June 2022 Purchases – Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes & More

Summer has been heating up and so did the purchases for this month. This month had some serious quality for me and at the same time some quantity as well. And the month came in with a bang as all my Def Leppard albums I ordered finally made it in. When I say “all”, I mean the new one and all the formats I ordered. I’m starting to like it too!

And it kept on going with a huge sale at 2nd & Charles having a buy 5 CDs get 5 CDs free and I took advantage of that discount. My daughter joined me and picked up some DVDs and CDs as the sale applied to those as well. First batch is all Kiss!!

And then a selection of great artists…

And if you think that is enough Kiss, you would be so wrong. Kiss released the third set in the ‘Off the Soundboard’ Series and this one is Donington…and yes, on vinyl…

And when I was on Facebook, the Kiss My Wax page was showing that Universal was offering the Kiss Millennium Concert which has been out of stock for a long, long while. I hadn’t been able to find one for under $100 and thanks to this sale it was way under $100 and sealed! Yes, please…now only about 5 more that I really want & need…

The next weekend my daughter and I hit up Sleepy Poet Antique Mall as she always loves to find vintage clothing (cheap). And I love to go to as there are several booths with music and one that has been having some killer Cassettes and this trip was no different…Score!!

Then another afternoon, my daughter wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch/early dinner and I agreed if we stopped by one of my new honey holes Mad Jack’s in Matthews. I got some more CDs, some 45’s but sadly no vinyl.

and the 45’s…

Then we had to go out for Record Store Day as there were two things I wanted and I got them both after hitting Repo Records and Lunchbox…plus both had some great other stuff I picked up. First up at Repo I found the Halestorm Tomb-Shaped single…

And then I found a couple CDs I had been looking for and hadn’t seen in awhile so I grabbed them…

Then we went over to Lunchbox as I still wanted the Collective Soul album ‘Disciplined Breakdown’ on vinyl which was being released for the first time (and I got the CD as well as the 25th Anniversary edition has a live CD included…

If that wasn’t enough, in the glass case at the counter, where they keep the really sweet stuff I saw an original pressing of Stone Temple Pilots self-titled album from 2010, the last with Scott. I was missing that one, but I ain’t anymore…

Later in the month I received an album in the mail that had been ordered since back in November 2021 when it was released digitally. The vinyl took over 6 months to arrive, but it has. It is Matt Nathanson’s U2 Cover album called ‘Achtung Matty’!! And you know I’m a huge Matt fan, so have to have the vinyl!!

Then lastly, there were 2 CD releases that were new (or fairly new) that I grabbed or had delivered. The new Ghost album and the new Lit album…

And that is it!! Wait…Wait…it is not. While at Repo, I was digging and found something I had been wanting for a very long time and now I have one. I love Monopoly and I love Kiss! Wouldn’t it be cool if they did something together…Hell Yes it would!! And here it is…

Now that is everything. Here is the final picture with everything included (Except the Kissolopy as I forgot to go to the other room and grab it)…Sorry!.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next month!

29 thoughts on “June 2022 Purchases – Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes & More

  1. waw, are you poor now ? LOL, I’d love to get the dangerous toys one, and the new Def Leppard. I also bought some things. Killer, Billion Dollar Babies and School’s Out by Alice Cooper, Hollywood vampires by L.A. Guns, In The Heart Of The Young by Winger, Tearin Down the Walls, HEAT II and Adress The Nation by H.E.A.T, You Can’t Stop RNR by the Twisted Sister and finally Lovedrive by the Scorps. I really love promo 4 CD=20 Euros. Have a nice Week End


  2. That’s an amazing score all around. I’m jealous. I know I’d be doing exactly the same thing if I had used CD stores close by. Take it from a fellow addict – it’s not a waste of money. Us addicts must stick together lol.

    I did ok this month.

    Crashdiet – Automaton, The savage playground
    three soundtracks – Strike Back, Into the badlands (I miss that show), Bourne Identity
    The big deal – First bite
    Hardcore superstar – Abrakadabra
    Bloc party – A weekend in the city (deluxe edition)
    Coheed and Cambria – Vaxis 2
    Greet death – New low EP

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  3. Laughing here!! Way to go. ,many of the things u got I got here somewhere. No cassettes though.
    I’m going crazy over REM this summer..been watching and reading all these interviews they have done. Full blown REM madness unleashed over here….

    Just posted this on LeBrain’s site. Started saving already. Your next vacation stop as well?
    KISS Museum Las Vegas – Walkthrough Tour – Gene Simmons’ Personal Collection!

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  4. Loved Everclear back in the day. After the first 6 albums I lost touch. Do u have the whole catalogue?
    Do u have that Art’s solo album? Don’t have it. Is it any good?

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