Friday New Releases – April 26th

I should be arriving home today from vacation in Paris, France so I will be a little late getting to these releases, but there are a bunch I want to at least listen to first before I buy.  All my choices are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you are interested in or if there is something I might have missed as that happens…a lot!!  Enjoy and have a great weekend.  I know I will be resting from this trip and I am sure suffering major jet lag.

  • 81v8c1Xq1AL._AC_UL115_  Rob Thomas – Chip Tooth Smile – (Atlantic Records):  The former Matchbox 20 frontman is finally back with a new solo album after four years.  I liked his early stuff and definitely early Matchbox 20.  I am hoping he captures a little of that lost magic, but I don’t know yet as I haven’t listened to anything yet, not even the video posted below.  I will try it out, he has earned that.

  • 41o9cEfsGBL._AC_US320_QL65_  Rodrigo y Gabriela – Mettavolution – (Rubyworks):  This might actually be first up on the playlist.  I love these two.  Their instrumental, flamenco style music is at times breathtaking.  High expectations as I have never been disappointed before.  Give them a listen if you have heard them before…it is really cool.

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Music Challenge #3 – Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride

It is time for another music challenge.  Go and listen to an album that you have heard nothing about and pick it solely based on the band name, album name or album cover.

This time around I went off Band Name and Album cover.  The band was Catfish and the Bottlemen and the album cover was a drawing of an alligator biting his tail.  My first thought based on this information was that this band must be a country band with some major redneck roots (and I mean that in a good way).

Well, that was not the case.  Catfish and the Bottlemen are a four-piece band from the UK and their sound was not country at all.  They remind me more of an indie type band so they could be categorized as an alternative band.  The Ride is the band’s second album and follow-up to their album The Balcony.  I think I will check that album out as well.

On my first listen of The Ride, I did not like the album overall.  However, there were 3 standout songs on that first run through and they remained my standouts the more I listened.  The songs were “Postpone”, “Oxygen” and “Red”.

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