday so you know all about that one now.

Not a bad haul I guess. It is just weird that most of these I bought online and not from an actual record shop. I hope I get to hit one or two in October. I know there is record show on October 9th, so I will at least hit that. Until next time, happy purchasing!! Here is everything one more time…

42 thoughts on “September 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

    1. Glad to see someone noticed the 2 covers. It was strange…usually it’s a flat that is signed not the actual cover. And on JSS, I am basically all set. Only 3 more to go…maybe more if I find them anything I don’t have.

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  1. Interestingly enough, I was listening to ‘7800° Fahrenheit’ yesterday lol! It’s a shame they haven’t played “In and Out of Love” since the mid 80s. But now, Richie’s gone, so there’s no point in playing it anymore. The band came to Hawaii in 2010, but I wasn’t into them at the time, so I missed my chance to see Richie live, which makes me mad.

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  2. Very cool collection this month! You’re a sharp-eyed shopper. I would say that the Idol shipped seperately, maybe, because some people like to frame signed stuff, so this was you get one you can frame and another for your play copy.

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          1. I knew it. 😉

            I had a laugh, the kids were watching Simpsons the other day and at one point Homer does something that pleases Burns, so instead of saying ‘release the hounds’ when he’s done with him, Burns says ‘release ‘a’ hound.’ Haha as nice as he gets, I guess, just one dog instead of all of them.

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  3. Nice haul! I bought My Regeneration a few weeks back. On the first listen, it’s pretty good. It’s more London Quireboys than Def Leppard, which suits me just fine.

    I don’t have that Bon Jovi single, but I have a special edition 7800 Fahrenheit that has those live tracks on it. I think 7800 is a solid album. It’s hard to imagine record companies allowing bands to mature and find their sound, like they did during that era.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow. The new Explosions in the Sky album comes out.

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  4. Great haul there – especially those Aerosmith finds. I was listening to that first Aerosmith album again only recently – Tyler’s voice certainly sounds affected but there’s some great early gems on that one

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  5. I imagine not everyone appreciates when album covers have writing/signatures – but I kind of like it, and I appreciate when people like ‘Lori’ decide they’ve had enough of the album and people like us pick them up for a good price!

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