November 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CD’s

Welcome to the November 2022 Purchases update. You will notice that my cover picture is a little different this month. Normally, I have all my purchases stacked on top of the turntable, but there was a problem this time around. My cat, Chandler, decided it was nap time and wouldn’t move. Actually, Chandler naps up there a lot when I am working from home so no big surprise. So, I didn’t want to disturb him as he needs his beauty sleep so I took a picture of him instead. Believe it or not, he is still a kitten as he is only 9 months old. Once full grown he will be 20-25 lbs and won’t be able to fit on the turntable so I am letting him enjoy it while he can.

Okay, enough of that. Let us get to the real reason we are here…the music. And what did I get this month. I will say it was a better month than last one as I went a little nuts on the vinyl this time around and very little on the CDs. First up, I have been holding off on buying Def Leppard stuff on vinyl because I want to see what is in the Collection, Volume 4, but I’m tired of waiting and I realize it is generally not any one specific live album that has already been released, so I bought these three things so I finally had them on vinyl.

Now, I did hit one real record store this month, but didn’t score a bunch. The only thing I picked up from Mad Jack’s are a couple of Asia albums that I didn’t have in my collection for some strange reason. And they were clean!

I was going to buy a cassette from Mad Jack’s as well, but instead he gave it to me for free…see if you can figure out why that was the case…

And then my daughter and I hit up 2nd & Charles as she wanted to find some more books to read (and not for school, just read…wow!!). I grabbed a couple of CDs missing I am not sure why I didn’t already have and yes, the Rush one is upside but I’m too tired to fix it.

And then I grabbed a bunch of albums from Disturbed…does that make me disturbed…which I am…

Now, as you know, I’m a Billy Idol fan and his latest E.P., The Cage, is finally out on vinyl. The CD and digital versions have been out for a couple months, but I needed the vinyl. And it is awesome, btw!!

The next thing I got was a total surprise. My brother-in-law, Ryan, works with Stone Temple Pilots, and he has helped mix a lot of the live songs for these reissues they’ve been doing (amongst other things), he received from the band a handful of these boxsets and being the great BIL he is, he brought me a copy. It is the 4 LP Deluxe Box Set of the STP album Core and let me tell you, it is sweet!!! It was a very pleasant surprise!!

And lastly, it is the Super Deluxe Box Set for one of my favorite Kiss album, ‘Creatures of the Night’. I will get to this eventually and give you all the detail as there is so much great stuff in this thing. I can’t wait to show it off…

And that is everything for November. I already have a few things on pre-order for December, plus a few things on order that haven’t come in yet and then hopefully I’ll get stuff for Christmas, so we will see what December brings us…I have high hopes.

Here is everything in one shot as I like to do that…


34 thoughts on “November 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CD’s

  1. Christmas came early! Great stuff and those Lep records are sexy. I just got the Creatures set the other day so I’ve been delving into that. I got the Celtic Frost box set a while back and the recent Hendrix in LA thing but I think that’s been about it for Nov.

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      1. I really sincerely hope you like it. Pay attention to the song The Wreckers — absolutely love that one. It’s the part of the story when the protagonist is lost at least and encounters a group of scavengers called The Wreckers.


  2. Funny, I just listened to Asia yesterday..Spirit Of The Night: The Phoenix Tour Live In Cambridge 2009.

    Cool finds. Looking forward to your Creatures review.

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  3. That’s some quality and quantity there.

    I picked up both Billy Idol EPs this month, as well as Rebel Yell and the self titled remasters. Good call on those EPs. Billy is in fine form.

    My Flaming Lips and Cure reissues finally arrived. I’ll be blasting them in the CD player tomorrow. Enjoy your November haul!

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              1. Geneaology fries my brain. I’m more from the Spaceballs school: “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.” What does that make me? Absolutely nothing, er, absolutely unable to think through familial connections.

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