Eyes – ‘Windows of the Soul’ (1993) – Album Review (The Jeff Scott Soto Series)

The debut Eyes album didn’t do very well. The band was stalling and Jeff Scott Soto started writing with George Bernhardt for a new band he was in called Slam as Jeff wasn’t happy with the direction the band was going. He eventually had enough and left the band. Then suddenly just two years after the Eyes debut, ‘Windows of the Soul’ was released and Jeff was never told nor did he ever agree to its release. To say he was pissed would be an understatement. The reason for its release was due to Jeff’s popularity in Europe had been on the rise and the record company wanted to take advantage of it.

Is it really a new album? No, not really. All it is are the demos and original tracks Eyes had done and submitted to their label for the first Eyes album. The label wasn’t happy with them so they went back and re-recorded the album and cut some new songs. The record company might not have thought them good to begin with, but still decided to package up the demos into an album that came out in 1993 only in Scandinavia which is the version I have as you can see the 1993 on the back cover. The album was released elsewhere in Europe in 1994. The band on this record included Aldy Damian, Steve Dougherty and Jeff Scott Soto. The band didn’t have a bass player so on the demos were Chuck Wright (Guiffria) and Mike Porcaro. On keyboards you get either Jeff Naideau or Todd Jasmin. Out of the 10 songs, only three of these were on the debut and the demos are pretty great in their own right. Let’s get to the music.

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Quiet Riot – “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)” – 45 Single

In my ever growing attempt at saving 7″ Singles from sitting all alone in Record Stores craving to spun again a turntable, I have found a couple from the band Quiet Riot that were eager to be adopted by yours truly. I found these two at the great Charlotte Record Store of Noble Records. He is always putting out great stuff and these two are no exception.

The first to discuss is the 2nd Single off the band’s 1983 ‘Metal Health”. The song is “Bang Your Head (Metal Health). At least that is what it says on the single. My album that it is off of calls it simply “Metal Health” and I’ve even seen it listed as “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)”. Whichever way it is listed, it is still a killer song.

My copy is the Standard U.S. Pressing and has the B-Side has the same song, but as a live version recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour. The single was released in December 1983 and did really well on the charts. It broke the Top 40 and landed at #31 which wasn’t quite as good as the #5 hit “Cum On Feel the Noize”, the Slade Cover which is the song that broke the band. The band was Kevin DuBrow, Carlos Cavazo, Frankie Banali and Rudy Sarzo. However, bass on this song wasn’t Rudy, it was Charles Wright who left the band during the recording of the album.

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Quiet Riot – ‘Road Rage’ – Album Review

Quiet Riot isn’t really Quiet Riot as there are absolutely ZERO original members in the band.  The closest thing they have is Frankie Banali who was in the band during their 80’s heyday. For starters, this is not a good thing.  Next, the album was supposed to be released back on April 21st with then lead singer Seann Nichols, however, Seann left the band (or fired) in March prior to its release.

So Quiet Riot needed a new lead singer.  They quickly added former American Idol alum, Jason Durbin to be the new singer.  They smartly decided to delay the album release and re-record it with their new lead singer.  All that is fine as James has released a couple good solo albums; however, his last one was a little subpar.  Despite that, I had a little bit of hope as I do like James Durbin.

Now here is something weird.  They went back in an actually re-wrote all the songs, but kept the same song titles probably because the artwork and design of the album was already done and Frontier Records didn’t want to spend anymore money.  My first question is how bad were the original songs that you had to completely re-write them. That definitely doesn’t bode well.


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