July 2022 Purchases – Vinyl, CD’s and 8-Tracks!!

We are moving through the year quite fast I believe as it is already the end of July. And it was a hot one, both temperature and purchases. Now, I do have a handful of vinyl, but as prices skyrocket, I am focusing on the albums that mean something to me or from bands that mean something to me so the purchases have slowed. CDs are cheaper and a lot easier to obtain so I seem to be buying way more of those these days. With minor exceptions, I have been laser focused on what I’m buying. Let’s go through the vinyl first. First up is the new album from Shinedown called ‘Planet Zero’. I have all their albums on vinyl as I am a big fan so why not get the new one…

Then it I picked up a couple holy grail type albums. First was one from Kiss that had only been issued for their very limited exclusive Kissteria box set. I didn’t think I’d every own one. Thanksfully, they re-issued it on vinyl and I snagged a copy. Not their best compilation, but one that was lacking in my vinyl collection so couldn’t be happier…My list of missing vinyl is now smaller.

Then I snagged a vinyl from the debut album of one of my favorite singers Paul Laine. This is the vinyl for his debut album. I finally found it at a good price I was willing to pay. And it is a thing of beauty!!

The last vinyl album I bought was from another favorite artist of mine and this is a brand new release of his 2nd Solo album that had never been released on vinyl. It is Richie Sambora’s album ‘Undiscovered Soul’. Had to have it.

If that wasn’t enough, it made me want to buy back all his other albums (or some of them anyway). I used to have them so wanted them again. I picked up his debut ‘Stranger in this Town’ and it is the Japanese Edition plus his third album ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown’…

Speaking of Japanese Editions, I saw this one and had to grab it because it came with a 3″ CD single, my first one. It is the Bon Jovi Japan only compilation…’Tokyo Road’. It is sweet!!!

And I figured I needed to keep working on my Will Hoge collection and after this month, I am down to 3 CDs I don’t have and are extremely hard to find…meaning I might not ever find them. But until then, I can enjoy this rare, self-released debut album which was a live album not a studio. Heck, until recently I didn’t know it existed. The other one is a rare promo from a set of 2. I had #2 and the first one was really hard to find. Finally did!!! And it was autographed!!

Next is one from an artist you know I love. It is one of his hard to find 90’s albums and you can get them, but they are generally pricey. If you are patient, you can find one at a price you are willing to pay. And I have been patient and it worked. And it still had a postcard from the label where you can order his other albums at the time…cool!!

The band Lit just released a new album and I just love it. I remembered what I love about the band and so I went and bought three of their albums. I have ‘My Own Worst Enemy’, but needed these. Still one more to buy and then I’m good.

Another band I really like is Hollywood Undead. They have a new album coming which is on order, but I am still missing some of their albums so I picked a couple up thanks to a gift card. Love gift cards!!

The only other thing I ordered was also from a gift card. I had been wanting some Glenn Hughes music and I saw this box set on Amazon with 6 of his solo albums from 1995-2003. Sold!! And I am only 1/2 way through it and love it.

All of the above items were bought online. You know, I did actually get out one weekend this month. My wife and girls went to see the grandparents one day so I had the day to myself. I only hit two places and was done. First was 2nd & Charles and I went through their used CD selection with a fine tooth comb and bought a bunch of hard rock/metal albums and one pop one. It was nice taking my time and not being rushed.

Then I went to Repo Records and had a fun time going through their stuff at my own pace. First we will look at a few CDs I bought. I picked up a couple of Kiss CDs and James Blunt (weird combo, but it works).

Then I found some 45’s that I needed. Two from Winger…

And four from Europe…the band…not the continent…

If that wasn’t enough, I finally bought my first 8-Tracks. I have never found 8-Tracks even remotely close to being a rock band. Usually it is Barry Manilow or the Carpenters which there is nothing wrong with that, but I want the rock bands. and I found 3…

And believe it or not, that is everything…sort of. I have two other things that I bought that won’t be here until August so you will see those soon enough along with my August purchases. Until then, enjoy this view of the July purchases…

Thanks and see you next time.

18 thoughts on “July 2022 Purchases – Vinyl, CD’s and 8-Tracks!!

  1. Good to see that Tempest is singing into a mic and not a ketchup bottle on the front cover of the Rock The Night 45! Cool scores John and 8 Tracks too boot. I tried listening to that new Shinedown and I can’t get into it for some reason…
    Greatest KISS looks real slick and a local vendor here has it for sale at a Vinyl Fair in a couple of months. I will see what the price is on it..sure its not cheap. lol As always great stuff…
    Now u gotta find the time to listen too this stuff

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to miss our next vinyl show as my daughter will be moving back to college that day. And as far as time to listen…I still haven’t been through all these yet. I still have a few vinyl sealed and a stack of CDs to be listened to before I file them away.


  2. BJ! I bought some BJ today too. Some some sort of hydrid cd with dvd on other side of Have a nice day. Do u have this one?


  3. Another huge month my fried and now 8 tracks are on the board.

    Glenn Hughes has so much great stuff out there. Cool 7 inches as well. The Winger ones look nice and I have the Europe Superstitious one as well.

    I have the Sambora’s on CD so I’m okay with that at the moment but if the vinyl
    Pricing is okay I would definitely be interested

    Liked by 1 person

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